I did something I really did NOT want to do…

Happy Saturday!!  I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend.

Yesterday Mike heard Whole Foods was having a one day sale on beer and requested we stop in. 

He was so proud it all fit in the refrigerator.

2014-05-16 12.58.33

I feel sorry for his liver. 

The boy can scour the beer section while I stare at all the pretty juices.  What is it with girls and colorful things?  I’m drawn to them like fish are to shiny things.

2014-05-06 12.32.29

The folks at WF specially made Kale Yeah! and Tropical Greens for me to try before they came out last week.  Baller status.

They are apart of Whole Foods “made right here” juices line now made with Amazing Grass.  They were both really good, but Kale Yeah was my favorite since I’m kinda partial to fresh pineapple. 

2014-05-06 12.59.19

I’m not sure how they grow the most perfect strawberries, but I shall spend the rest of my life trying to figure it out.  In my super scientific opinion they have the best tasting store bought berries in the history of ever.  

2014-05-06 12.41.19-2

I spent the afternoon hanging with Michele + Sharon over what else, coffee!  Michele let me kick my feet up and enjoy the warm sun while she grabbed our coffee.  Thanks girl! 

These girls are hard core runners.  Sharon is doing a 100 mile race next weekend.  Please go give this bad A, running rock star a little love and encouragement!

In an effort to preserve my marriage, I did something I really did NOT want to do.  I hired a house cleaner.

Between having to stay off my feet as much as possible and Mike working a lot, I’m having a difficult time keeping up with everything.  Our house isn’t filthy by any means, I just need a little help with cleaning the floors, bathrooms, dishes and other odds and ends like that.  It’s just until I can get back on my paws or until Lu get’s here for the summer.  Don’t worry, Lu LOVES helping out.  <3   

So needless to say this whole injury thing has been quite humbling as I am NOT one to ask for help.  The Type A in me likes things in order, to do it all myself and I have a problem with other people touching my stuff.  I like things done a certain way-my way lol!  Total first world problems, I know.

I am crossing my fingers it works out and I get over my “I want it done right so I’ll do it myself” attitude and learn to appreciate a super clean house and happy husband.  

I suppose it’s “rounding my corners” as my pa would say.

Beer lovers, what are your current favorites?

Do you have a recipe that involves a boat load of berries?

Anyone else feel uncomfortable asking for help?

Gah I’m so independent.

Whole Foods shoppers, what are your must have items?

Obviously their berries, but I love their fresh meat section.  I can really taste a difference in quality. 


8 Comments on “I did something I really did NOT want to do…

  1. I think hiring a housekeeper is wonderful! I work full time, work out, teach fitness classes, and sometimes, I have a really rough time keeping up with all of the housework. We said we would never do it, but as SOON as we can afford it, we need one!

  2. I’ll come and clean!
    WF in Scottsdale (mayo blvd), every friday, I hoard all the quinoa pancakes and candied pecans or walnuts (whichever is out). So so good!

  3. I’d love a cleaning person! Someday, someday…
    I’m awful at accepting help. When I’ve had my babies people often say ‘let me know if you need anything.’ I never know what to even ask for help with and just figure it’d be easier if I just do it.
    Now I need some strawberries!

  4. You can just go ahead and send the cleaning person on over to my house when you get better. Between working two jobs, running, and being a wanna be blogger, my house is almost always a disaster zone. I hate cleaning and keep it just clean enough. I am really type A except when it comes to cleaning the house, so I am super jealous!

  5. My dream is to hire a housekeeper to clean every two weeks, but I keep thinking of better ways I could spend that money at this point in our lives. I would so love to have one someday, though.

    My fave beer is currently Lagunitas IPA. So good!

    No recipes for berries, but I just stocked up with a ton of blueberries and raspberries at Costco. They have the best ones ever and I love that they are organic and a better price than anywhere else for such big containers.

  6. I have two “summer beers”-Sam Adam’s Summer Ale and Shock Top Raspberry Wheat….Both perfect super cold on a nice summer night

    I HATE asking for help… I’ve been doing things my way for a long time, clearly VERY type A, and honestly I like my way… I don’t like people touching my stuff, and I like things done just so (I know, kind of surprising that I have children, lol). I had the hardest time finding daycare because I had to find someone who would do things exactly the way I do….

    You know you could of just had me come clean, after all I have to organize your closet for you anyways, lol….

  7. I am the worst at asking for help. My mom always taught me to be independent and I think I went a little overboard. I’ve been loving spinach and strawberry salads lately. It doesn’t use many berries but it’s a start!

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