Motivation through rehabilitation

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There are a lot of lessons that come with being a broken runner.  Most are positive, but let’s be real, some are not.  It comes down to how we choose to see it.

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Some things I’ve learned so far:

  • What rest really means.  As someone who is full of energy  this is the toughest part.  But I have found peace just chilling on the couch watching The Deadliest Catch <-freaking love that show, playing Sudoku and snuggling with Bam.  That never get’s old.
  • Finding + focusing on things you CAN do.  For me, I dusted off my road bike and hit up the trail.  It feels amazing to be able to move my legs, get some of that extra energy out while enjoying some fresh salty air.

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  • Double fisting coffee is totally acceptable.
  • Knowing this will pass, and each day you are doing everything you can to get back to doing what you love.

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  • Cheer on fellow runners.  Volunteer at a race, cheer on the sidelines with a catchy sign, offer congrats + encourage through social media.  I love opening my Instagram feed to scroll through your race pics over the weekend, knowing I’ll be back out there with you soon.
  • Set new fitness goals.  Knowing l will be out of the running game for 2-3 months, I picked up my road bike, now I’m looking for a ride to train for. 

  2014-05-14 11.04.09

  • Strength train.  You can never go wrong with this.  Just be sure to work around the injured area and always ask your doc first.  They are way smarter than me.  Who knew? Winking smile
  • I told Mike last week that I’ll rock whatever I’ve got.  I have to wear this less than fashionable boot, so I’ll just pair it with a super cute outfit and wild socks.  When we feel cute, we tend focus on the positive stuff, so just roll with it!

2014-05-09 12.42.11-2

  • When people ask what happened, come up with a cool story.  I tell them T-Rex was chasing me, I was doing a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick, and broke my foot.  It’s way cooler than “I broke it running” plus it’s a great conversation starter. 
  • Strengthen the little muscles that won’t let you run later.  I have weak hips, so I do a little exercise on those punks that when my foot is better you can look at me and say……”she gone”. 

2014-05-14 10.59.08

Don’t let the mental battle consume you.  Look for things you can do and then DO them!

Right before the injury, PUMA sent some pretty schweet workout gear.  The outfit is something I love and would have actually picked out myself.  Plus it’s functional. 

The top is breathable, comes with a built in bra and even has hidden side hooks to tighten/loosen the fit around the rib cage.  Genius.  If I had to choose a favorite piece, I would go with the tights.  They are comfortable, cute + versatile.  I found the kicks very lightweight and comfortable as well.  I wouldn’t recommend running in them, they are great for cross training or exploring on foot.  Extra love for gear that runs true to size!  A lot of times I find it runs on the larger side.

In case you would like to be PUMA twins with me:

All Eye’s on Me Tank, Gym Graphic 3/4 tights and Formlite XT Ultra Women’s Training shoes.

2014-05-02 08.48.24

Please add your tips for dealing with the injury punks in a positive way!

What do you look for in workout gear?  What will make or break your decision?   

It has to be cute and functional.  Quality > quantity. 


8 Comments on “Motivation through rehabilitation

  1. When I broke my ankle last year, I found that being positive all the time was impossible. So I adjusted my mindset: it is okay to cry, but then you have to pick yourself up and do something that makes you feel good again. So even if I was crying in bed because I couldn’t even shower by myself, I knew that once I stopped crying, I was going to paint my nails or put lotion on my itchy itchy leg or call someone who makes me laugh. Once I allowed myself to freak out, it actually happened less! Good for you for keeping that chin up!

  2. I look for comfortable workout gear that doesn’t ride up and that I can wear for multiple types of workouts. My workout clothing drawer is already over flowing so I am working on consolidating. Hope your healing is going well 🙂

  3. I tore my ACL, had 2 surgeries and couldn’t run for months. I had always defined myself as a runner so I felt sort of lost. I started doing other activities and found that I liked them, too. Now I run, bike, snowshoe, snowboard and all kinds of other things. I feel a lot stronger and more generally fit than when I just ran. I still love running, but I love other activities too.

  4. LOVE it! I wish I had come up with a super awesome T-rex story when I was in the boot…glad you’re staying so positive! Workout clothes- I don’t look for anything in particular. I just need to feel confident in it. Oh I guess you could say I want shorts long enough that I don’t scar children for life.

  5. Love your attitude! Seriously, attitude is everything when getting through an injury. I remember when I crashed on my bike, and I was bed ridden for a few days, but as soon as I was able to move, I did what I could. I walked. I stretched. And little by little improved. 🙂 Your tips are great. And again, the biggest part is attitude! It often feels like it’s taking forever, but it’s only for a short time, and then back at it. As far as workout clothes go, I have to feel like I look good in it, and it has to be functional, no chaffing, etc. I love to match and look cute, while sweating like a pig, what can I say. 😉

  6. Don’t try to pretend that you don’t mind being injured, acknowledge it so you can let it go. Treat yourself to some extra time doing something constructive that you don’t normally have time for.

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