Thank you for your service

Yesterday Mike + I were in line at Starbucks.  I had a gold star {free drink} so I paid for our order.  Mike noticed the gentleman behind us with a Viet Nam Veteran hat on and struck up a conversation.  I’m not exactly sure what was said, but Mike told him I want to buy your coffee, what are you having?


The gentleman was shocked, he even had a tear in his eye but took him up of his offer.  Mike said thank you for your service, sir and walked over by me.

While waiting for our coffee we joked with each other like we always do trying to lighten the mood for this guy.  I asked Mike if I could poke him with my straw and he said yes, but then I get to poke you with something. #TWSS  You know, totally normal mature stuff.

We got our coffee and the gentleman looks over with a smile and another tear in his eye and said “thank you, it took 44 years to hear that”. Mike replied, you should have heard it every day since you came back.


As he walked away we just kinda stood there in shock.  Why would not one person thank this brave man who put his life on the line for us and our Country?

Mike said, I don’t know what’s going on in that man’s life, but he needed that.  It was just a cup of coffee and a heartfelt thanks.


The next time you see our Military in your every day life, don’t be afraid to walk up and thank them for their service.  You never know what their dealing with or how far away from home they are.  But those simple words will  be appreciated it more than you know.


Remember, 99% of us enjoy the freedom defended by those 1%.



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    • I never gave it much thought until I saw Mike thanking our Military and how it made their day. #simplethingsmeanthemost

  1. I can’t believe he has never been thanked before! Those who serve should be thanked every day!

  2. One of the many reasons I love to come over here and read – y’all are so sweet!!
    I’m married to a military pilot and lately it seems like the trend is to forget how often they risk their lives – insurance and Drs at the top of that list these days.

  3. This is so awesome!!!!!! We thank them when we see them too! I clearly remember the first time I told my son to thank a soldier (he was 4 and we were in an airport) the soldier was brought to tears and told my son “I will never forget this moment” wow!!!!!!!!! High 5 to you and Mike!!!!!

  4. I could not agree more with this post! After September 11, so many people were remembering and thanking our firefighters and police officers, but as the years have passed….not so much. When I see a member of our armed forces, I stop and thank him/her (unless it seems like it would be intrusive) as well as police and firefighters. My hope is that my son will grow up to do the same.

  5. Veterans have a special place in my heart! I always try and thank them when I see them. I teared up when I read this, I want to find him and give him a huge hug! Every service member deserves so much more than what I can offer. Thank you for paying it forward and making his day 🙂

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