My first video: Comparing Mizuno running shoes + a cameo from Bam

I love it when a blogger I follow for awhile makes their first video.  I think it’s cool to connect their voice, with their name, blog + life I know so much about.  Well, what they choose to write on their blog.

So I decided to torture you with a video.

Last night I was all hopped up on gummy worms and decided to do this video off the cuff.  No research, no editing, nothing fancy, first shot and clearly not an expert.  I tried to do a couple more cuts, but felt like a goober each time, so you get the dorky first one.  On the other hand, if you & I were having a conversation over coffee, it’s a good feel for how I would naturally talk to you about running shoes.  Let’s hope I still have readers after this. Winking smile

Just a girl talking about her beloved Mizunos

If you’re having trouble viewing, you may watch it here.

A couple things:

  • Apparently I like the word stability.  A lot.  I’m not real good with words, but what I’m trying to convey is the Mizuno Wave technology reduces and redirects the impact with each strike.  The same concept as shocks on cars, but for shoes.  Unlike SCB, much more creditable info on the technology here.

2014-02-07 20.22.58

  • The award winning Wave Rider is a neutral shoe with, in my super scientific (not) opinion have a great balance between cushion and support.  After 5 years, they are still my all time favorite running kicks for long distances.     

2014-02-20 15.48.51

  • The award winning Wave Sayonara is a lightweight neutral shoe with a smooth ride.  They are a bit on the firm side compared to the Wave Rider.  I think it’s great for runners who need more support and a slightly wider toe box.  I dig the cushiony comfort of the Wave Rider if I had to choose, but I know this girl loves them so much, I think she might want to marry them.  Winking smile

2014-04-20 09.43.59-1

  • The Wave Hitogami is a light + low speed shoe with neutral support.  The best of both worlds for me!  They are also my current favorite for speed training and races up to 10k.  After the barn is rebuilt, I might test them out on longer distances.

Do I have a new career in making videos or do I have a face made for radio?

Does my side by side comparison make you want to try another type of running shoe?


29 Comments on “My first video: Comparing Mizuno running shoes + a cameo from Bam

  1. You have a future in videos for sure, but let’s be honest, Bam was the star of the show.

    Thanks for the info. I had been thinking about switching to the Sayonoras, but think I will stay with the WRs for now.

  2. So fortunately (or maybe unfortunately for you), you’re kinda in my rotation of blogs to read during my day…so unless you give me the boot, you’ll find it hard to shake me. Plus, I like your style! I think I nailed the way you sound before I saw the video.

    Ummmm, but yeah, this kind of vlog when you’re comparing stuff is perfect! As far as the shoes go, I have the mizuno sayonaras and mizuna wave inspires. Those are my goto shoes. Oh and since I’m from hawaii, where most of the tourists are from japan, I have an ear for how to pronounce japanese words. I give you a 10 on saying Hitogami, and only a 7 for saying Sayonara. Phonetically, try saying it Si-yo-na-da. Oh and what are you using for the camera? Try a wide shot… But overall, great job SC!

    • Thanks for the tips! There is SO much to learn about this video thing. I just used my iPhone camera because I’m fancy like that.
      I am so happy to come across the same on video as the blog. I do my best to be as genuine and well, myself as possible. Thank you for one of the best compliments ever.

  3. You were fabulous doll! Bam was also amazeball, lol. I just have shoe envy across the board today. I think mizunos are so “fashionable” and honestly that draws me in! But I’m afraid to try new things, so this was awesome! Thanks doll and great video

  4. Hi Jackie! Nice job! You sounded just like I thought you would! I’m gonna try the Sayonara! I will only wear Mizuno!

  5. Loved the video…yes….do more…it’s fun to listen instead of read sometimes! Indy likes to make cameo appearances in my exercise videos.

    My sneakers are like my Dairy Queen blizzards…I’m scared to try a new one because I know how good the current ones are.

    • I love it when pets bomb pics + videos!! It’s something they always do so why not just roll with it, right?

  6. Thank you so much for the video :D, i loved it and yes you definitely made me wanna go get more shoes hehe.
    Please please do more videos 🙂 , i got the Wave 16s because of you and well honestly i do tend to buy stuff that i know you have tried like Nuun, Muzunos, and your Fitletic running bag and so far love the products so definitely would love to see more .

    • Thank you so much Gabriela! Have you tried the new 17’s? And which flavors of Nuun do you have? Watermelon rocks my face off.

  7. Great job!!! I must get a pair of Mizuno, I currently wear Brooks.

  8. Noooooo…what happened? I had what I thought was a pretty witty response and my comment got whacked?! Ugh, the moments passed =(. Hopefully I didn’t get booted. I loved the vlog though.

  9. Haha, love the video – it’s great to hear your voice and Bam walking around in the background cracks me up. I usually run in Brooks, but I do have a pair of Wave Riders and they are fabulous.

  10. Loved the video! I’m kind of a creeper in that I love pairing voices with peoples faces. This video actually came at perfect timing too! I’m in the market for some new running shoes. I’ve had 3 pairs of wave riders but I’m wary of the 17’s. I’ve been debating between the sayonaras and the 17s, but not I’m leaning more towards keeping up with the 17s. I’d still like to try on both to test them out rather than online ordering like I usually do. Thanks for the info!

    PS tell Bam to take a chill pill SHEESH that pup is out-of-control! 😉

    • Personally I think there is quite a big difference between the Wave Rider + Wave Sayonara, so definitely try both on. Giving Bam a chill pill now!

  11. Love love love the video! I have not been brave enough to do this yet, but you pull it off well! 🙂 I really want to try the Hitogamis! They sound like my perfect type of shoe.

    • Please do a video!! I would love to hear your pretty voice. And yes, you def need to try the Hitogami’s. They are a dream.

  12. Oh my gosh, I love, love, loved the video! My favorite was Bam and wocka, wocka! And the clickety clackety dog nails?? Welcome to my life, too!
    And as far as shoes, I’ve never worn Mizunos in my 18 yrs of running! I’d love to, though. My current fave is the Saucony Kinvara 4’s.

  13. Seriously you are the cutest thing EVER(don’t get made I called you a thing)!!!! I friggin love this idea!!!!!!! We are such shoe Twinkies ! I love the Hitogami as you know and just scored some new Wave Riders (did you see my new ones on IG) I’m so in love with the fun colors!!! I think I see SCB productions in the near future!!!!

  14. Love the video chica! Love hearing your real voice instead of the voice I make up in my head when I read your blog. Trust me….your voice is way cooler! Haha!! Oh and HI BAM!!!

  15. Loved the vid- you should definitely do it again. Funny, I didn’t think your voice would be like it is. I always thought it would be loud and obnoxious like you claim to be! But it was totally unobnoxious and not very loud. It was fun “meeting” you! Do it again!

  16. Well aren’t you just the cutest thing since sliced pie?!

    I’m a Mizuno freak. I only have 1 pair, and they’re super bulky. Now I’m officially shopping for new ones like yours!

  17. Yay you! Way out of your Comfort zone and you did great! I’m so proud of you!!!

  18. Loved the video!!!!! You are so cute and honored at the mention. Of course I want to marry my Sayonaras. Ha. Love ya!

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