Friends who put up with you, bake you stuff + run 100 miles for fun

Wow, I’m stoked y’all liked yesterdays video.  Thanks for all of the positive feedback.  I’m such a chicken, doing new things makes me a little nervous, but I’m usually happy I gave it a try.  I’ll have to make it a regular thing. 

Bam is thrilled about this as you can imagine.

2014-05-22 15.56.51

Ronda is coming for the weekend!!  I am so excited I can’t even handle it.  We have quite a few things we want to do so it’s going to be a fun few days.

I freaking LOVE her.  She + Mike are the only one’s I can say exactly what I’m thinking without filtering my thoughts.  I also return the favor.

R’s text last night: You have no idea how nice it is to not wonder if you’re going to piss someone off. 

Exactly R, exactly. 

Speaking of friends…I’m not even sure how I ended up the best ones ever, but let’s just roll with it.  The sweet Christina sent me the most delicious Butterscotch Blondies.  I was nice and gave Mike a bite and he yelled F-yeah.  But I’m a little upset he’s a fan.  Less Blondies for me. Winking smile 

2014-05-21 13.11.40

It was our first time trying Blondies {TWSS} they remind me of a brownie but without the chocolate.  Ah-mazing.  Definitely add Here is her not so top secret recipe.  They get 4 butterscotch covered thumbs up!


The crazy awesome Sharon is running her first 100 mile race tomorrow.

That was not a typo.  This girl actually paid hard earned scrilla to run 100 miles.  Is this even normal? Winking smile

I think she’s nuts but absolutely inspiring!  She dedicated a lot of time and effort to train for this.  She ran the Big Sur Marathon, then did 30 miles the very next day.  Girlfriend is cray cray and I love it.  She is going to rock it!!


2014-05-23 08.31.19

If you have a sec, go wish her luck.  I’m sure she would love a little encouragement. 

And good luck to everyone racing as well!!

And a little something to think about…

2014-01-29 09.35.57

Anyone racing this weekend?  Which race + distance?

Only if there’s a turtle involved. Winking smile

What is the longest distance you have ever ran?

13.25 only because a race distance was a little off. 

4 things you plan to do this weekend?  I always ask this question but I really love hearing how you guys spend the weekend and I’m a bit nosey.


14 Comments on “Friends who put up with you, bake you stuff + run 100 miles for fun

  1. I’m racing the Buffalo Marathon this weekend… ahhhh!

    The longest distance I have run is a marathon… I DO want to do an ultra one day!

    We are going to Buffalo and visiting Niagara falls. Marathon on Sunday (praying not to die). Monday the local parade. Monday afternoon BBQ.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. No races for me this weekend! And I can’t believe you had never had a blondie. I hope your life was changed for the better, a little bit, because of them.

  3. No racing for me 🙁 Longest I’ve run per Nike+ is 13.4ish. Not sure if race distance was off or Nike+. I have less faith in Nike+. This weekend: I will have a drink or two or four, spend time with family, get amped on coffee and talk my husbands ear off and study.

  4. We are soaking in our last week just the two of us in PA! We are moving soon and family is here next weekend which means probably lots of relaxing, running and packing! 🙂

  5. I’ll get to your questions but first some observations. Bam won’t ever be an extra let alone the star of any show or movie. 7 seconds of fame from the video and he gone. If we ever cross paths, don’t put on a filter for me. Let the sheeet fly cuz!

    No race…just tapering before the race with Meb next week. Longest distance covered was a marathon. Sucked ass. I never knew my neck, forearms, and fingers could cramp so bad.

    4 things you plan to do this weekend?
    gotta attend defensive driving class tomorrow. popo caught me ridin’ dirty
    golfing, yes!
    pool time definitely!
    bbq, but obviously no meat this time.

    btw, how ’bout a blog about your cleaning person? how’d it go?

  6. I’m supposed to race this weekend but it turns out my potassium is really low, so no running for me…sad face.

  7. Loved the video!
    I’m running The Emerald City 15k on Sunday with some people from work. It’s around a beautiful lake here in Seattle and it will probably rain.
    Farthest I’ve run is a half marathon, with a 1/2mile hobbling to my car afterward because that was the closest place we could park.
    Four things this weekend – other than the race, no idea, but I get to spend them with my husband and all four of our kids! Since 3 are out of the house (and one lives in Alaska) it’s a rare thing and I’m super happy!!!
    Hope your foot heals soon and have fun with Ronda!

  8. 1. Bam looks adorable like that haha
    2. Having friends who feed you goodies is always the best feeling in the world!

  9. I survived my hundo! WOOT WOOT! Thanks for your support & encouragement (and offer to poke me with a stick if I go down). That’s true running friendship right there! Coffee date soon please! 🙂

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