A new family member

This grandma went to bed at 7:30 last night.  I’ve been on my feet a little more than I should, so I just chilled out with a movie and an ice pack on the ole paw.  I woke up feeling amazing and might even pull a repeat tonight.

Speaking of the paw, anyone want to even me out? (not photo shopped)

2014-05-27 19.38.18 

The stress fracture is on the bottom {2nd metatarsal I think}, and surprisingly isn’t as painful as it looks.  The swelling causes it to feel like it’s falling asleep, but ice helps bring it back to normal as long as I stay off it. 

I’ve been saving some of my tips and Birthday scrilla for a rainy day and if not being able to run isn’t a rainy day I don’t know what is. 

After researching and visiting a couple bike shops, I want you to meet the newest family member!!

2014-05-27 12.36.58

It’s a Specialized hybrid with flat handle bars-which was a must for this comfort > fashion chick.  As soon as I took it for a test spin, it was instant love.  I still tested out a couple others to compare, but I knew this was the one.  Man, now I sound like I’m writing a love story or something.

“Girl searches for the perfect Bike. Their eyes meet across a crowded bike shop. After a few awkward moments, the Bike promises to take the girl away from all this…..And they all lived happily ever after.” 

I have an appointment to get fit for it and don’t want to ride until it’s perfect.  If I didn’t have a broken foot, I would totally jump on it, but there’s no point in pushing it right now.  Since I turned 34 my body decided to break down-at this point I’m waiting for body parts to start falling off.  Like oh, you didn’t need that ear, you have another one.  Winking smile 

Funny story, we got lost looking for Bay Bikes in Carmel <-{local peeps go here!} we stumbled into another bike store, where a saleslady asked if she could help us.  Then proceeded to talk at us for 15 straight minutes, infomercial style.  Loud, yelling, hand gestures, overacting-I felt like I was at a carnival. “STEP RIGHT UP FOLKS, SEE THE ANNOYING BIKE SALESPERSON, I’M GONNA YELL AT YOU TIL YOU RUN AWAY OR BUY A BIKE”

We walked out of there mentally exhausted and almost immediately spotted the Bay Bikes trailer like it was an oasis in the dessert.  

I knew right away we were in the right place when Jordan, a great low pressure dude greeted us and asked what brought me in today.  My reply was simple, I want to buy a bike.  Girlfriend does not mess around and neither did Jordan.  Now maybe there is a love story?  Sorry Cowboy.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, this no running thing sucks big time.  Even my Mizuno’s are giving me the side eye.  But I’m choosing to rock what I’ve got and for now, that’s a boot and a shiny new bike.

What accessories do I need?  {Before someone freaks out I already bought a matching helmet.}

Any tips for this newbie?  I know nothing about cycling.


8 Comments on “A new family member

  1. Bwahahahaha! You made me choke on my water on the helmet bazinga! Although I wouldn’t mind a repeat daily dose of all the scoldings you were getting. It made my day go by (faster). Essentials for your bike. A bell to notify runners that you’re coming up on their left. Streamers for your handle bars and your seat. It makes you look like you’re going faster. And lastly, for that motorcycle sound, don’t forget to double up on the playing cards in the rims. C’mon, I’m not the only one that did that!

  2. Your helmet comment made me laugh! Must calm the masses. Streamers are a must. Then probably a water bottle holder and a small bag to keep keys, phone, and snacks.

  3. Oh your poor foot! That looks painful! I don’t know much about biking either but if you’re planning on riding places and leaving it definitely get a good bike lock! 🙂

  4. ouch ! your poor foot 🙁 i hope it get better soon.
    I have no clue on bikes and i was wondering if maybe once you have used it for a while if you would do a review on it ? :p, i would love to buy a bicycle but there’s TONS of them out there and they are not that cheap so i would love to hear how you like it and tips on what to look for in a bike .

  5. I always wear cycling gloves bc my hands start hurting if I don’t.

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