June focus: rest + rehab {on the bike}

Good morning!!  How’s your weekend going so far?  I can’t stop looking at my Instagram feed filled with race pictures.  Rock N Roll San Diego + Diva’s in SF seem to be the big ones today.  Good luck to everyone who is racing!!

2014-03-27 16.26.49

I am kinda sucking at this whole “stay off your feet” thing, so I have decided that for the month of June I am going to make a huge effort to focus on rest + rehab {on the bike}.  I just did my first ride on Friday and it felt great for the most part!

2014-05-30 13.32.22

Looking at the big picture, it’s only 4 weeks.  NBD, right?

As someone who loves to have something to look forward to, I came up with a list of things I CAN do during this month of R&R.  Yep, that cup of coffee is always half full, dang it!

Maybe you’re sitting with me on the sidelines, need a little break, or just want to be lazy, here are a couple ideas.

  • Clean up the desktop on my laptop.  Organize/delete picture files that are currently OOC + install updates.  Yah, this should take a whole day.
  • Foam roll.  Seems like I can never get out of this one. Winking smile
  • It’s summer buttcation and Lu is coming!!  This is definitely something to look forward to.  Plus she’s a sweetheart and loves to help out which I will really appreciate.

2014-05-14 16.48.17

  • Watch episodes of The Deadliest Catch, cartoons or The Heat for the 43rd time while eating ice cream or sour patch kids.
  • Do some ab exercises.  You know…to work off all the ice cream + candy above.
  • Play Sudoku.  As someone who does not agree with math, I really like this game.  Weirdo.
  • Organize, file or shred the huge mountain of paperwork we have stacked up in the spare bedroom.  One of the joys of being a dang adult.

2014-05-27 15.50.25

  • Find the nearest beach with a short walking distance to lay out + people watch.  Bonus points if some generous soul gives me a piggy back ride with a beach chair and plants me on the beach so I can ice my feet in the super cold Pacific.
  • If you don’t live near a beach head to a lake, local park or your backyard.  Even if I can’t exercise or go on a walk, just being outdoors, breathing in the fresh air feels a million times better.
  • Friends who hit up the gym, try a new to you machine.
  • Take up swimming, pool running or new sport.  I am not a swimmer, but if the bike thing doesn’t work out I just might turn into a pool runner.   
  • Move your party to a local coffee shop.  For me, I’d probably take my laptop + earphones.   

2014-05-12 10.48.15

  • Go for a drive.  Mike + I recently drove through Clint Eastwood’s, Mission Ranch in Carmel.  It’s something we have always wanted to do and was so much fun!

Crossing my fingers that in 30 days from now I will be on the mend and ‘this’ much closer to running again.  I know stress fractures take quite a bit of time to heal so I will do my best to be patient.  And probably keep Starbucks in business in the meantime.  You know, the usual.

Any other suggestions?

Anyone else have/had a stress fracture?  What did you do while healing?

What are your plans for the summer?


10 Comments on “June focus: rest + rehab {on the bike}

  1. Hoping you get better soon! At least you will have Lu to distract you 🙂

    If you want to come to my house and organize/file/shred the paperwork we have in our spare bedroom, too, I would appreciate it! It grows every time I look at it.

  2. I just got a new kayak, and my husband already had one, so that’s going to be my newest form of cross-training! There should be a post up on my blog later on today on the benefits of kayaking as cross-training. I can’t wait to get some nice, toned arms!

  3. This post is exactly what I needed! Thank you thank you! I have a list of things I can do as well–just bought my first sporty nike 2 piece to rock as soon as the doc ok’s it! I’ve never considered myself a swimmer, but that’s all about to change 🙂

    You are awesome, girl!

  4. I’m currently sidelined for knee issues…right in the middle of marathon training. 🙁 so basically just continuing to lift weights which is good but doesn’t give me that same mood boost that running does. Depressing. Im also keeping starbucks in business over here on the east coast. The highlight of my day!

  5. I’ve had many stress fractures – the worst 2 were in my hips (at different times) – 6 months of minimal to zero activity. The first one was when I had a 9 month old and 3 year old and the DR wanted me on crutches – I laughed!
    It is hard to go from running and being active all the time to “staying off” your foot but it is temporary so that helps!!!

  6. girlfriend… online shop!!! how could you forget about that! you can get a whole bunch of new running clothes for when you make your comeback;)

    My plans are to do as many outdoor activities as possible with my kids , run a few races, and enjoy the sunshine because let’s be honest…. we get like 3 nice months in upstate NY… and that is pushing it some years:( I know, I know… Cali is calling my name

  7. I took up knitting the first time I was down with a running injury! It kept me focused and gave me something to look forward to while I sat on the couch. And I got a few cute scarves out of it!

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