What I think caused my stress fracture

Yesterday we sold my first Trek bike.  We went on a lot of adventures.  A metric, several rides on Canada road through Woodside, CA, a couple falls at 0 MPH, white knuckle rides on country roads back home hoping that big rig drivers would see me and Cujo would not and so many other adventures.


It was time to move on and I really hope the girl who will be riding it with her father develop some great memories with it as well. 

</Okay end of sappy SCB/>

Please tell me we are not the only nerds who own a slap chop.  It’s one of those kitchen things you have for several years but only use once in a blue moon.  Anyway Mike + I were grocery shopping and I wanted to make salsa because I do not like raw onions.  I use onion powder instead in case you are wondering. 

2014-06-02 13.26.28

Mike busted out the slap chop when we got home and demanded action shots be posted on the blog.  Geez cowboy.

2014-06-02 13.24.40

Boom, fresh salsa in no time. 

2014-06-02 13.26.58

Then I did something so rare it had to be documented.  I made dinner.  I don’t even know who I am any more.

No photographic evidence because chili verde is not photogenic, plus I used the other white meat.  {TWSS}

Okay now on to my theory of how I ended up rocking this lovely boot.  Don’t be jealous. Winking smile

2014-05-09 10.50.04

I was running the same mileage I typically ran, but added in speed work.  A little too much too fast.  Remember that I am a turtle so I am using the term “speed” very lightly.

My left hip was out of alignment and due to the combination of the two I ended up with a stress fracture on the bottom of my foot.

My podiatrist assured me this injury happened over time, it wasn’t a one time thing.  So that’s that.


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What kitchen appliance/thingy <-technical term did you buy thinking you would never use, but turns out you do?

What was the last meal you made?

How did you get your last or current injury?  If you have never dealt with the injury punks, teach me your ways!


18 Comments on “What I think caused my stress fracture

  1. my food processor… listen I don’t use many things in my kitchen (but I swear this is the summer that I am going to). But I did/do use this for soooo many things including baby food when the kids were littler…

    Define meal…lol… hmmm…. um tacos? I know pathetic! I DID watch my friend make stuffed peppers on Sunday, does that count…. ? I even looked up how long to boil and cook the peppers…

    Let’s take fun cooking classes this year… I bet if we take them together it won’t be soooo bad;)

    • Taco’s totally count!! Have you ever tried taco soup?
      When you move out to Cali, we will definitely take a cooking class. (subliminal message)

  2. I have a spiral slicer that I got off ebay. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it came from china. I dunno why I just brought that up… But I don’t like cutting onions, so I use the spiral slicer to make the best onion ring straws. I also use it to ‘spags’ from squash and zucchini. Oh and I also have a vacuum sealer that we bust out every time we make a sams or costco run.

    I made kalua pork.

    J, wow, my last stress fracture is almost similar to yours. I had a piriformis issue, bad hip flexors, and (stupid shoe dog) new shoes that all contributed to a stress fracture in my knee. On the tibia to be exact. I was riding the pine for 3 mos. Nowadays, I do maintenance with my chiro and massage… always before and after my longer runs and races. And only in your dreams you’d smoke me at air hockey!

    • Kalua pork? Um, recipe please!
      Dude, what a major bummer about your injuries. You had it way worse. Glad you figured out what the problem was. Sounds like you’re doing better.
      Oh and game on bro!

      • See if you can find Hawaiian salt or something called alaea salt in Carmel. Try an international market maybe? Then hit me back. Dis recipe is no ka oi’… Ono and going broke da mout. Your pidgin lesson for the day.

  3. well so far it’s the mixer :p, when hubby told me i needed one for my baking i thought …no way! i can do it all by myself ppfttt ….now i use it every week making cookies, cupcakes and what not hehe .
    The last meal i made was yesterday and it was tacos and red mexican rice.
    My last injury was 4 years ago, we went bowling and my daughter at that time decided to go on the slippery ramp when i went to grab her, as soon as i put my foot on the ramp i fell backwards breaking my tailbone, that was really bad but then 4 months after that, i was taking my dog out to go pee without wearing my glasses and didn’t see there was ice on the stairs, so I re injured my tailbone again which i couldn’t even get up from the floor and i was in tears, that’s how bad it was.
    I couldn’t sleep for about a year because of the pain :(, now i’m good but i can’t carry anything to heavy and i cannot stand up or sit down for to long lol .
    So far i haven’t gotten injured from running *knocking on wood* but it seems like whenever i start adding more miles to my distance my arches hurt so i’m hoping i can start adding more slowly before my marathon in November :p

  4. I’ve never bought anything I didn’t think I would use. I bought a mandoline thinking I would use it all the time but have only used it twice. Mostly because I am afraid to clean it. Maybe I’ll give it another go. The last solid meal I made was last night when I used quinoa for the first time and did a stir fry of sorts with chicken, veggies and a little olive oil. My last and current injury was from hiking. 🙁 It’s been over 6 weeks and I’m almost back to full mobility. It still gets really achy with the cooler weather and moisture. Another reason to love the June Gloom.

  5. haha! I always want a ton of kitchen contraption thingys that I never use, but when I moved to California, I left pretty much everything. But, this just made me want to start buying them again! They are just so fun to have! As far as injuries, I have dealt with a lot of muscle wear and tear over the years, all tendinitis injuries, but massage, stretching, and rest always seemed to heal them quickly. The last meal I made was chicken, hummus, lettuce wraps for lunch today 🙂

  6. I have a slap chopper but it looks different. I got it for free and thought I’d never use it but it’s my go-to for diced onions. I cooked a traditional South African dish for my husband tonight and it made him very happy! I’m dealing with some bad lower back pain and have no idea what happened! It didn’t hurt at 3 am Monday morning but was incredibly sore at 6am. I hate unknown injuries.

  7. The magic bullet sat in my pantry for the longest time….now I use it every day. I did have a slapchop but I didn’t use it, so it went to good will!

  8. We have a slap chop and I use it a lot! I loved that thing!

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