Running goals for the rest of the year and Mizuno’s newest trail shoe

Happy National Running Day!!

I hope you are can celebrate by running a couple miles. I’m planning to go for a ride.  Ya gotta rock what you got and for me, that’s two wheels.

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I think it would be fun to talk about running goals for the rest of the year because running’s my favorite. (guess the movie reference) Smile

A couple days ago I wrote about my goals for June and I can’t help but think about my goals after beating the injury punks.

My number one goal right now is to heal this stress fracture, regain strength and run again. But once I’m there, it’s been my dream to take up trail running. I’ve mentioned it on the blog before, but now that Mizuno is launching their new trail running shoe, there’s really no reason not to.

Check out the new Wave Kazan for the chicks.  I’m in love already!


And the Wave Kazan for the dudes.


In case you would like to know a little more about them:

Mizuno is committed to their new + improved trail running shoe line. The new Wave Kazan’s and Wave Hayate are a tricked out version of the Ascend 8.

These kicks provide the right amount of flexibility, versatility, proper stability and engineered for multi-terrain grip.

These kicks are the best of both worlds, lightweight with protection and stability required for the ultimate trail running experience.

Mizuno wants to hook you up with a free pair of Wave Kazan’s!

Become a fan of their Facebook page, upload a picture of your favorite trail experience on the “take to the trail” tab. You can only upload one pic, so give it your best shot!  You have until Sunday, June 8th at midnight EST to enter.

Mizuno fans will vote for their favorite picture until June 20th and the 3 winners will be announced shortly after.  Ummmm, make sure you vote for your own picture….

Now I am motivated more than ever to focus on R+R this month to get a step closer to hitting up the trail with them.

Fill in the blank: I run______________________.

Any trail runners out there? What features do you find most important in a trail running shoe?

What are your running/fitness goals for the rest of the year?


23 Comments on “Running goals for the rest of the year and Mizuno’s newest trail shoe

  1. Ive always wanted to try trail running too, but I’m kind of hesitant at the same time. I know it is completely different to road running and you have to adjust your pace and be more realistic about time and stuff. I don’t do well to change, I find something I like and then I stick to it like glue

  2. These shoes are gorgeous!

    I run for those who can’t. Thinking about you on my run today, lady, and hoping that paw heals soon!

  3. I run for Bling! I’m pretty much a medal whore. But today I ran almost 16 miles for this girl battling cancer… Yes, trail runner here! When Xterra is in town, I totally do the series. It’s not like the 50ks or 100 milers tho’. They’re basically half mary distances. Love em. Hate when a slow poke is in front of me… and hate that most trail races don’t allow music. But safety first since its mostly single track. So it’s all good. Love mizunos…so thanks for the heads up about their trail version. Hopefully its light weight, grippy, and breathable. That’s what I look for. Plus, they need to have different colored versions. I’m a chic when it comes to color coordination and running. When I’m not going fast, I at least need to look good. Goals? I gotta drop a little lbs. My current goal is a half/full mary each month. Streak is at 10 months. So, try to be injury free and keep running. Ok J. Cross your fingers that this doesn’t get whacked again! lol…

    • I will be hitting you up for trail advice soon. I really dig that you ran for a girl battling cancer today. You have a heart of gold my friend.
      And yes, the kicks are light weight, grippy + breathable according to my understanding. I’ll be sure to let you know my thoughts as soon as I get them on my paws.

  4. I think this post AND this contest were both made for me! I am just now really getting into trail running and just the other night, I was looking at Mizunos (my favorite shoes in the world) for a pair of trail running shoes. I was destined to win these!

  5. I was destined to win these shoes! I’ve really gotten into trail running and just the other night were looking at Mizuno trail running shoes online! Mizuno love + trail love = I should win!

  6. I almost only run on trails and have for years. I love it, it’s so much easier on your body and you get to see so much more. I don’t wear special shoes for it, just regular running shoes. I’ve never had a problem and I run on some rugged terrain.

  7. I literally cannot believe that it’s June and we already are making goals for the second half of this year. Where is the time going?

  8. I’m so inspired by you for taking your punk injury like a pro! and trail running is definitely on my to-do list after I recover from this ankle injury. Thanks for posting about the mizuno giveaway, i’ll go for a walk on my favorite trail and snap a pic 🙂

    • You are so sweet. I think injures are just apart of running so I kind of expect it to happen. Not sure if that’s true for everyone, but it is for me. Hope you heal up quickly friend!

  9. Ok lady, once you’re all healed up, give me a tweet/IG/holler because I will totally join you for trail runs. I know some paths in Santa Cruz but I’m up for a journey to the southern part of the bay to explore 🙂

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