It only took 7 tries

I hope you guys were able to celebrate one of the best days of the year yesterday! I got an afternoon ride in which was pretty epic. Pretty sure looked like this the entire time…

2014-06-05 05.52.05

The sun decided to come out and since I prefer to be a fair weather rider, I couldn’t get out of the door fast enough.

My goal is to ride for 60 minutes each time, so I use the Map My Ride app to keep track of my time, distance, speed and when 30 minutes is up, I turn around. Though that was SO freaking hard. I felt amazing and just wanted to keep peddling along the ocean and watch the crab boats. But I am trying really hard to be a smart athlete and not overdo it, so I headed back.

PS bottle holders make great windbreaker holders too. Just sayin’

2014-06-04 15.33.37

I stopped for a few pictures as tourists walked by laughing at me. Not really, but they should have. One day I’ll have someone snap a shot of me taking this. In my defense I’m getting better, it only took 7 tries. Winking smile

2014-06-04 15.31.32

By the way, all Pro Compression socks are 50% off when you buy 2 or more plus free shipping until June 15th. Use coupon code JUNE. #notsorryforfuelingyouraddiction

I am digging this Akemi racerback! It’s perfect for hot summer workouts. It’s lightweight and breathable. Plus it matches these award winning kicks!

Us girls like to look cute while getting our sweat on. #totallynormal

 2014-06-04 15.24.00

I’m thinking Mizuno needs to get into cycling gear. Now how cool would that be? #teammizunocycling

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What are your favorite fitness apps?

How many miles did you run for NRD?

What is your current favorite piece of summer workout gear? Why?


13 Comments on “It only took 7 tries

  1. NRD was a bust for me… I’m sooo sick but of course went running anyways, because as I explained to Michael “i just have to”…. yeah I wanted to die mile one but some how managed 3… not amazing but I got something in:(

    I like Nike’s Compression Shorts… I hate running in a lot of clothing so they are little, keep things in place, and not heavy… plus they come in an array of colors and prints… perfect for the girl who loves options…lol

  2. See, this is why I’ll never be one of the cool kid bloggers: I give up after two attempts, and then either don’t post a picture at all or post a crummy one. But your bike wheel pic is cool, so it was worth the effort. 🙂 Also, thanks for posting about the Mizuno giveaway. I’m totally loyal to their road shoes, and now that I’m trying to learn to trail run, a pair of trail shoes would be awesome. But I’m cheap so I don’t want to buy them. Ha.

  3. haha I totally have probably 30 “outtakes” for every 1 good picture I get for the blog. It’s funny to scroll through my phone and see them all.

    yesterday I did a track workout for National Running Day.

    My favorite running gear right now is the strappy bra from Oiselle. I like the double straps because they spread the weight evenly instead of having just one strap cutting into your neck/shoulders. They also come in super cute summer approved colors.

  4. Holy sheet! That pic of Carey! You made me choke on my mocha frap! lol… well played J! Ummmm, can’t live without MapMy apps. Usually my go to is MapMyRun so I know where to stash water and beans for our group runs. I ran almost 16 yesterday in 87 degree weather (at 5am). Effn got up to 108 yesterday. Favorite gear gots to be my spibelt. i finally found something i’m able to not jiggle during my run. One of my pet peeves. Show me a cool ass Carmel donut tomorrow!!!! (oh here we go…fingers crossed)

  5. Love the visual using J Carey! I user RunKeeper and can’t run without it 🙂

  6. I had to SQUEEZE it in, and although yesterday was going to be a rest, I did get 1.5 ish in. Not my usual, but I HAD to join in the celebration!

  7. I also cycled instead of running yesterday. It was my first workout back since recovering from my injury. 15 whole minutes on the bike! And it felt like a million bucks to move my legs that much! 🙂
    PS. Oh, I want some new Pro Compression so bad now! I’d look great in them on the bike.

  8. I currently use Nike+ but it it has some issues. I’m hoping they fix them eventually. I finally ran yesterday after almost 7 weeks!!! I only had time to complete 1.75 miles but it was a good pace and it was way better than 0. I don’t have a favorite piece of gear right now. I need to do some shopping asap.

  9. well yesterday i spent my day in a Field Trip with my daughter’s class so when i came back home i was only able to do 2 miles before i had to go back and pick up kids from school 🙁 BUT TODAY i went for a run and it has been very hard for me to get through the 14 mile so i almost broke in tears ( yes i’m a little to sentimental when it comes to running :p) when i came back home and my running apps Mapmyrun and Runkeeper said 16.1 and 15.9 i screamed in front of my yard a big F YEAH !!! 😀 and so far my only favorite summer gear is the Sun Block :p lol

  10. I love my GYM BOSS app for HIIT Training. I got in a short 2 miles yesterday waiting for my fitness group to show up…and my favorite piece of workout gear…..oh god….I don’t know how I’d choose! I like any of my bright pieces…oh…and my argyle compression sleeves from ProCompression!

    I think if I saw you taking so many pics, I’d automatically assume you were a blogger….lol…we all do it…to get that right shot!

    Have a great Friday tomorrow J!

  11. I logged a big fat 0 for NRD. My back has been hurting so I went to the gym to swim after work and the pool was closed! If I had known that I could have hopped on my bike (swimming and biking are pain free) before I picked up my son. Before I got my GPS watch I used Map My Ride but it doesn’t work on my phone anymore. It shows that I’m running at like 15 min/mile and the map is always wrong! I know I’m not THAT slow!! I really like My Fitness Pal to track calories eaten and burned but to be honest I rarely use it. :/

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