Our pretentious points went up and an Ellie Rose giveaway

Our friends Brian + Cindy came over to visit this weekend. They are the kind of friends you can say exactly what you are thinking and they don’t cry or get offended. Actually they most likely will say something even more offensive. My kinda peeps.

A couple times I was thinking we were going to get kicked out of the restaurant. Not really, but we had a great time!

2014-06-08 14.07.40

We took them to all of our favorite places, Scenic Drive, the Bixby Bridge, La Bicyclette for the best pizza ever, Clint Eastwoods Mission Ranch, Fisherman’s Wharf and a walk through Carmel for coffee.

This picture of Fisherman’s Wharf at sunset had to be documented since this grandma was outside after dark.

2014-06-07 20.58.29

Saturday Mike and I were sipping iced coffee in the sunshine and randomly decided to go on a drive through Carmel Valley. It’s kinda our thing.

2014-06-07 14.21.46

Silly me didn’t realize when the boy says “drive” he actually meant 100 miles, but we saw some beautiful roads and no snakes. So I consider it a win.

Then Mike discovered the wonderful world of Mojitos and Googled the recipe.2014-06-08 15.11.34-2

We spent our Sunday afternoon enjoying the sunshine with perfectly made Mojitos in hand, listening to Ray Charles. Yah, I think our pretentious point just went up on this one.

2014-06-08 15.14.32-1


Now on to the really fun stuff! Megan, creator of Ellie Rose Custom Jewelry sent me these beautiful handmade bracelets. Girl has me pegged, a runner, cupcake + coffee in all of my favorite colors. Swoon.

2014-06-07 18.00.54

Y’all know I have a passion for small American businesses and this is one I adore. Here is a little background about Ellie Rose Jewelry in Megan’s words:

One year ago I left the “corporate” world to pursue a new career – a Stay-at-Home Mom! I love being the Chief-MOM-in-Charge. No…it is not because I have the opportunity to stay at home and watch countless reruns of talk shows and soap operas, but it is because I get to watch my beautiful baby girl, Ellie Rose, grow up. Since day 1 of her life, I have been so PROUD to call her my own. I continually want to celebrate her, her life and her beauty. That is why I decided to develop a custom jewelry line in honor of her so that women across the world can celebrate what is important to them – their children, their loved ones, their special memories, their goals and dreams. With that said, I have been studying the art of metal stamping and have perfected the technique. I use quality precious metals and transform them into special charms that you can wear close to you heart.

I am super picky with jewelry, I usually only wear my wedding ring. But I am digging this bracelet set big time. It can be dressed up or down, the colors go with everything. The bracelets are custom made individual so you can wear just one or all 3. Genius!

2014-06-07 16.54.22

Want to be twinners with me? Of course you do! Here’s how:

  • Mandatory: Hop over to the Ellie Rose etsy shop and tell me what piece or pieces you LOVE. Feel free to link to it in the comments.
  • Bonus points if you tell me what your custom handmade piece would say!
  • Follow ER on Instagram.
  • Extra entries if you tweet, IG, FB, write in the sky. Just be sure to tell me you did in the comments.

I want to win a custom @EllieRoseJewlels bracelet set from @skinnychickblog

Giveaway is open to all worldwide friends and will run until midnight PST Thursday, June 12. Winner will be announced in Friday mornings post.

Score 25% off everything in the ER shop with coupon code SKINNYCHICKBLOG until Friday, June 13th. Muhahaha.

Good luck!!


44 Comments on “Our pretentious points went up and an Ellie Rose giveaway

  1. I love the “Circles of My Life”. Mine would say: Patrick, Jenny and Kaitlin. Although I do love the ones you are wearing….they would suit me perfectly 🙂

  2. I love the running man! I would also love something with my girl’s initials on it.

  3. I totally love mojitos 🙂 the whole reason I have mint growing in the yard. hahaha. now if my lime tree would just produce…

    When I was a kid, my dad would take us on drives. We’d pile into the car and wander away from home down back country roads with no destination in mind. We brought all sorts of gear with us, on the off chance we’d be swimming, walking or collecting edible fruit from off the side of the road. I love drives 🙂

  4. You and Mike are too much fun! Sounds like a great weekend!
    I LOVE the bundle bracelets. They are
    A perfect fit for me as well, but the running man would be more than perfect, on a pink leather wrap of course HA!
    I love your blogs Jacqueline! Can’t wait to make my way back to Monterey. Maybe we will get that ride in. 😉

  5. I LOOOOOVE the Golden Bar Necklace!! I would get my name on it for sure!!!! Followed on Instagram too!!

  6. i love the golden bar necklace, as well as the running man stamped bracelet. all the pieces are so cute!

  7. I love the bracelets – the running man or the coffee. I think I would end up buying a couple others if I were to win. I like the look of the triple set. Heading over to IG right now.

  8. Okay so I think I should be your next house guest and we should get the best pizza ever together. PLEASE?!
    Love the bracelets on you. If I were to choose, I’d get the exact same ones as you because yes, I want to be twinners.

  9. As soon as I saw the bracelets on your instagram I started following her. I think the bracelets are so cute. The coffee and runner would be my choice.

  10. I like the circles of my life. I would put 13.1 on the top my finishing time in the second and on the third go girl run KC. I think it would be awesome to have something to commemorate my first half.

  11. i think those bracelets are really cute :), i love the coffee and the cupcake one i think by far those are totally awesome.
    I’m not sure if she can just print different things but mine would be a running shoe with wings hehe or if she doesn’t, then mine would have to say ” I run for soda ” or “Dork runner” 🙂

  12. I love the monogram bracelet! I also liked her on Instagram!

  13. Totally would love the running bracelet! Would also love the gold bar necklace it would say M+K
    Would also love ‘I heart my special days’ enclave that would have my boys’ bdays

  14. I really like the “our love is golden” necklace! I think I’d just get me and my boyfriend’s initials 🙂

  15. The coffee bracelet or the monogram bracelet. EVERYTHING is super cute!!

  16. I just need to say that we could be pretentious together – mojitos and Ray Charles are one of my favorite combos!

  17. OMG the Need a Wine one is hilar and perf for myself or as a gift for my friend who loves wine

  18. I love the running bracelet!! and of course the wine one is great too 🙂 What running doesn’t fix (which isn’t much) wine will!

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