Immature stuff + blogger link up

Late post because I’m not feeling all that great today. Maybe another cup of coffee would help?

I thought it would be fun to share a few pics I dig and a couple outtakes that normally don’t make it on the blog. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I never claimed to be classy.

I’ll start with The Bam because it’s been awhile since he made a cameo on the blog. He was begging for a mojito this weekend, but settled for a sour patch kid. That was very entertaining.

2014-06-08 16.16.03

Yup, still in love with my new wheels.

2014-06-04 15.31.25

Never grow up, it’s totally a trap y’all.

2014-06-08 15.51.01

What our marriage really looks like.

2014-05-24 14.00.59-2

Nailed it.

2014-05-25 12.14.28



Beautiful even when foggy.

2014-06-05 12.24.33

Almost too pretty to drink. Almost.


On a scale from 1-10 how mature are you?

Probably, most likely –2.

Describe your relationship with your significant other in 5 words.

Bloggers, tell us about your blog and link to it so we can stalk you!


18 Comments on “Immature stuff + blogger link up

  1. Better late than never, for reals! Sorry, but I was hungry and ate my breakfast already.

    Oh man, I think I’m in the negatives also. When me and my kids are together, especially my daughter, we pretty much #ackDaFools wherever we go. We’ve had our fair shares of “I’m gonna kindly ask you to tone it down or leave our establishment”.

    Hands down.. “She is my best friend”… easy

    Well click away and be prepared to say, “Who the eff is TSA”! Jack of all trades, master of none.

  2. Variable, -10 to 10 depending on the day, situation, and whether I’ve had coffee.

    Relationship with my significant other? In a word, Meow.

    My blog is Unfortunately I have this tendency to “blog in my head” instead of electronically… I write race/event reviews, review products, and share information to help connect you with YOUR best life. Look for an upcoming exposee on the coconut oil scam 🙂

  3. I think I have become less mature over the years since I work with a bunch of guys who I think are 12. There are common words one just can’t say around the office without a bunch of snickering. Also, you can often hear, “That’s what she said,” throughout the day. I blog at about my experiences as a wildland firefighter.

  4. Pahahaha did you really give him a sour patch kid?!! I would imagine the reaction was like when I dropped a half a lemon on the floor and my dog snatched it up before I could grab it. My maturity level varies. I can be a 9. But also I get excited about weird things like buying office supplies, getting mail (non-bills), buying pet toys, new frozen yogurt flavors, etc. and my reaction brings me down to a 3 😉

    I’m over at

  5. I’m probably about a 5 on the maturity scale… only because I feel like one of us (michael or I) should be an adult…lol

    Michael and I in 5 words… hmmm… we are oil and water…. lol

    My blog is about trying to balance life, work, running and mommywood all while being an adult and still trying to have fun and looking “pretty”. Adulthood is over rated… I want to go back… lol..

    Check me out @

  6. Our marriage in 5 words – “The kid’s awake, your turn.” I’ll give myself a 5 on the maturity scale because in some aspects I’m a 10, but in other’s I’m a 0. My blog is: It’s 30% running/triathlon, 30% random ramblings, 20% pictures of my kid, and 10% food.

  7. I love that quote about problems. SOOO True, need to remember that more often. My maturity level depends, at my day job I need to be uber professional so when I leave I tend to unwind more!

  8. I thought by 40 I’d figure out how to be a mature adult….maybe I’ll master that at 41 but if not I embrace the poo-versations I have with my friends who are more than happy to go there with me. Being all adult and mature is no fun and totally overrated. My relationship with my spouse is great. He’s a great listener and lets me do all the talking. And for those who know my story they’ll understand that. (It’s twisted humor).

    I blog over at where I tell y’all about my running (and cross-training right now since i’m also a broken runner) and keeping my sanity and about every little adventure I have with my labradoodle Duncan.

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