I should teach a class on how to be classy

2014-06-10 18.30.50

Bam + I took our R+R to the back patio yesterday afternoon to enjoy the warm, sunshine. As the sun started to set the breeze kicked up and the fog started to roll in, so I poured a small glass of wine and watched it go through the palm tree cross over the sun. It was beautiful.

2014-06-10 18.17.19

Then I realized if Mike were to come home and see my outfit he would have most certainty laughed his butt off, but would of expected nothing less from me. Let me paint you a picture of pure desire. A bikini with a hoodie over it that has pretzel crumbs all over the front, the boot and my hair pulled up into a bun with sunglasses on inside the house.Then, I came inside and accidently dumped a glass of water on myself, my iPhone and the couch. I can’t turn this sexy off, yo. So yeah, I hope you had a good laugh with/at me over this.

I really should teach a class on how to be classy.


In other news the new Mizuno Wave Kazans came in the mail yesterday!

2014-06-10 17.27.18

It sure brightened up this girls day since the last couple days have been a little rough. Now let’s hope my podiatrist has some good news next week so I can be a step closer to taking these schweet kicks for a spin on the trail.

2014-06-10 16.57.21

They have some serious traction that screams take me for a run in the mud.

2014-06-10 16.55.22

Wave Rider fans, the other day I noticed the new colors are out for summer. I’m digging the ones this chick just scored big time.

Share you last less than classy moment. Come on, don’t leave a girl hanging.

Random: What are your favorite non fitness app?

How many miles did you rack up on the Baton? Don’t know what I’m talking about, no prob, find out here.


9 Comments on “I should teach a class on how to be classy

  1. Oh damn…ok, ugh, at the risk of losing some fans here, lol… effn eh, I’m cracking up already =). and I’m the top post. Ok, ok…Have you ever thrown a fart?! lol.. I was in a meeting and instead of excusing myself, I let one rip (silently of course), cupped it, and threw it at my co-worker 3 seats down. I didn’t think it would reach him, but apparently it did! He made this sour face and then started to bust out laughing! Less than classy? For sure, but was well worth the belly laugh!

    non fitness app. Well IG for sure. But a lot of fitness going on there. I use Iheart radio so that I can listen my hawaiian stations. And then directv mobile ap…where I watch that douchebag elliot and DD (she gone).

    I gotta look, but definitely over 50 miles fo’ sho’!

  2. I once went shopping (Big 5) and realized my shirt was on backwards and wrong side out and my hair was sticking straight up on one side and matted on the other. I also had some kind of dried food on it. I’d laid down to take a nap and didn’t bother to look in the mirror prior to leaving. I didn’t realize any of this until I was leaving the store with my screaming toddler. As I arrived at my vehicle, I realized I had lost my keys. I was unable to find on my own and had to ask for assistance from the staff. Luckily, someone had turned them in. I know, I know hot stuff!

    As for apps, I love Pandora, iHeart, moldiv and shazam.

    I was not aware of baton but did check it out.

  3. Oh those shoes are so pretty! I just went on my first ever trail run yesterday – needless to say I need new trail shoes! I don’t own any currently.

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