What were you doing a year ago?

Good morning and happy Monday! Is anyone else a weirdo who loves Mondays?


I worked all weekend, Saturday was a perfect sunny & 75, then Sunday was foggy & 58. Welcome to summer at the beach. Ha!

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much our lives have changed in the last year and thought it would be fun to take a look back. Another reason why blogging is so much fun!

Here is what I was up to a year ago:

Mike and I were living in Mountain View. Lu was spending summer vacation with us. I wasn’t working so I had a lot of time to hang with my little sidekick and go for runs around the Google Headquarters.

We hit up the lake and did SUP for a day. That was a blast, though it left me feeling a little motion sick for 2 days after. #worthit


I shared a cold Asian Chicken pasta salad recipe. One of the few things I can actually make.


We took Lu to Great America for the first time. Mike rode all the crazy rides with her while sat under the shade trees drinking coffee.


Hiking our favorite trails in the Bay Area, hoping for no snake sightings.


We went to Sunset Magazines celebration weekend. If you are ever in the Menlo Park area, hit this event up. They open their corporate office up to the public to walk through the test kitchen, garden, living room. There are also a lot of home and garden vendors, wine + beer. We planned to go back this year, but then the whole broken runner thing happened, but next year we will be back!


I picked up the Lu for summer buttcation and did a virtual tree sitting when I heard grandma was going to cut the family tree down. Let’s just say when grandma makes up her mind, that is that.


At the end of June last year, Mike accepted a transfer with his job to Monterey. We absolutely LOVE it here. I still ask him every day “we’re not moving again for a looooong time, right cowboy?” He always says I have 17 years left with my company and I’m going to do them all right here.

Great answer!

Fill me in, what were you doing a year ago?

What are you up to now?


7 Comments on “What were you doing a year ago?

  1. A year ago, i was fighting with my IT band and making the hard decision to stop my 1/2 training. Back then, this was a tough decision because I was so set on the goal. Today I realize that I run for fun, and that there are other avenues for training than just running…much like you are doing now. Today, I am cross training and building muscles to ensure that my pesky IT band pain does not continue.

  2. This time a year ago I was working and living in Erie, PA getting ready for my brother’s wedding in a few weeks. Now are in a VA and in a whole different phase in our life. You’re right, a lot can change in a year!

  3. I actually love mondays. Again, hoping no one from work reads your blog #kiddingnotkidding. It gives me time to settle in and IG post about random things. lol, go check it out J. Anyway, about a year ago I was in Pasadena watching my oldest graduate from Occidental. He’s moved on to law school and will be attending Kent next year. Me, well work consumed most of my days and running was a big part of my life. Happy for you (and Mike). I hope that I’m still blogging in a year to do this same topic. Because next year, looking back at this time, I’ll be able to share some pretty effn EPIC things! As always, mahalo for sharing!

  4. One year ago my boys and I were headed for a week in TX visiting my Poppa – little did I know that would be our last visit with him – so glad we had that week!!!

  5. SO many things have changed since this time last year. Last year I had a 4.5 month old who was starting to crawl, and I was staying at home studying for a professional exam. Now a days I have the perfect job, realized I do not care to take said professional exam and the little man hasn’t slowed down one bit! It’s amazing how much can change in a short 12 months.

  6. I love Mondays TOO!! Honestly…my life hasn’t changed much since last year except that my dog is older and crazier than ever. Oh and I ran two marathons. And I own more Mizunos now than ever before. But that’s basically it! Home and work have stayed the same…

    SUP is HARD!!! I tried it once in Hawaii and nearly lost my life. Not even joking.

    • Ummm, Hawaiian over here. Blog about it please… unless there was a shark or a crazy ass turtle involved in the story, I’m not sure how it turns into a life flashing before your eyes kind of activity =)

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