Non weirdo internet friends and my new mission in life

Yesterday Gina and Emily came to Monterey for a quick visit. Emily was traveling through on her way to LA to spend the summer with her family and Gina wanted to join in on the fun.

We went to lunch at Rosine’s in downtown Monterey which I think was a winner. I was stoked about that since the world knows how much of a foodie I am. Or not.

Then I drove them around my playground. We did 17 Mile Drive, through Pebble Beach, the Ghost Tree and the Lone Cypress, Cannery Row and Fisherman’s Wharf. Thanks for bringing the sunshine with you ladies!

2014-06-16 14.36.21

Long time SCB readers, Gina <- {check out her blog if you love chocolate!} and I used to go hiking, hang out at Whole Foods for lunch and/or Starbucks back when I lived in the Bay Area. We had a lot of good times together so it was really nice to see her and her schweet guns! Girlfriend took up bodybuilding and looks hawt.

Fun fact: We all met on IG, so I guess you really can meet non-weirdo’s online after all. Winking smile


2014-06-16 13.26.34

The Lone Cypress.

2014-06-16 13.33.25

Emily <-{follow her if you love running + fro yo} is a blogger in the making. Gina + I encouraged her to start a blog this summer. She is also mending a stress fracture, so it would give her a little something to do on the side. And then I can stalk her to compare notes on how to become professional beach bums.

2014-06-16 13.34.12

Have you ever met someone who is so uplifting and you just want to be around them? Yah, that’s these girls!

After they left I went to Whole Foods to pick up a few things. I swear they have the best berries ever. It took all the willpower I have to not eat this whole bowl in one sitting.

2014-06-16 16.16.36

Then I chilled on the couch with Bam for the rest of the afternoon. I’m not doing a great job at resting lately, so I’m going to work on that this week.

If you have been reading this lame blog for any amount of time, you probably know all about my love for the movie, A Christmas Story. {I call it Ralphy.}

I just got an email that registration is open for the A Christmas Story virtual 5+10K race. I’m not into virtual races, but I don’t plan on being in Cleveland anytime soon, so I would LOVE to do this.

My new mission in life is to heal up and train for this race and of course some trail running too.

Register   A Christmas Story Run

Have you ever met friends online?

I used to think it was weird, but now I have found some really cool peeps that enjoy some of the same things I do. Plus I feel like you can kind of “interview” them online. Now who’s the weirdo? Winking smile

Is anyone else already training for a fall or winter race? Fill me in!

If you had the entire summer off, what would you do? Where would you go?

Bloggers, please give Emily your best advise on starting a blog.


22 Comments on “Non weirdo internet friends and my new mission in life

  1. First, those berries look amazing. Second, all the ads on your page were for Charmin toilet paper – which just cracked me up for some reason.

    I haven’t really met any online friends/bloggers in real life yet (just one or two but we knew each other from other stuff too) – but I definitely want to!

    Fall races so far – Rock’n’Roll Denver, Hot Chocolate 15K in Denver, Endurance Trail Series Half Marathon and The Golden Gallop 10K.

  2. Have you ever met friends online? Heck yes!!! And they have turned out to be the best blends evah!!! Ok, name dropping time – Stuftmama, SkinnyRunner, RER, Fitnessista, Pavey, Meals and Miles, Jamie Walker (fit approach), See Sharp Run, RunEmz, ZucchiniRunner, Carlee McDot… Kristin, Sarah, Monica, Emily, and Corine have been nothing but cool ass peeps and have helped me immensely the past few months. They are all ‘real’ and genuine peeps… Just like you J! Last few on my list to meet are you, HRG, the Athletarian and ChicRunner. I’ve had interactions with them, but just not in person (yet). Get past my social media name, and I’m all kinds of fantastic!

    Next races…San Fran in July, America’s finest in SD in August, Ventura Full in September, LB full in October, RnRLV full in November, and crossing my fingers I get to go home and run the Honolulu marathon in December.

    Spain and Italy most def. I been to Paris. Sorry, not again. My scrilla doesn’t buy me much there and the people are rude! Sorry parisians.. #sadbuttrue

    Best advice…go on other peoples blogs that you enjoy reading and just ask them anything you want. The cool kids will always give you the time of day. There are some turds, but for the most part, bloggers are real peeps and generous with their time. Like J… (and me)… we kindah awesome!

  3. I love this!! I have met online friends and they are so fun!! I met a new running BFF via HRG and we actually live 5 houses apart and never even knew it before!!

    Tomorrow at 12pm….my summer break starts…yes…my summer break. The whole thing..all of it off!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can you believe it? I can’t wait! I will be doing lots of running, reading, sleeping, getting some vitamin d and living the dream!!:)

  4. Honestly, some of the friends I have meant online are the coolest people I know… they are friends that you choose because they have similar interests as you….and you don’t HAVE to meet them, but it’s a bonus if you do and hit it off…

    I’m training for a fall marathon in hopes of a 2016 BQ… I never thought I would say this but I’m kind of siked to run this marathon in the fall… Yep, I’ve totally converted to distance running…lol

    I’m not going to lie, I DO have the entire summer off but my kiddos are little so we will stay within 4-5 hours driving distance.. however, if I wasn;t a mommy, I’d be Paris and Italy bound this summer….

    My best piece of advice is just do it… if you really enjoy it, just stick with it… you can meet some amazing people and learn a lot….

      • Thank you!!! I follow you as well and I love your energy and passion, it truly is addicting… Good luck to you as well, I can’t wait to read all about your adventures.. ps… how do you do so many marathons? I did one and it kicked my butt! tell me your secrets lol

        • Truth be told, I’ve only done 1 (last year phx marathon). And that one is the one that kicked my butt (as well). I crossed the tape in 5:05. That’s not indicative of my half mary times. But it only takes 1 that sets you off. I was pissed to say the least. So this string of full mary’s is ambitious (or cray cray), for sure. But I’m the person who’s always glutton for ‘punishment’. And I like challenges. So, we’ll see if I come out a stronger person or a fool.

          • lol same thing happened with me but it took me 5 years to come back and I did with a vengeance…. lol.. You totally got this.. It’s going to be awesome!

  5. I’m starting half marathon training for a fall race. I haven’t started the longer run yet (thankfully). This will be half #4 for me. I’ve been buying all kinds of berries lately. I love how affordable they are in season! Yum! Most of my lunches/snacks consist of fruit. Best advice- try it out for a while and see if you like it using a free blogging platform. If you stick with it, great! If not, that’s okay and you won’t waste any money. You DO get to “meet” some great people!!

  6. Hehe…I met you! (well not in person….but you know what I mean). And we are like lost sisters…so that means we are both not weird…or both weird as hell….I go for weird as hell…who wants to be normal!!!

  7. I actually haven’t met anyone from online yet but I’m sure it will come in time! I don’t’ seem to live around many but I wish I did!!

  8. I’ve never met any friends online but I wish I could!! I have no running friends….at all. It’s not very popular where I live, sadly. So for now, I just stalk all of the California running bloggers and I feel like they’re distant friends lol. You all help so much with figuring out what gear to buy and all of the logistics of running! I’m currently training for my first ever marathon in September and I’m terrified!! If I had the entire summer off, I’d get up and run super early, then lay on the beach all day, reading and drinking coffee!!

  9. Aw J — you are such a gem! Feeling so fortunate to know you. 🙂 I love that we are currently working on the same profession (beach bums extraordinaire!) and, thanks to your support, am so inspired to give this blog thing a whirl!

    I may be reaching out for some advice in the near future!

    • Em, I just launched my blog 3 weeks ago. So everything is still fresh. If you find yourself spinning and need any help… you can shoot me an email anytime! Good luck!

  10. Lol I HAVE met a blog friend (aka online friend) before! I was super nervous but she’s the sweetest person ever. Plus I was at a half marathon so if she tried to kill me, I’d have plenty of witnesses 😉

  11. Pennsylvania?! Well you know that the who’s who in blogging all flock to Bethlehem in October for the RW Hat trick… Maybe you can make your way out to check them out. GL on your first full mary. No need to be terrified. Leverage your blogger ‘friends’ for any questions you might have!

  12. I have met people in person that i met online, but I haven’t become friends with them, although I did keep in touch with a few from a newlywed chat board for awhile.

    I’ve done everything in Carmel/Monterey except for 17 Mile Drive, which is crazy. I really need to get on that!

  13. I am signed for the virtual Christmas Story race. I cannot wait to do but I wish I WAS THERE DOING IT. I too am obsessed with that movie!

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