The one time I acted like a girl

I could wait a couple days and see how this all plays out. Then sugar coat it, fill it full of butterflies, unicorns and rainbows, but that’s not how SCB rolls. I keep it real, share both the good and bad with you. And today I’m pissed. I’m angry, I’m confused, I’m thankful, I’m hopeful. But mostly pissed.

I can’t walk. Now both of my paws hurt.

Yesterday morning I woke up with the same kind of pain in my “good” left foot. I crawled back in bed and calmly told Mike how upset I was as he ran his fingers through my hair.

After wearing the boot for 5 and a half weeks with little sign improvement, for what had been diagnosed as a stress fracture.  Mike and I had a conversation – no, okay it was more like a debate on what our next step should be.

I have a follow up appointment with my podiatrist Wednesday {today}, however my right foot still has a tingling/numb feeling. I was concerned about it, and last week, I had 2 calls into him. He never returned either call.

If you remember, when I was first diagnosed, the podiatrist took an x-ray didn’t see any thing on it, but exclaimed “it’s a stress fracture, there’s nothing else it could be!” He didn’t want to explore any other possibilities.

Mike pushed me to get a second opinion and so I went to my primary doctor {who also happens to be a runner!} to see what he thought. Luckily he got me in yesterday.

2014-06-17 15.11.40

2 cortisone shots later I left his office walking like a penguin which was pretty much free entertainment for everyone in the parking lot.

It hurt like heck, but in grandmas words, I didn’t cry. Instead I asked, Larry, my doc while the first needle was in if he had anything for anxiety. He laughed with me but could see I was shaking. He calmly said yes as I loudly said “that freaking hurts Larry”. I’m a total peach. But he was so calm and reassuring I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Side note: Larry is very good with me. He listens to my concerns. He doesn’t just tell me what I want to hear, but acts like a “medical detective” to help find an answer. By the way, he wears really cool cowboy boots…to work!

He diagnosed me with Morton’s Neuroma,  The short version is that it is the thickening of the tissue around a nerve in the ball of your foot.  He advised me to stop wearing the boot and to wear my Mizunos with my custom orthotics and walk a little every day.

I felt bad for him after dealing with me-heck I can’t even deal with me sometimes. Winking smileIt was a bit stressful. The needles don’t bother me as much as finding out I might have been wearing the boot over 5 weeks for nothing.

I didn’t realize how upset I was until I got in the car and started thinking.

Where do I go from here? Well, that is a tough question. I am going to see my podiatrist today, nicely fill him in on how I feel and ask for x-rays. I have a follow up with my primary doc next week for another cortisone shot if I’m feeling better. For now, it’s one day at a time.

I have no idea if this is the answer or what the diagnosis is, but I want to encourage you to never settle. Just because someone has MD, Ph.D or whatever behind their name, it does not mean they are perfect.

A fancy degree doesn’t mean you’re educated.


Have you ever been misdiagnosed?

Have you ever been let down by a “professional”?

Do needles scare you?



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  1. I’m so sorry!! Boy do I get your frustration! You’re so right….never settle!!! It’s sad but it seems everyone, for everything these days needs a patient advocate! 🙁 Hang in there….keep fighting!

  2. I hope that the Morton’s Neuroma is the answer. It’s painful but it doesn’t get worse if you run on it apparently. I was misdiagnosed with a stress fracture by a podiatrist a couple of years ago and spent 2 months in the stupid boot. After getting out of it, the follow up x-ray showed no sign of a fracture. He never did figure out what was wrong but the boot really messed up that foot. It hasn’t been the same since….muscles and tendons still aren’t happy.

  3. Oh sht! Does your good paw hurt from the cortisone shot? Or something else? I’m not sure how your bene/referral system works, but another xray, and maybe an MRI is in order. I was diagnosed by an Orthopedist once who said I was losing cartilage in my knee. I was devastated because cartilage doesn’t regenerate. I decided to talk to other runners, get a second opinion and they put me in contact with a chiro… a chiro! He’s a triathlete and worked on my knee for 2 months. Did graston, ART, ultrasound work, and stim. And my knee pain was/is gone (so far so good). If you’re in Scottsdale anytime soon, I want to hook you up with him. I totally believe in his methodologies. That sucks about you having to wear da boot. Lets hope larry is on to something good! Heads up, I’m throwing prayers and positive Hawaiian vibes your way!

    • Dude, the cortisone shots made the pain much worse. But the good news is so far it’s a little better today. Why don’t I live in AZ?? Oh yeah because it’s hot as ballz in the summer & Mike would cry his eyelashes hurt. 😉

  4. Oh man, I have had two cortisone shots in my foot and it is THE WORST PAIN EVER!!!! I can’t even imagine having them done in both feet at the same time! My husband’s knee doc said that cortisone in the foot is probably the most painful place to get it — I hope that it does help! I also have a neuroma — I changed shoes, and tried to strengthen my ankles and calves, and I feel that it helped a ton– although right now I am 8 months pregnant and haven’t run for about 3 months, so who knows what will happen when I start running again!

  5. Ugh, that sucks. Really! Hang in there.

    I have been misdiagnosed with an ankle sprain that was treated conservatively but never got better and finally had an MRI 3 months later and it showed the ligament was torn (but it had healed). I spent so much time in a boot that year (had a stress fracture earlier). I was pretty frustrated.

    Just really is a bummer all the way around but hoping you can find answers today! Keep us posted.

    P.S. needles don’t bother me and I am OK with shots, but I don’t think I could give myself a shot — my husband has had to give himself 2 epi pen shots over the years…just baffles me how he can do it but I guess when death is the alternative, you suck it up and do it 🙂

  6. So sorry to hear of your wasted-bootness. And your diagnosis. Praying that you find a solution soon!

    I am horribly terrified of needles. I cry like a baby every time. When I got my wisdom teeth out they had to strap me down to stop my crying flailing arms.

  7. I was misdiagnosed for years and told I had nothing wrong. I searched for answers but didn’t get them until last year when a friend suggested I see a naturopathic doctor. She literally changed my life as she listened and didn’t just run standard tests. I don’t trust most people with MD after their name.

    I’m not afraid of needles but I’m also not a fan. I just look away and try to have a conversation to stay distracted.

    Sorry you had this happen. It sucks!

  8. I am sorry to hear you are going through this. I did laugh (not a normal haha laugh) when I saw your question, “Have you ever been misdiagnosed?” Girl have…. I could right you a book. I have had and STILL have every feeling you listed: I’m pissed. I’m angry, I’m confused, I’m thankful, I’m hopeful. But mostly pissed.

    After a year of progessive sciatic pain from my back all the way down my left leg down to numbness in my foot I went to doc 1…since then I have seen approx. 8 different docs.

    I had hamstring repair surgery in Dec 2012 because they thought a past injury that went unrepaired was causing it. AWFUL recovery. I had a laminectomy and forminectomy in Aug 2013 because I continued with the same problem and doctors stated I have spinal stenosis.

    Just had ANOTHER MRI yesterday because I still have sciatic nerve/back pain. I have no clue what to do….

    So from one runner to another, I understand.

  9. Ugh!! No fun! I’m glad you went to another doctor. I’m in the market for a new one. I’m done with mine, too. I went a really long time not knowing what was wrong to ‘you have IBS.’ Here’s some MORE medication that won’t work, but we are lazy assholes so we don’t want to do more tests. THEN 8 years later I went from that to ‘well, you have Crohn’s Disease.’ Yeah. Good times had by all. Still not fixed, thus the new doctor market. Gloves are off, bring it.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon and get back to running!! Keep your chin up, girl! You will heal!

  10. Wow! I’m sorry you’ve been going through all this – hang in there!!

  11. I would be so flippin’ pissed if i wore the boot for nothing. Meanwhile, I actually had Morton’s Neuroma on my left foot back before I started running. I used to be an avid kickboxer and after my favorite Karate gym shut down I followed one of the teachers to a different gym but it wasn’t on soft mats it was on a hardwood floor. Hello!!! That’s where the neuroma began….combined with wearing shoes that were too small/narrow.

    Anyway it’s the only time in my life i got a cortisone shot and i remember that pain. I also remember almost passing out that they had to lay me down on the table. LOL! It took 2 weeks to feel relief. Actually it hurt more at first. So don’t get discouraged. To this day I ONLY wear shoes with a wide toe box and for fancy shoes i’ve resigned myself to Naturalizer wide width. Sometimes during my long runs i’ll feel a little twinge but it’s been 10 years without ever being sidelined from it. So I’m hoping you’ll have the same outcome.

    The boot probably caused lots of change to your normal walking gait and you might have stressed your good paw in the process. I REALLY hope you get answers.

  12. Oh no! I can understand how frustrated you must me…The good news is this may be a stepping stone in the right direction (towards running)… the bad news is your podiatrist MAY be an idiot (maybe not.. but maybe). Hang in there doll! Pretend we are on a virtual cocktail date, lol.

    • Ha I love your honesty. And if we are being honest here, I am not digging my podiatrist on a couple levels right now.

      • I can only imagine… luckily on our virtual cocktail date we talk how much you are hating on him and by the end we are laughing hysterically… even though you are still mad…lol

        • We will have a great time on our virtual cocktail date! I don’t stay mad long and besides he might be right. The MRI will hopefully tell.

  13. Ok, so first, I’m so sorry you are going through this! Second, I had a cortisone shot a few years back in my knee for a ruptured bursa sac so I am doubly sorry you had that yesterday! OUCH! Thirdly, I went to my dr around thanksgiving with a nagging owwy in my foot. Not horrible just there and it shouldn’t have been. He put me in a boot when my X-Ray showed nothing and said a stress fracture. I spent 5 weeks in It until I went to a podiatrist for another X-ray and orthotics. She looked at the X-ray and said there wasn’t one and if the pain was gone I could start marathon training on time jan. 1. I did. Yeah me BUT at mile 16 of the marathon pain came back and I dropped out so not to hurt myself more. Here is the part for you. I went back to the podiatrist she immediately ordered a MRI. It showed that all along I had inflammation stemming from a flat arch in that paw. By adjusting my orthotic I am (essentially) healed. Had I gone to her in the first place I wouldn’t have wated 5 weeks in the stupid boot. So I learned from this as you have learned from your experience. Fight and be heard right!? Side note my friend has what you are diagnosed with and she was told Birkenstocks are great for your feet so ask Dr. Larry and good luck!

    • I am SO sorry you went through that. Just another example of not settling with one opinion. I’m happy you finally got the right diagnosis. My podiatrist is adamant with his diagnosis & Larry is adamant with his. Crossing my fingers the MRI will show what’s really going on.

  14. I’m glad you got a second opinion, I didn’t realize until we talked about it that you hadn’t had a bone scan. My mom had neuroma and had minor surgery for it a few months ago, and is back to hiking already. Let me know if you have any questions if it turns out to definitely be that, I’m sure she would be happy to lend some advice!

  15. Ugh – you poor thing!!! I can’t believe that they didn’t even do a CT before diagnosing your stress fracture (remember, I’ve had MANY!). I’m so glad that you went back to your DR and hopefully after the shots you will stop having any pain!!!

    • CTs give a lot of radiation which increases the risk of cancer, so -hopefully- most doctors don’t jump to do ct scans, especially since they have limited use.

    • The shots actually caused more pain but thankfully I’m feeling better so far today. If it’s a stress fracture I will have to compare notes with you. 😉

  16. Ever think about an MRI? I’m super hesitant with cortisone shots. I know a guy I work with who had ONE and developed glaucoma from it. I had one for my thumb awhile back and it felt great for a month, so I went back to the gym (but did lighten the load). After a month, the pain came back but 10x worse. After an MRI, I found out I had partially torn the ligament (doesn’t show up on xrays) and because I put off the healing, it just got worse. After 3 months in a thumb splint (no gym/no job), it took a good 2-3 weeks to move it without pain again and about 2 months to get my range of motion back… A year later and I only feel it occasionally if I lift heavy… So point is, while your boot may have felt pointless, it may have helped but you get stiff if you never move, so you have to regain mobility and strength. Also, cortisone shots MAY Mask pain, which can clue you in to something else. And finally, MRIs are awesome and if there is something wrong, it should show up on an MRI. (I know your doctor diagnosed you- but if you continue to hurt.)

    • So sorry to hear about your thumb. I know how frustrating it is, but I’m happy to hear you are feeling better. An MRI is in the works. Thanks for the advice!

  17. If it’s Morton’s neuroma get it removed….best thing I ever did …. If it is a stress fracture demand a bone scan to prove it and settle your mind… They don’t always appear on X-ray ….you deserve that!!!!! And Lord knows ur payin for it!!!! Come on get it done…if it’s a fracture they should offer u an ultrasound machine for quicker healing!!!! Insurance covers part of it and in four weeks I was good to go…. Don’t settle if u really want to run soon!

  18. Oh Jackie! That is so discouraging! U have been so patient! My husband went to a foot doctor for heel pain he said it was plantar fascitis it’s been months and he never had an X-ray! And isn’t much better! U have to advocate for urself! Can’t wait to hear what u said to the “foot doc”……,, how about a sports medicine specialist ?? Keep up the positive thoughts!

  19. SO frustrating!! I really believe no one knows our bodies better than US, so if I feel a diagnosis is wrong, I will ask for further options.

  20. Ugh… I feel for you! My hubby (also a major runner) had a Morton’s Neuroma in his right foot. He was in SO much pain for months. He also tried the orthotics in his Mizunos, tried a different brand of shoe, did the coritzone, which lasted maybe 3 months… and ended up having surgery (was back to running in 6 weeks). Then last August, exactly a year later after the first surgery, got ANOTHER neuroma in the same foot, but one toe over. He immediately asked for surgery to get the problem taken care of and he was back to running in exactly 6 weeks again. No further issues!

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