Virtual coffee date: fun stuff

Happy Friday!! It’s the weekend and we have some fun things planned, which is much needed after the last few days. If we were having coffee today, {I would be buying BTW} here are some things I would tell you.

This post from runtrimom on IG is one of my absolute favorites. Girlfriend nailed it.

2014-06-17 13.17.35

I thought this was hilarious and something Bam would say if he could talk.

2014-06-13 19.43.01

Mike was looking for a shaver last week when we saw this and could not stop laughing like 5th graders.

2014-06-13 12.09.56-1

I REALLY miss wearing two shoes. Pretty sure my beloved Mizunos give me the side eye every time I open my closet. I would also ask you if you’ve seen the new Wave Rider summer colors? 

2014-04-17 14.42.04

I would tell you that since the ole paws are on strike, Mike and I took the time to sit at Starbucks two days in a row and talk about how much we love the décor and dream of ways to replicate their ideas into our home.

2014-06-19 13.00.03

2014-06-19 12.59.50

A couple nights ago Mike surprised me with this Duck Dynasty hat. Perfect timing because A) It made me really happy especially after a rough day B) My roots are long overdue C) I really love not doing my fur and D) I freaking LOVE DD!

It is also in the last 4 pictures I posted on IG which is pretty much the only kind of PR I can set right now.

2014-06-19 12.56.48


2014-01-23 19.35.15

Bam wants you to know that if you have the means, he highly recommends this lifestyle.

2014-06-17 19.08.15

I would tell you to go enter this girl’s Pro Compression giveaway. Christina is just about the cutest thing ever! While you’re there, check out her blog. It will make you wish you could be real life friends with her.


Your turn! If we were having coffee today, what would you tell me all about?

Share your last race, life, coffee, whatever PR.


13 Comments on “Virtual coffee date: fun stuff

  1. You’re such a doll….always make me smile!M. If we were having coffee today we would be at Porto’s Cuban Bakery or at least drinking their coffee sitting by the pool discussing menopause (sorry….not sorry it sucks!) the acupuncture I’m going to try this afternoon to deal with it, my latest running addiction my new inknburn demon running shorts I absolutely love love love and my latest PR 2:14:37 at the Fontana Days Run (very sweet little fast half marathon) and my all time favorite….the. Big Sur 21 miler I did for my 50th bday!! #50bitches 🙂

    Feel better sweet girl!M. Thanks for brightening my day!


  2. If we were having coffee I would insisting on buying because I’m one star away from gold status on my Starbucks card.

    I have my first race in almost two months tomorrow and it was one I totally sucked at last year. :/ but at least they give you chocolate and bubbles at the end. It’s the See Jane Run race!!

  3. Hahaha my husband and I do the same! We have a favorite Starbucks that we drive 20 minutes to get there cuz we like the seating arrangement and decor!! And I like the clearance mugs! Keep feeling better!☕️☕️

  4. No coffee for me. Just a grande mocha frap no whip. And make sure they put TSA on the container.
    All kinds of exciting this week. First, all my runs so far were epic. 25 miles in 3 days. Looking forward to see how the next 25 (in 2 days) goes. That’s a total of 50 b’s! I think its the vega products I’m taking. That’s the only thing that’s changed in my training. Good enough for Christina and Emz…good enough for me. I would tell you that I’m kinda bummin’ that I’m not in seattle this weekend. Janae, Kristin, and Pavey will be there rockin’ and rollin’ in VIP. Which reminds me, I’m throwing extra positive hawaiian vibes that you get better soon. I’m hoping that RnRLV is in your future?! One thing you gottah do J is get into the RnR VIP club. Did you see how much effn fun the cool kids were having at RnRSD? It was like the most epic time I’ve ever had! Dis newKidOnDaBlock was in heaven. If we somehow land you, it would be like the Dream Team. And, speaking of being the newKidOnDaBlock, I realize that it takes some luck, and some hustle, but I’ve been blessed on how things have come to me so fast in this blogsphere and social media. It’s been amazing…It’s peeps like you J that make it fun! Oh, and last thing for SCB. You ever see Truman? And the ending when Truman signs off and then everyone who’s watching him goes about their lives again? I realized that blogging may not be in the cards for everyone and that blogging may not last forever…ish happens. But for now, I don’t wanna stop reading your blogs and just go on with my err-day life. Keep doin watcha doin chic. You and da cowboy have a kick ass weekend! Aloha Friday gang!

  5. Are you back in the boot?! I feel for you, I really do. If I was having coffee with you, I’d tell you that a) being in a boot sucks and it’s okay to feel upset about it and b) don’t despair too much, because this too shall pass and you will be stronger for it. Also, you look great in that hat.

  6. If we were having coffee, I would buy! I just reloaded my Starbucks card 🙂 Orrrr, I’d take you to Dutch Brothers in Fairfield (and then we’d promptly leave because Fairfield sucks! 🙂 We’d talk about how work is ROUGH these days, how I need a nap and how this #rwrunstreak is killing my shins. I think once it’s over, I’m taking a few weeks off. I did have a decent hair day yesterday, so that’s a bonus!

  7. I love Christina! So glad you share this sentiment 🙂

    I would tell you that I am going to visit my brother in 5 days, I haven’t seen him in 6 months, and I am so excited. Bonus points: I also get to see his wife and their adorable furchild, Sloan the golden retriever.

  8. I would enjoy a coffee right about now, extra whiskey. I’d tell you how I’m doing RnRSea half tomorrow and expecting a PW. My ankles hurt so ba I shouldn’t be doing it, but my mom didn’t raise a quitter and tomorrow would have been her 75th birthday – so it’s all for her. I’d tell you I e often wanted to move in to SBux. I’d also tell you to do RnRLV because I will be there (and properly healed/trained) with my non-running husband (he’s our Sherpa & race photographer), my brother and his wife and they are two if my favorite people in the world. I’d tell you I look forward to reading your blog because it always makes me smile. Rest those paws, and drink in that sunshine for me

  9. I also LOVE Duck Dynasty! My boyfriend recently bought me a sticker for my car that says “Happy Happy Happy!” I can’t wait to put it on the ole car.


  10. If we were having coffee right now that I’m sad I’m not going to the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon tomorrow :(, but I guess there’s always next year.
    I would also tell you that I’m happy I got a recommendation letter from my kids’ school Principal so I can go ahead and apply for a grown up job as a Para Educator :D.
    I just bought another cute set of workout clothes so can’t buy socks :(.
    I can also tell you I had the best doughnuts ever from Seattle hehe.

  11. If we were having coffee right now I would pray with you that you paws would heal quickly so that you can get back to doing what you love.

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