A Lululemon outlet store really does exist!!

Happy Monday!! Are you ready for a brand new week? I sure am.

First things first, I was surprised to find out that Bam LOVES Pop Rocks. Really, he goes crazy for them and it’s cheap entertainment.

2014-06-21 18.16.02

On Saturday we picked up the Lu for summer buttcation!! New readers, she is Mike’s daughter and I totally think she’s mine too. <3

PS thank you Michelle for meeting us half way! Smile

We have big plans to eat ice cream for dinner while watching Sponge Bob. Of course that’s after a hard day working on our life dreams of becoming professional beach bums.

2014-03-12 15.09.39

We took a little detour to the Gilroy Outlets on our way to pick her up. A couple of you asked about the Lululemon outlet we went to over the weekend. I think it’s hit or miss. Sometimes I score really schweet gear like a couple cycling racer backs and yoga tanks but sometimes the selection is limited and their prices are almost the same at the retail stores.

This time I saw a lot of yoga tanks, tights and winter hoodies. They had a cute hot pink long sleeve cycling jacket I loved, but thought $99 was a little steep for this cheap-o.

I did score a cute running skirt Mike picked out. It was $34 which isn’t too shabby as far as Lulu prices go.

2014-06-23 08.36.37

The pearl izumi store was a couple doors down so I picked up a new pair of these cycling shorts on sale and an ultra thin pair of socks. I’m getting really excited to ride this week and crossing my fingers it will happen!

2014-06-21 14.46.36

And a little something to think about…

2014-06-20 18.41.18

R sent that to me last week and said she posted it on her office door. I kind of love her thinking.

What are your favorite brand{s} for workout gear?

Besides my obvious love of Mizuno, I love Nike tanks + sports bras. Lululemon for running skirts, super light and cute tanks oh and Albion for the most comfortable running skirts.

Are you brand loyal?

When it comes to workout gear, yes since I mostly live in it, but other stuff not really. I’m always searching for a good deal.

Humor me with a funny story about something you pet did.


12 Comments on “A Lululemon outlet store really does exist!!

  1. We already miss our sweet Lissy Lu. But I know you guys are gonna have a blast being bums!! Stay off your paws as much as possible!

    • Thanks & we’ll try to get her back to you in one piece without a new highly offensive vocabulary. No promises though. 😉

  2. OMG… that skirt is awesome…. you shoulda hooked up your East Coast sista….sooooo cute.

    I just got my first mizunos a little over a month ago and I’m obsessed… I may never wear anything else again… though my last pr of Brooks were pretty fab as well. You know something, I LOVE targets work out gear… I have my lucky running skirt from there and I love it because it’s not too long which is an issue that I have with others. They have great sports bras as well… however, I love Nike’s cold weather gear as well:(

    I use to be brand loyal but you know what, sometimes I love that 5 dollar shirt that looks super cute and sometimes I love the 50 dollar shirt… I not only go for comfort and fashion but quality….

  3. I tend to go with whatever is comfortable and fits me. I am all about what works to help me perform my bets. Oh, and I NEED to go and visit this LuLu outlet!

  4. I am totally brand Loyal to mizuno running shoes. I tried on the wave rider 17s and couldn’t do it. The store manager was having me try on other brands but I couldn’t do it and just ended up with the wave sayonaras, which I like but don’t love as much as my 16s.

    Right now I have a chocolate lab puppy, 5 months old today! He is always cracking my husband and I up between us yelling at him to stay “DOWN” off the counters. The other day he shoved his head between the couch cushions and did it with such force that he did a front flip off the couch. And lately when he picks up one of his toys he lets out a little belch. It is hilarious! He is so much work but its totally worth it.

  5. Favorite Brands: Nike, Reebok for shoes, I am starting to dig the Bic Bands, Adidas for pants and shorts and Nuun for water :p and yes I tend to be a loyal costumer which is the reason why Lululemon is a big no no for me….way to pricey :(, your skirt is totally cute though .
    Something about my pets: Ella the hamster escaped her cage so she had been missing for 4 days !!!…yuck I hate hamster poop, so I let my cats and 1 of the dogs/ Robacha ( pitbull mix) to go find the hamster, well first 1 of the cats found it which was trying to catch it, then Robacha The brave went after it but as soon as the hamster made a squealing noice my oh so dangerous dog freaked out, cried and ran the other way lol. Cats did help to get hamster and Ella the hamster was put back in her cage.

  6. InkNBurn for the tech tees, asics or champion for my shorts (don’t really care the brand as well as its light and will keep me dry), ProCo’s for my socks (of course), and Mizus for my feet.

    When you’re an ambassador, you gottah be brand loyal =). It’s easy when you love the products tho’.

    I have a not so funny story. Well, I didn’t think it was funny, but my wife did. I bought this chorizo and egg burrito home for bfast after a run. I was jonesing for some mexican. I left it on the counter, and I looked straight into my dogs eyes and said, “Don’t you dare”. I thought I had enough time to run into the garage and go into my “do not touch” stash of beer. Like 8 seconds tops! I came back and ‘he gone’, wrapper and all. It had to have been like a 2lb burrito! And my wife watched him scarf it down to boot! She said serves me right for trusting that the dog would not tear that ish up… I knew better, but I thought my “Don’t you dare” was good enough…lol.

  7. My dog loves paper towels, napkins etc. one day I came home and there was a trail of white coming from the upstairs bathroom garbage pail. He knocked it over and shredded all the TP etc that I use mostly to wipe eye makeup off. It looked like snow. He also knocked over all my proudly displayed birthday cards once and shredded those.
    When it comes to sports bras I only wear Moving Comfort. I need to be locked and loaded and they always do the job.
    I also love brooks essential running capris. Wear them about 80 percent of the time I run.

  8. Haha BAM!! Princeton actually really likes sour patch kids. So weird.
    Fav brands: Lulu, Mizuno, Albion…and yes, I’m pretty brand loyal. I’ve very picky about the way things fit and these brands tend to be DA BEST!
    Happy Monday!!! xoxo

  9. Most of my running clothes are Nike. I’m terrible about trying other brands for running clothes!! I’m kind of a stick to what you know person with all clothes.

  10. About a year ago my friend texted me when she stopped off at the Gilroy outlets and saw they had a Lululemon. It was the first I had heard of one and I was like, worst friend ever! Who goes to the Lulu outlet and doesn’t bring their friend along 😉 I’m not super brand loyal until I find something of quality. I would never buy something just simply because it was made by brand x. Has to be worth the $ or this cheapo ain’t buyin it!

  11. Love this lulu skirt. I am pretty brand loyal. I love my Mizuno shoes and Pro Compression socks. As far as clothes, lulu, athlete, and nike take the cake. I also have a few under armor items that I like.

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