Sesamoiditis with a complete fracture

Diagnosis: sesamoditis with a fracture of the sesamoid bone.


In short, there are two bones each about the size of a pea in the ball of the foot under the big toe. They are not connected to another bone, they are only connected to tendons and surrounded by muscle. This article explains it a lot better than this blonde.

In my case, it’s an overuse injury. Goes to show you can get injured running 5 & 10K’s at turtle speed.  

One is not like the other.

2014-06-07 10.09.37

You know SCB totally had to branded that pic.

The deets: On Monday I went in for an MRI. I knew the results were not good when my podiatrist called 3 hours after the test.

The sesamoid bone is now complete fracture {great job J} and the tissue around it isn’t looking good {lots of fluid + swelling}. If I don’t stay 100% off it, that bone could die and the next step would be surgery.

Fun stuff, uh?

So that now means no working for at least 6 weeks, walking and cycling is out for at least 3 weeks. So are all things fun in life. I’m no longer wearing the boot but don’t worry, they gave me weapons. Winking smile

2014-06-24 12.27.21

Swimming is now the only form of exercise I CAN do. So guess what Mike + Lu picked up for me yesterday?

I took a few hours the other night to sit around and be mad, feel sorry for myself, and just be negative. I figured I deserved a little cry baby time. I realized that wasn’t getting me anywhere. There are a whole bunch of people that have much worse problems than me. So it’s time to suck it up cupcake!

Is this still a running-life blog? Well I sure hope so. I miss running SOOOO much and can totally see myself blogging about it even if it’s not in the cards right now.

As soon as I get back on my paws, it’s on! But unfortunately it will be awhile before that happens. Looks like I have a long road ahead of rest and physical therapy to regain strength and all that fun stuff. I hope you will still virtually hang out with me until I get there. In the meantime, let me know what topics you’d like to see on SCB. If you don’t tell me I will have to post pictures of Bam chewing his butt.


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  1. I’m an SCB member for life! I need to come up with some gang sign when I say that… You had me at pizza, dat burger, and the knockin’ da boots reference! Nice play! Keeping up with J on her PT is all good wit me. More vids is a must! I got your back J! Stay fierce, stay blessed!

    • Thank you for your support my Hawaiian friend. More vlogs are on the way. I have my director {Lu} ready to go.

  2. SBC, so sorry about your diagnosis, but you don’t have to sit around & get fat (don’t think you have the ability) You can still train your upperbody. Have the man pick you up some weights & do curls, presses, & other exercises all in a seated position. You can get a little circuit sweat sesh going on. It will get some blood flowing & hopefully some endorphins (ya know natures happy juices) hang in there!

  3. Aww damn! That sucks. But don’t worry…I will happily continue to support you during your recovery process with Starbucks coffee dates. And you know I’m always down for some good food and good wine. Wine tasting trip maybe?!

  4. My best friend had the dead disintegrated broken sesmoid and surgery…she was on crutches and had a boot and after she was all healed and could wear real shoes again we had an IDBAC (I’m done being a cripple) girls weekend and danced and drank like fish. I’m SOOOO grateful you got the diagnosis and can officially start healing. Speaking of fish….go swim like one! =)

  5. That does not sound fun at all 🙁 glad you finally got answers and can start healing it. Maybe pool running? I’d love to see your awesome thoughts on that process 😉

  6. Aww I’m sorry to hear that! I know how hard it is to get the news. Just try to keep positive and focus on the small things every single day! That is what helped me get through my injury!

  7. Soooo sorry…. I hate to hear the news cause I know it is tough to deal with. But on a positive note fr you – we will continue reading your blog. Just hang in there!

  8. Oh, sorry to hear this. You get to pout sometimes when things suck; it’s okay. No need to apologize. I will definitely keep reading whatever you decide to write about. And there’s no such thing as too many Bam photos.

  9. Sorry to hear but I do feel your mental pain ! I am six weeks post two stress fractures in my hip and pelvis .
    It sucks especially at this time of year. And I cried for a month! And I talked to a lot of pro athletes and others who had similar and got through it . And what they said to me was focus in what you can do. Use your energy to heal. There’s a silver lining in all of it . Somewhere . I am just at the point now where I can be active ( not running!) but I got through that tough part and it was tough. It helped me to chat via email with others . Feel free to email,me if you need.
    Sorry you have to be out, but we will come back stronger! And well rested too.

  10. Aw, man…..that sucks! I’m really sorry! I think you are so smart to give yourself a little time to feel sad, and then pick yourself up and focus on getting better. You have a lot of awesomeness waiting for you once those bones heal:)

  11. Well here’s my two cents… There are so many running blogs about people going out and having awesome runs of all kinds (hills, speed work, long runs, 5ks, marathons, you get my drift…) Not too many of these blogs are helpful to people like me right now who are stress fractured and bummed and wondering how to stay positive, focusing on other forms of exercise (like swimming), and how to deal with the anxiety of not being able to run, how to still be a “runner” when you can’t run, how to try swimming when you’re the opposite of a fish-like human, etc. (whew run-on…sorry!) So maybe it’s just me, but your blog already has (and I KNOW will continue to) helped to keep my morale up and remind me that we are in this together! even if we are out of the running game for many long weeks… so thank you for your continuous bravery and honesty! Please know that you have made a huge positive impact on me during my injury, and I guarantee others will find comfort in your openness during this time as well! you are inspiring and deserving of great respect for sharing your situation with all of us.

    hearts & sunnies! xoxoxo

  12. OH NO!!!! I’m so sad for you… don’t worry, I will stop by on a daily basis because we are blogging bffl’s and I like to see what you are up to on the West Coast…. I know it’s tough but try to stay positive and we will all be by your side helping to keep your head up….

  13. Hang in there, looks like you will have lots of time to sit in the sand on that beautiful beach you post pics of! You will gain your strength back, I will still follow along too! Your a tough cookie you will be good to go in no time!

  14. Injuries just plain SUCK!! I’m sorry this happened to you, but think of how awesome your COMEBACK KID story will be when you’re able to run and ride again! Everyone loves a comeback! 🙂 Until then, I’m sure Mike and Lu will take great care of you. (You’re lucky you have a dude who can cook! Haha!)

  15. I too am on the injury train, and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one! I miss running so much. I look forward to hearing about your recovery. We can gain hope together!

  16. I’d like to hear more about your journey of starting a blog and your general likes and dislikes. Life hands us lemons…and then Mike makes you a drink! I know you’ll find all things positive that you can in this little speed bump!!!

  17. I’m so sorry. BUT, I tried pool running for the first time and LOVED IT! I hope you get to do that. 🙂

  18. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m so sorry J!!! Glass half full- you caught it early enough that the bone didn’t die. I know that’s not really exciting but I guess it could be worse? I don’t think I’m helping haha…I hope you get well soon!

  19. I had the SAME injury last year. I wasn’t in quite the same boat, as I only had the sesamoiditis in my right foot; however they stuck me in the boot for 3 months too and then took me out, and then put me back in for another 3 months. It finally was “cured” after 2 cortisone shots. OUCH. I still will get an occasional pain from it for a minute or so while I am running, but it is so much better now and 99.99999% non-existent. Hang in there! It WILL get better!!!

  20. Ohh I’m injured right now as well. My whole left leg is out of commission for most excercise. I would love to see you featuring excercises that you do in which you don’t use your leg! I feel like I’ve gotten so bored with regular core and upper body excercises so if you find anything different or interesting it would be amazing to hear about! Good luck with the rehab and recovery!

  21. Oh no! Not good news at all. I hope the next six weeks fly by for you. I know how hard and frustrating it came be watching from the sidelines. Just know you will be out there soon enough and feeling better!

  22. I’m so sorry. I have been through some trials of my own with running injuries and hang tough. I’ll be following you through this jourmey.

  23. yikes, that’s horrible! i hope you get better soon.

    and for comment testing…

    shoe shoe shoe! 🙂
    (nobody is gonna get that haha!)

  24. just when i recovered from a stress fracture in my ankle and started running again i developed a stress reaction in the front of the same ankle. No running for 4 weeks. there go all my half marathons i wanted to do this fall. i could cry.

    • What a bummer. I know that feeling-this stress fracture happened 4 days before the double road race for me. Buuuut there are things you CAN do, so focus on them. 🙂 Happy training!

  25. I’m sorry to hear about your foot! I had the same thing and know how painful it is. Since I walked on it like an idiot without going to the doctor, I ended up having surgery but it’s awesome now! Hoping for a fast recovery for you.

  26. You needed that time to mourn your loss of running (for now!), so it’s good that you took it. It’s great that you were able to pull yourself out of your funk and move on to the pool running. At least there’s a way for you to still be active. That’s crazy that the bone could die if you walk on it at all! Also, your shirt is super cute!

  27. I have broken sesamoid. I havet beem the surgical shoe fir five weeks. Last week Podiatrist did nrww xray and said looks to be healing stay in shoe several more weeks. Then yesterday and last night pain bad as ever anday be little more swollen. The swelling had not left since started. Did your’s do any of this and how are you now

    • I was acutally misdiagnosed. It turned out to be sesamoiditis and tendonitis. 4-6 weeks of physical therapy and I was running again. Best of luck to you as I know these injuries can be tough to heal.

  28. How are you now. I have possible broken sesamoid with healing issues.

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