I wish I could reach through the screen and give you all a giant hug right now! That says a lot because I don’t like touching people.

In all seriousness I genuinely appreciate every single comment, tweet, IG and email of encouragement. You guys have some inspiring stories of overcoming the injury punks. Runners are resilient like that. <3


I’m wineblogging. Yep totally just made up that word. It means that I wrote this post last night while drinking wine with a side of Aleve. My doctor told me it was okay to mix the two together. I am now a doctor.

So…I can’t run or can’t ride so I did something I swore I’d never do: pool running. And I LOVED it!

Isn’t there a song about that? I tried pool running and I liked it…

Yah moving on…meet my new friend.

2014-06-25 15.44.14-1

Lu and I shared a lane at the indoor pool and I have never felt so free like a hippie. Just being able to move my legs with so much space. Pretty sure I had a dorky smile the entire time.

2014-06-25 15.04.16

We swam for an hour, I took it easy, just getting used to being in the water without a floatie and mojito in hand. I used an aqua fitness belt to keep help me upright while running. But let’s be honest, it was mostly to keep me from doing the floppy fish or drowning.

Getting into the pool was like magic on the paw. I was shocked at how much better it felt just within a couple laps. The swelling went down, the stiffness in my ankle and joints loosened up and the normal color returned. Trust me,pale white was way better than the purple-ish tone I’ve been sporting.

2014-06-25 15.44.33

I didn’t feel any pain at all, if anything just a tiny bit of tightness in the joint of the big toe which worked itself out over time. I was a little nervous about how I’d feel since I am under strict instructions to stop swimming if there is any pain at all.

There are no words for how stoked I am. Let’s just hope things keep going in the right direction now.


Fun story: My doctor told me about how Joan Benoit, winner of the 1984 Olympic gold medal in the women’s marathon. She had knee surgery and did most of her training in the pool. I was really inspired by her story.

I’m not looking for a gold medal, but I wouldn’t mind some new race bling.

We caught a little sun post swim until we got hungry. Can we talk about how Lu has legs for days? She has always been the tallest kid in her class every single year. Boys and girls!

2014-06-25 15.36.28

She has been SO helpful this week. I don’t know what I’d do without my girl.

Swimmer friends, what is considered 1 lap? Out and back? Or just out?

What summer activities do you enjoy?

What kind of cross training do you do?


29 Comments on “Unstoppable

  1. I’m glad you’re able to burn off that excess energy……but what’s up with those white thighs? I can see those right through the water! Lol

  2. YEAH for the pool. I haven’t ever pool run before but I have heard wonderful things about it. Out is considered a lap. Out and back is 2 laps 🙂 Swimming is so great as it is super easy on your body and something you can do at ALL ages.. Happy Day

  3. Out and back is two laps…although in my sprint tri they called it one and said to do 15…little mind games they play! I love swimming and biking for cross training…but would love to try pool running. Where did you get your belt?

    I love your remark to Mike! LOL

    • Gah those mind games. The gym has the belts we can use for free which is super cool!
      And, yes welcome to our marriage. 😉
      Are you doing another tri? Do you train in the pool or open water?

  4. I’m no swimmer so someone correct me if need be, but from my research, a lap can depend on the pool size? Some pools are Olympic-size (50 meters) so just one length across is a lap, while others (like the one at my health club) are half the size so a lap is out and back. Since I’m a terrible swimmer, I just swim for time and not distance because I’d find that I was swimming ridiculously slow if I kept track…

    • Oh yeah, I guess that does make sense lol.
      Your gear is super cute btw! Can you please send me the link to where you got the waterproof iPod?

  5. Yay!! Glad the pool worked out. I’ve been thinking about trying that in the winter when there’s too much ice and below zero temps outside! The treadmill gets old fast!!

  6. Courtney got it right. 1 down is 1 lap. It’s gonna be 113 this weekend J. The only summer activities I enjoy all revolve around water. Btw did you know that HRG traded in pavement running for pool running for (I think) 5 weeks. Then ran a full and half back to back?!. I mean janae is a freakish badass. But it looks like a solid way to go! So I’m glad that’s something you’ll be able to do! I also like the idea from another readers comment yesterday about doing upper body exercises that require no leg work. Oh yeah, and I was thinking about it yesterday when I kept getting all the emails about the support you were getting. You are loved J. Stay blessed stay fierce!

    • Janae’s post came at the perfect time! I adore that girl. I am thankful and beyond blessed with folks like you. Stay cool in that 113 this weekend. I grew up in Fresno where temps are well over 100 for days in the summer. Find yourself a pool, lake or ice bath with an ice cold beer.

      • I just saw 4 videos on pool running! I’m gonna get a belt and start “stomping” some grapes. The people I saw doing it were getting there run on! So cool!

  7. This is SO awesome!! Yay for water. I am taking a month off from running & although I have always had my Tues/Thurs lap swimming days, I have now added pool running. Waiting for my belt to come in so right now I am running in the 3.5 – 4 foot area. I LOVE it too. Water is the most healing thing ever and my body is loving it. I will be glad to get back to road running but I also would be OK if pool running became my new normal. I am VERY tired of injuries (plus just found out I have some lumbar arthritis so not sure what that means for my running future). So, we will see what happens. HAVE FUN and I am very glad you found some happiness in a time that is challenging for you!!! Wish we lived closer so we could do it together!!!

    • You are doing a great job staying positive while cross training. I would live to be your virtual swimming buddy!

      • I am not sure if you are serious or not, but I would LOVE to be your virtual training buddy, too! How much fun would that be?!? I was thinking today when I was doing my p-running “who do I know that would come do this with me?!?”.

  8. So glad you enjoy the water! I love to swim, so your restriction to swimming would make me happy!

    A lap is down and back. A length is just down.

  9. That is such a blessing that Lu can be there with you! I am sure that helps in many ways. I pool ran during my injury and it was nice because it was the closest I could come to running without pain! It felt so nice! The only tip I have is get some waterproof headphones – they help tremendously!

    • Yes! Lu has been super incredible. I wouldn’t be able to do most things without my little sidekick. Any recommendations of wp headphones?

  10. I tried pool running for the first time over the weekend and I was kinda surprised how quickly it wore me out! I’m sure I looked awesome running in place 🙂 i can’t believe (well, I can) HRG could do it for 2 hrs at a time!

    • How did you like it? I think it’s awesome that runners are taking up pool running.
      HRG is freaking amazing! She is the reason I’m giving it a try. 🙂

  11. I’ve been wanting to try pool running! Since I have been pregnant my lower back has been sore, so I think pool running is my answer! Keep us posted on how you’re liking it!

    • Give it a try! I think you will love it. I was surprised at how great I felt the rest of the day. Mike said last night, if you come home from swimming in that same mood every day, I don’t care how much the gym costs. 😉

  12. I always thought the same as Sara…a lap is out and back, while just the “out” is a length. Pool size doesn’t matter when counting lengths, most workouts are based off of a 25m pool (or 25 yards in the States) as it is the most common size.
    Glad you’ve found the pool…I started swimming in the Spring and LOVE it! You should try some swimming as well as the pool running…it is an awesome workout and I have found it to be the best workout going for recovery after tough runs.
    Have a great weekend friend!

    • Good to know. I guess for now, I’ll just pool run for time.
      I have a weird fear about putting my face in the water. Maybe I’ll face it soon. Or not. 😉

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