Vlog: How to make the best of an injury

Y’all are a bunch of weirdo’s for wanting to see another vlog. Okay let’s be real, I’m the weirdo that keeps making them.

Here is my latest vlog about how I’m finding new ways, and making up games to live as normal as possible. Whatever that is.

You’ll also get a dose of sideshow Bam acting a fool. He’s the reason we can’t have nice things.

How to make the best of an injury one paw down


In case the video doesn’t show up, you may watch it here.

Not educational, but at least entertaining I hope.

Pictures of shame as promised – mopping the floor last night. A little slower than usual, but I got it done so boom!

2014-06-30 16.53.33

After playing laundry basketball, Lu puts them in the dryer and then after they are dry, she brings them to the kitchen table where I do the folding/putting away.

2014-06-27 11.40.55

When I don’t feel like wearing my beloved Mizunos (which I miss dearly right now) I wear these Barre Socks for gripping the floor while wheeling around in my rolley polley chair. So sophisticated.

2014-06-27 12.00.55

Meeting new blog/IG friends, like Katrina and her husband Mike {who was a little camera shy} is always so much fun.

Katrina and I have been following each other on IG for a long time. Turns out we have a lot in common. She’s a runner {!} her boys go to the high school I graduated from and they live close to where I grew up, so we had a lot to talk about.

2014-06-24 15.10.12-2

Mike is an entrepreneur who owns a catering business. Do not check out his account if you are hungry or vegan. Homeboy hooks it up with tri-tip, ribs, chicken and and a bunch of other stuff I don’t even want to talk about right now because this pool runner is hungry again.

_meandmomsbbq_ on Instagram

{Stolen from Me And Mom’s BBQ IG account}

Mike, I’ll be there in about 2 hours to eat all the food mmmkay.

Friends dealing with injuries or who have ever dealt with them, what are/were your saving grace?

How do you stay positive and optimistic when dealing with these punks?

Any other thoughts?


13 Comments on “Vlog: How to make the best of an injury

  1. Hi… I wrote an article for the Mizuno run club canada newsletter on dealing with Big Injuries. I am 7 weeks post hip and pubic ramus stress fractures and can totally understand your frustrations too! Anyway my advice is in there at http://www.mizuncda.com
    Hope your healing goes to plan, I too am in it for the long haul but finally see that light at the end of the tunnel. No running anytime soon but the function and ability to exercise is good too!!

  2. LOL! I was like fist pumping when I saw VLOG is up!!!! Cheeeewhoooo! lol… bam cracks me up! We gotta find you a rolley polley chair with no arms. That way you can take your crutch and paddle, like a canoe around the house. Upper body workout! winning! Or some how get the cowboy to put hooks around the house to where you can lasso a rope to it and pull yourself across the room.

    I think if you stay positive for as long as you can, and then lean on people to stay positive for you when you feel like ish, that will get you through. You are loved J! Stay fierce stay blessed!

  3. Bam is so freakin cute! Having people to help you through an injury makes a world of difference. So glad you aren’t alone. It’s great to see you so happy even when you can’t do something you love. Keep smiling!

  4. Injuries are a journey just like marathon training. The only difference is as soon as the injury happens it’s usually when you feel the worst vs training usually leaves you feeling the worst just before the taper. I’ve learned through the last 8 weeks since going from the high of PRing @ the NJ Marathon to the low of finding out I had peroneal tendonitis that I needed to first allow myself the pity party….I had to DNS a couple of races and I cried like a baby. Then I was ready to take action and make a plan which included biking and spectating at the races that I couldn’t run in. I also learned of a friend’s mom who was diagnosed with ALS and another with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. So that’s my 1,2,3, in dealing with an injury….1. pity party 2. take action in healing by finding a form of exercise you can do and do things like spectate that you might not have had the chance to do. 3. realize that there are people who have it worse and that this too shall pass. Glad to see you’ve got a system in place with the chair, the crutches, Lu and Mike….and keep swimmin’ girl!

    • So sorry about your injury!! I had a peroneal tendonitis flare up 8 weeks before Boston this year and getting my physical therapist to do graston on me once or twice a week was incredible! I was at about 75% after 2 weeks and just kept the treatments going until after Boston…i was able to start and finish well without any pain at all about 3-4 weeks after they started graston

  5. You’ve got this!! It’s tough but you will get through it! Just keep focusing on the awesome positives in your life and you will come back even better. So glad you’ve got such an awesome support system around you!

  6. When you’re scooting in your chair roll backwards. You’ll go 400 times faster and more smoothly than when you scoot facing where you’re going.

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