Pool running video: Clearly I have a lot of work to do. Bring it.

I hope you’re not getting tired of me talking about pool running because I am really LOVING it right now!

I have rock stars Janae and Kristin  to thank for the inspiration.

Janae just trained in the pool for 5 weeks of marathon training. Also check out her video of pool running here, she has MUCH better form than I do. So do as I say, not as I do. Winking smileSuper fly Kristin trained in the pool through an injury last year and I think she’s back in the pool recovering from a foot injury now. Just type in “pool running” into the search bars on their blogs for a goldmine of tips if you are interested in giving it a try.

Yesterday I asked Lu to take a clip of me pool running so I could analyze my form and really see what I’m doing. Turns out I have a lot of work to do. My IG friends pointed out I should focus on being more upright to mimic running on land as much as possible. I’ll show you the video, but please don’t laugh. Deal?

Who am I kidding, I’m laughing with you.

Analyzing my form and laughing at how horrible it is.

I took some time to slow down and look at my form while hanging onto the side of the pool. Honestly, I really have no clue what I’m doing but I am determined to nail this whole pool running thing.

Reviewing my form in slow motion

Even though I don’t have the perfect form and I am most definitely not a natural in the water, I feel great physically and mentally for getting out of my shell and trying something new.

2014-01-27 20.14.01

When I could no longer ride my road bike, the pool was my only option of catching that endorphin high, so I forced myself to give it a try.

I have never considered myself a strong swimmer, but I have always loved the water. I’m kinda of afraid of the the water at the same time though.  Confused?!?  Meeeee Toooooo……….

As in everything with me, if I overthink it, I will likely never do it. I was worried the other swimmers there would be pros, and know exactly what they are doing.  Here I am doing the doggie paddle or frog-like swim thing.  Don’t ask. Winking smile

But turns out most of the swimmers were taking it easy, focusing on their workout at their pace. And to my surprise it was a lot more relaxed environment that I had built it up in my head to by. I am so thankful I gave it a try because now I love it!

If you find yourself in the same boat, yes pun intended, don’t you dare give up.

Have you ever found yourself afraid to try something so you don’t even try it?

What are you working on fitness-wise right now?

Any other pool runners out there? What’s your best advice?

Do you have a fitness related fear?


8 Comments on “Pool running video: Clearly I have a lot of work to do. Bring it.

  1. When I was pool running I focused on keeping my form as close to running as possible. Keep your body upright and your legs and arms moving like you were actually running. It’s not the same but it is as close as I could get 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for posting about pool running! I too am learning to run in the pool and this was a great resource :). Hope you have a speedy and safe recovery back to running!

  3. Yeah, I’m afraid to try a ghost pepper. Every time I see Kristin post her infamous pepper and srirachi doused food, I’m like, PASS!

    Man, I just switched training programs mid-stream! My body couldn’t take 55 mile weeks. So, more cross training…less running. Let’s see how that goes.

    Here! Tried pool running 3x. It take a while to get used to. I felt like I was going too slow. I’m doing G-training next week. Lets see how that goes!

    Fitness related fear…ummmm, i think we runners all fear not being able to run. I would die.

    Stay fierce, stay blessed J!

  4. Sadly my fear of water and swimming in public (and gym pools etc) has everything to do with my body image and having to wear a swim suit. I am 40 effin years old and still embarrassed. I want to learn to swim so badly. And definitely would love to pool run. If only my tub were 7 feet deep. 🙂

  5. I just freaking love you. My pool running is a bit all over the place and I have to think about form the entire time. They say fast turnover, knees up. That’s what I keep telling myself. Wish we could do this together!

  6. I think it’s great that you pushed your limits a little further and tried pool running….look at what you’d been missing if you hadn’t! Same thing for me with the sprint triathlons! Sometimes I think we get too used to what is familiar…it’s good to mess with our minds and mix it up a bit…to challenge ourselves! Great job J!

  7. I want to try pool running but don’t want the people in the pool to think I’m crazy!! When I’ve been going there are a lot of kids getting swim lessons plus their parents so if I wait another week then they’ll be gone and I think I’ll have the nerve to try it! I’m training for a sprint triathlon right now so I’ve been in the pool swimming a lot lately.

    • I don’t feel awkward at all. Maybe that’s because I’m naturally awkward? Ha! Def give it a try, I love it so much more than I thought I would.

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