That was unexpected

I didn’t plan to unplug from the blog world for a couple days, it kinda just happened. I spent the extra time to snuggle with my boys on the couch watching T.V, jump on spider Lu’s bed  to wake her up {another nickname due to her supa long legs} while Bam licked her ear, put together a couple puzzles, went to lunch and out to coffee. Mike also took us on drives along the coast because it’s something we all love.

2014-07-12 09.05.09

Oh and I took as few pictures as possible. So unlike SCB.

Don’t worry, Lu has me covered. on Instagram

Last week I got some good news, I can finally return to work! I have missed it a lot, so I’m pretty stoked to go back even if it’s only for a couple days a week.

Funny story: as we were walking into Costco the other day smart butt Mike said hey J, do you know what we have in common? Me: What? M: We both have never broken our sesamoids.


2014-07-05 13.30.03

Now that I am back on my feet, I can clean my house! I am very thankful we had a house cleaner while I couldn’t walk, but the OCD in me is thrilled to do it myself and perfectly line my hair products. #nerdalert

So I’ve been buzzing around doing that. I still play basketball laundry though. #nevergrowingup

Saturday night we met some friends which are more like family to us now, for dinner at Crown + Anchor. Locals, go here then feel free to send me love notes.

One of our friends ordered the George III’’ Steak and Mushroom Pie and because I can tell he makes really good life decisions, I ordered the same thing. From now on, I will take his meal choices very seriously because it rocked. We went to their house for an after dinner drink. It’s really nice to meet folks who are just a chill as we are and neither of us felt the need to entertain. We just chilled out and told funny stories and talked about life. Mike invited them over for dinner Sunday evening. Their eyes lit up like Christmas morning when they heard smoked ribs. Ha so they joined us.

We also invited Mike and Heather who are new to town over for Sunday supper. And when I say new to town, we’re talking less than 2 weeks.

They already found Carmel Valley for wine tasting so I know we are already going to be good friends.

Mike sure knows how to handle big pieces of meat. Winking smile

2014-07-13 17.10.06

We got to bust out our new dishware and cloth napkins like normal people. I sure hope this doesn’t mean we’re actually growing up.

2014-07-13 17.09.40 

Lu sliced up a watermelon and made a green salad with fresh jicama. Girlfriend is getting all fancy pants and stuff.

2014-07-13 18.08.40

Mike + Heather brought chips + guac that was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

2014-07-13 17.17.12

I think everyone had a great time getting to know each other. I told Mike that evening, it reminded me of hanging out on Sunday afternoons at ma + pa’s old house.

Summertime we would swim, BBQ and eat watermelon. In the winter we would play games, drink coffee and watch football. It became a Sunday tradition, we didn’t have to invite friends and family over. Everyone just knew that was the place to be.

Last night was unexpectedly really special to me. I felt like it was a little piece from home-something I have missed since we moved a couple years ago. I went to bed with a full, happy heart.

Monday is usually my favorite day of the week, but after such a fun weekend it’s kind of a let down. Ha!

Fill me in on what you’ve been up to.

Did you have traditions growing up that you still do or would love to do today?


6 Comments on “That was unexpected

  1. I was trying to hoard all the bloggers posts I could for the drive back home to read. I missed yours…Glad to have you back! I can relate to unplugging though. Sounds like you had a nice ‘break’.

    I can totally relate to the Sunday thing. My dad is 1 of 12 kids. Of the 12, 7 of the kids bought houses around my grandma’s house…literally on the same street. No lie! And ever sunday we had dinner and kanikapila at her house. Miss grandma has since passed, but they STILL do it! The kids of kids of kids are now taking over the scene. So cool.

    Honest to G’s truth…i looked up driving time from Ventura (my next SoCal run) to your hood and its says 4 hours…that’s not gonna happen. And then I looked at driving time from San Fran to your hood… less than 2 hours! Ugh…I’m gonna try and make time to hunt you down in 2 weeks when I’m up for my SF run. Crossing my fingers!

    Oh, and glad you can get back to work! Don’t ever stop playing laundry basketball! Stay blessed stay fierce J! Yes…mike probably does know how to handle his meat.

  2. Sometimes we all need a break to unwind and relax 🙂 It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. Love all your blogs, but especially LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! <3

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