I didn’t know I needed to hear that

Sometimes all you need is a good conversation with someone who is just so uplifting.

I didn’t expect this injury to be as tough as it has been. It shouldn’t have but it is what it is. The thought of giving up running has crossed my mind a couple of times. Of course I still LOVE running and never truly want to let it go, but I’m just so tired of all of the injuries that come with it. At this point my foot hurts if I look at it. Okay maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but you know.

I am feeling so much better in such a short amount of time, I was picking my PT’s brain about what the next steps in recovery will be. Luckily he catches onto my Type A ways and gave me a general idea of what the next steps entail: balance and lots of resistance strength training.


Maybe it’s the fact that it’s not quite healed/not yet ready for the strength training stage I’m in that’s kinda getting to me, but I have been feeling discouraged to run again a little more lately.

We are still in the healing and pain management step but in typical SCB fashion I want to move to the next step. Sometimes patience is not my strong point. Mike, you are not allowed to comment about that statement.


After yesterdays session, I mentioned to my PT that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to run again. Apparently I made my love for running very clear because the look on his face was like he just saw an alien or something crazy like that.

I’m just so sick of the injuries, I’m not sure I want to run again I said. 

2013-10-06 11.34.11

I don’t remember his exact words but he said something like this:

No, you will run again and I’ll take a picture of you right there on that treadmill as he pointed to it, the day it happens in your Mizuno’s (my love for them must be apparent to). You will come back stronger and better than ever. We will work with you after the pain management/strength training is accomplished so you will be a better runner than you have ever been. You’re gonna comeback and run a half marathon.

I love the half marathon but the last couple years I could never seem to bust past the 10K mark. Turns out when the body mechanics are off, we will hit a wall in our training. Who knew? Winking smile

I’m not sure if he even realizes how uplifting those words were at that specific time. I walked out inspired and a bit more optimistic. It’s crazy how a couple minute conversation can completely change your entire perspective. It means so much to me that someone I barley know would care so much about this little passion of mine and to offer to keep training with me after the barn is rebuilt. 

So yeah, SCB will run again very soon and I’m pretty darn happy about it. But until then I will do my best to live in the moment and be patient with the healing/rebuilding process.

Have you ever thought of giving up on a sport you love? Why?

Have you ever gave up on it all together? Why?

Share an uplifting story.


9 Comments on “I didn’t know I needed to hear that

  1. It is funny because being a PT that works with athletes and runners I can completely picture this conversation! What your at feeling is totally normal during the healing process. I really think a huge part of rehab is getting the confidence back and assuring people that when done properly the injury (or new injuries) can be avoided! It sounds like you have a good therapist that is pro active and we’ll get you back to running stronger and beget then ever! Hand in there!

  2. Omg I love this! I was ready to gove up on runnong after the perfirmance of my forst marathon. I did all of the training just to come down with the flu a week b4. I know i should not have run but I did and while i finished i was sooooo disappointed in my body! I felt like it failed me… I took a couple months off and one day i decided that I would run but not compete and i didn’t for a long time. After i had ella i got the competing bug and now Im OBSESSED! Its easy when our bodies let us down to just be down with it….I stayed away from the marathon distance for five years and this year i decided to take a chance and try it again… Not only was it nothing like the last one, i BQ’d…..it was one of the most amazing experiences thus far…

    • Sorry for the typos and my iPad is being a weirdo…
      Anyways I’m so glad that I didn’t stop running I wouldn’t trade that on for the world…. You have plenty more races in those paws and I can’t wait to read all about it…xoxo

  3. I gave up gymnastics when I was 13. It had turned from a passion to something I dreaded…I didn’t love training any more….and there were a lot of hours per week that was required. It was the hardest decision. My parents knew I was serious about quitting when they found me handcuffed to the bed so I would have to go to practice. Years later I did go back..when I was older and wiser. It will always be in my blood!

    An uplifting story? The transplant athletes that I worked with just got back from the Canadian Transplant Games and earned many gold, silver, and bronze medals…being the first for Nova Scotia! These individuals have been near death and had heart or lung transplants yet have learned to push themselves post transplant to the point of achieving such wonderful goals! They inspire me!!!

  4. Ive been going thru stress fracture hell. 2 in my left ankle. Havent been able to run in months and yes I’ve thought about giving it up. I have an appointment with my Dr next week and if he clears me for running I’ll start again. Hopefully i can stay healed and train for a few half marathons this fall.

  5. I wanna run a race with you so bad! I wanna give you that Christina/Emz moment. No expectations, just the feeling of being strength for your journey. We’ll kick that 10k mile marker in the nuts! Save this comment. Next half that you run, I will make my way out there. THAT’S A PROMISE!

  6. I’m so glad you had the right PT, at the right time!! You’ll coke back stronger than ever. I quit playing volleyball after my senior high school year. I had the potential to play at the collegiate level but I didn’t want it to feel like a job instead of something I loved so much. Part of me wishes I had given it a shot but I can still play recreationally and love it!

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