Virtual coffee date

Happy Wednesday! How’s your week coming along?

I have so much to talk about so if we were having a coffee date here are a few things I would tell you.

  • I finally got to go back to work yesterday. My level of excitement was like a kid on Christmas morning. What a fantastic day to go back, we had NHL players out and they were a blast. Plus hockey is my favorite sport to watch so it was a very fun day.

2014-07-14 15.04.05

  • The other day I got to meet reader, Laura and her super cute kiddos. I got lots of baby snuggles while Lu played cars with R. They came to Monterey for a beach day but apparently the sun didn’t get our request. At one point it started raining. Welcome to summertime at the beach, uh. So we moved the party to the ‘bucks and chatted about life, blogging, fitness and planning their next visit.
  • I would tell you that my doctor rocks Pro Compression socks and loves them. I randomly stopped in to get a work release form filled out and one of the first things he did was show me his new compression socks. He even ordered a couple pairs for his wife. Ha it totally made my day because this nerd loves it when a product speaks for itself.
  • This is the coldest summer I have ever had in my life. It’s been foggy and in the 60’s. The sun sometimes comes out and we need to bust out tank tops + flip flops for a whopping 70. We’re never moving, right cowboy?

2014-07-15 08.57.33

  • Bam told me he is very upset with the quality of his life.
  • Being one of the lucky ones, I got jury duty. I am crossing my fingers they won’t need me.

2014-07-03 16.53.20

2014-07-09 14.51.57

  • I am loving the new Halo Headbands big time. I have been testing them out in the pool, on the bike and times I don’t want to do my fur. Which is pretty much every day in case you’re new around here. They definitely get the SCB seal of approval for both function and fashion. They don’t budge at all.

2014-07-02 13.33.52

  • If we were having coffee, hopefully you are not easily offended because this is what you will probably get.

If we were having coffee, Bam’s treat, what would you tell me?

What product are you currently obsessed with?

What did you have for dinner last night?

Ramen noodle soup with cock sauce.


16 Comments on “Virtual coffee date

  1. Glad to hear your first day back at work went well!

    It’s about time the weather turned back to Monterey normal with all the gorgeous pictures you’ve been posting here. It had to show its true colors sometime!

    I did think your headband was super cute when we were at coffee.I’m looking for a new one to try since mine alway fall off my head!

  2. how many peeps will catch your sriracha reference? I chortle chortled…We da same, me and you… cray cray. I would first tell you monday was a B. Trying to come off of vacation and getting back into the real world is brutal. I had a blast with my kids and even met a new blend in smushtush. You’re absolutely spot on about meeting social media friends…such an empowering experience when you meet the cool kids. I’ve been really blessed so far. I’m slowing getting back into the groove as far as work is concerned and my running is tapering right before the San Fran race next week. Can’t wait to get out of this heat again.

    I’m a ProCo whore…so I’m always rockin dat ish. And I’m always reppin’ inkNBurn on my runs especially here in the heat. Crossing my fingers on the ambassador app.

    Last night I had frosted mini wheats.

    Glad you got to go back to work J! Stay blessed Stay fierce!

  3. If we were having coffee, I’d ask you for recommendations on a swim belt for pool running. I’d also ask you if the NHL guys were from the Kings (I live in LA!)…..they’ve got some cuties on the team!!

    I’m quite obsessed with Quest Bars……I have at least two a day. Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough are my favorite. I just tried Cinnamon Roll for the first time this past weekend and loved it.

    Dinner last night was Panera’s Fuji Apple Chicken Salad, no cheese. DELICIOUS!

    Thanks, Bam, for the cup’o’Joe!

    • I’m not sure about the swim belt…I just use the free ones at the gym. Sorry I’m not more helpful. And yes, I’m sure some of the players were from LA. 🙂 fellow Kings fan here!

  4. Hooray for going back to work!!!
    My favorite new product is my bondi band- it’s great for keeping the sweat from dripping in my eyes since it’s so hot here now when I run I need it! I wi ll have to check out the halo bands too!! For dinner last night we had a yummy caprese style lasagna with fresh basil, tomato and mozzarella. No / it doesn’t suck to have a husband who cooks. Except when I’m trying to fit into my clothes

  5. If we were having coffee I’d tell you all about how I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow and I can’t wait to chop it all off! I’m currently obsessed with any and every headband I can get my hands on. That, and dry shampoo. For dinner we had baked chicken, rice, and squash/zucchini- simple but delicious! I must ask, what is cock sauce?

  6. Glad to hear you are back to work! My new favorite product are my new MIZUNOS that I just got in today 🙂 So excited to try them out!

  7. I would tell you that I’m still loving the pool and am almost ready to incorporate some pool running into my lap swim workouts. And that I can’t wait to visit you when I get back to NorCal

    I am obsessed with my new lululemon bathing suit and my waterproof iPod shuffle.

    I ate a simple white bean soup and green salad for dinner. Which left me hungry and in need of a large bowl of cereal pre-bed.

    PS cock sauce

  8. If we were having coffee i’d tell you i just ran 14 miles in the hot sun and felt like dyeing but i survived lol, since i was a little girl i have ALWAYS loved swimming, i’d spend probably close to 8 hours swimming either in the pool or by the beach whenever we went to the coast, it was hard to get me off the water.
    Right now my biggest obsession is the Bic Bands, I love the ones i got and i’m always wearing them so i’m planning on getting more but those Halo, wou i didn’t know they sold head bands like that???? those are really cute, do they have the same material as the Bic Band for the hair? i just hate anything rubbery touching my hair and i got a couple of those and just didn’t work for me.
    Last night i made Mexican steak tortas, they were just ok because my lettuce froze in the freezer which to me i think they needed it but oh well.

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