Find things you are passionate about and DO them

Our conversations with Lu about life and her future has me thinking about things I wish I knew and lived by 15+ years ago.

My life is far from perfect, but my 30’s have been the best years so far. It seems like every year keeps getting better. Growing up people would tell me that high school was going to be the best years of my life. Maybe that was true for them, but it most definitely was not the case for me. I know it might not last forever, but for now I am enjoying life and the way I choose to live it right now.

  • I finally feel at peace with who I am and the direction I am heading. I think we all go through that ‘life in limbo’ stage. You know, the time where you’re not sure which career path you want to take, where you want to live, etc.

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  • Mike and I feel well established, we are home owners, have jobs we love and live in a place we always dreamed of. But it wasn’t always this way. In fact it was more of a pipe dream than anything. Heck, even a year ago we had no clue we would be living along the coast with jobs we love.
  • I truly feel like it’s not my problem if people don’t like me. That may sound a little harsh, but the less I care about those who don’t like me, the more I can focus on those who do. It’s actually a really nice, freeing feeling and I like it that way.

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  • Find things you are passionate about and DO them. I know working with kids isn’t my thing. Now, don’t get your thong in a wad, I’m not a kid hater or anything like that. It’s just not a huge passion of mine. But working with the elderly is! I have some of the best memories volunteering to help Catherine when we lived in the Bay Area. I called her every Wednesday to get her grocery list, which mostly consisted of Pepperidge Farms cookies, Heath Klondike Bars, frozen T.V dinners and avocados. When I dropped them off, I’d keep her company, take her dog Julie for a little walk outside since she stayed indoors and just spent time with her. She became family to me and I was pretty bummed when she passed away, but I knew that was a possibility going into it and I would do it all over again. I still think about her often.
  • If you don’t like your job, create it.


  • Another passion of mine is making folks from all over the world happy. I knew this job was perfect for both myself and the company. Exceeding guests expectations and attention to detail is my forte. Sometimes they don’t even realize they need something until I offer it. One time a group waived me on and said they were fine. I stopped anyway and asked if he wanted a cup of ice for his Diet Coke I knew had been in the sun for awhile. I could tell he was a little shocked but happily said yes, that would be great.

This isn’t a post about how cool I think I am or all the “good” things I do. It’s to encourage you to never stop looking for what makes you insanely happy, what fuels your passion and DO them! It is truly life changing in the best way possible.

PS Cock sauce =


What are you passionate about?

What are your weaknesses?


10 Comments on “Find things you are passionate about and DO them

  1. I knew what cock sauce was, lmao… but I think you’re web guy ate my comment because I said cock… we’ll see on this reply. I am like you about my passion. My motto…”I will be the strength for your journey”. That’s all aloha and hawaiian style…give give give until you think you can’t give anymore.. My weakness…sometimes the matter in between my ears get in the way of my immediate successes. I know I have to beat that ish up sometimes.

  2. love love love this post Jac! I recently decided to quit my “corporate america” job to take a job in a running store – and i’m SO HAPPY. Life is a little rocky right now, but if I keep doing what I’m passionate about, it will work out 🙂

  3. I love this because I am in the process of doing this right now! Everyone kept telling me your 20’s are going to be the best of your life – well I am really hoping that’s not the case. I am 28 now and I am hoping that it will only get better from here!

  4. I think I like you even more after this post!! Partly because of the ‘thong in a wad’ comment about not wanting to work with kids. I also have no desire to do that but am not a kid hater either…I just have other interests and being around kids all day, everyday isn’t for me. It’s for a lot of people….but never me! I learned that pretty quickly when I taught high school! So against everyone’s ‘practical’ advice…I quit my job and pursued a career that I know is where I’m meant to be!! My life is a million times better as a result. Good advice in this post!

  5. Amazing post!!! As today I got laid off…I am now going to look at doing what I’m passionate about…fitness. We will see how it goes!

    • I’m so sorry to hear this friend. Maybe it’s the extra little push you didn’t know you needed. 🙂 All the best to you.

  6. Love this post!! I am passionate about baking. I love (and other people love) my chocolate chip cookies, particularly. I’ve done some dabbling in starting my own business (filed paperwork with the state, applied for health licenses, done some branding), but have let it slide over the last couple months. It’s getting over my fear of failure that’s been holding me back.

    Thank you for this post today. I needed this kick-in-the-pants!

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