22 things you might not know about me

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1. There is about a 100% chance that whatever you tell me, I will tell Mike.

2. I do not like watching new movies or going to the movies. Mike has to bribe me and it’s usually with coffee.

3. I really really really want another Jack Russell or two. I already have names picked out. I can just see it now, let’s go Crash, Boom and Bam!

4. Only problem is I will probably be served divorce paperwork the following day.

5. I secretly hope Mike orders fries when we eat out so I can steal them.

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6. I got another cortisone shot yesterday and did not act like a girl this time. Not because he used a tiny Botox needle or anything like that. Nope.

7. I grew up eating Spam, Spaghetti-O’s, canned tamales and fried bologna. Today I still wonder how I ate that stuff and lived. Gross.

8. My uncle Charlie is grumpy mc grump pants {you think I am being mean, I am not. Even he knows it) but one of my favorite childhood memories is every Friday we’d eat salami, nacho cheese Doritos and Pepsi together after he got home from work. It was totally worth the stomachache. 

9. Lu went back home Sunday and I miss her so much. I am already counting down the days until Thanksgiving. 128 days in case you were wondering.

10. Costco has Christmas ribbon out and now I want to boycott them, but they have my favorite coffee & creamer. #firstworldproblems

11. I really love our friends here. They are the kind of folks who make you think wow, they just don’t make folks like you these days.

12. Bam barks every time he hears Mike backing his truck in the driveway. If I am sleeping he won’t make a sound. Even he knows how evil I am when woken up.

13. I tell Mike all the time if we retire right here in this house, I would be sooo happy.

14. I miss my little grandma. Like a lot.

15. My pet peeves are control freaks/micro managers, those who feel the need to tell others how to live as if they know what’s best for you and people who don’t stand up for themselves.

16. I listen to country music and Frank Sinatra all the time. I basically go from the Michael Buble and Justin Moore stations on Pandora.

17. Mike is trying really hard to get me to jump ship and get a Galaxy S5. The camera is a huge selling point, but I don’t want to want to miss out on the iPhone 6 upgrades. What if I like it better and I’m stuck in a contract?

18. Ben + Jerry’s red velvet cake ice cream is my second favorite flavor.

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19. My arms are super long. Mike jokes that my knuckles drag on the floor when I walk.

20. If you meet me you probably wouldn’t guess I am an introvert. But you would definitely know that I am socially awkward.

21. I was once addicted to nasal spray. Yes, it’s true and super funny at the same time. I think I even wrote a post about it but I’m too lazy to search for it.

22. I have developed a love for wine since we moved to Monterey.

I want to get to know you guys, so please tell me a little (or a lot!) about yourselves. Feel free to link to your blog if you have one or your favorite social media account.


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  1. I have super long arms too! I’m only 5′ tall and they’re almost as long as my dads arms. Makes school shopping growing up mighty hard when trying to find long sleeve shirts and jackets. We always ended up having to buy everything a size larger and it looked like I was swimming in it always.

  2. ha I grew up eating tuna on potato bread, pink county time lemonade and butter & cinnamon sugar on bread rolled up. Super healthy.

    love this post! I think later this week I’ll do it on my blog and link back to yours!

  3. Ok, J…you’re gonna make me peel back the onion again (introvert here too… that hides behind the keyboard…hopefully no cricket noises when we have that epic meeting).

    1. born and raised in haleiwa hi. mom – hawaiian, dad – filipino. Born in ’73. People think i’m lying when I say i’m 40.

    2. lived on a street where my dad and his 5 brothers and 1 sister had houses on…an also my grandparents. My dads other siblings live in the bay area. My grandma had a total of 12 kids.

    3. went to private catholic school K-8th and an all boys catholic school from 9-12.

    4. also grew up on spam, rice, and hawaiian food. the start of my bad eating habits.

    5. love and respected the ocean. I could throw a rock 50 feet and it would land in the water. Fished, spear dive, surf, boogey board, anything ocean related everyday after school when chores and athletics were done

    6. book smart and had 4 full ride college scholarships. But procrastinated and got lazy and ended up in AZ going to DeVry where I got my degree in Computer Science

    7. in college, met my future wife. was 17 when ryan was born, was 19 when Paige was born, and was 27 when Kaleo was born (save for another story)

    8. had to grow up real fast and most of our time and money was focused on being adults real quick and raising kids. Moved 12 times. the biggest move was from AZ to Missouri (and back to AZ). Hated the winters.

    9. ryan graduated from occidental and is now going back to kent university to attend law school. Paige is going to the University of Hawaii and grads next year. kaleo starts high school next year

    10. During the raising kids years, I ballooned to 235 lbs. Over the last 3 years I’ve lost over 80lbs. I got into the gym, kept my mouth shut, did my workouts, seen results. I was given the name The Silent Assassin

    11. Found my passion for running 3 years ago when I was dared to run the Women’s half marathon. I did no training before the race. I finished in 2:13 but I walked the last 2 miles. I was cramping where I didn’t know cramping could happen. I was bleeding from chaffing. At the finish line, the medics had to ice me down and I stayed on the grounds for over 2 hours.

    12. Now I run for ‘fun’ and for the bling and want to be the strength for anyone on a journey…whatever that may be. I’ll be your biggest support. No lie.

    13. and I also blog. I started my blog June 1…and somehow have ‘blown’ up

    14. I’ve been afforded the opportunity to meet some great people and work with some awesome brands and gear through the blog and social media. It’s cray cray. i am currently a ProCompression and SweatPink ambassador. I rep InkNBurn and am part of Vega’s #fuelyourbetter campaign.

    15. I have met 7 of my top 10 bloggers in the past 2 months and consider them friends… like good friends. Like we talk and text kind of friends. SCB is one of the 3 in my top 10 I haven’t met yet.

    There’s a lot more in betweens, full of ups and downs…a lot of troubles and a handful of successes… But I don’t want to eat up too much space on this post. All in all, I am blessed and thankful for my life at this moment. You stay blessed and stay fierce as well J!

  4. County music my JAM! Seriously though I love it. I love learning all these things about you 🙂 I recently have brought back my love of wine, not sure why all the sudden but it’s delicious. Now I think I need to come to Monterey and try out all the amazing ones there!

  5. Bahah #costcoprobs. I am back in my country phase again. The boy hates it. The boy also likes going to movies, which I do not. How do men always manage to bribe us with crack, I mean coffee?

  6. 1. I hate talking to people I don’t know on the phone; I’ll do whatever I can to get my husband to make any phone calls necessary.
    2. I feel at home when I read your blog and I love that.
    3. I’m nearly 30 years old and have a well paying career and yet I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

  7. My arms and legs are super long in proportion to my body! I am 5’5 and wear a 34″ inseam. Makes my mid section look funny but hey, thats how i was made 🙂 #15 gets an amen!!! and #22 makes me super happy to hear!!!

  8. I am a terrible packer and i’m trying to pack for San Francisco… I’m an east coast girl (native new yawker) who could TOTALLY move to San Francisco and feel right at home. I love dark chocolate and my labradoodle Duncan and coffee and rainbows. If I hear In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel on the radio I’ll sing along LOUDLY because its an anthem song that I can’t ever get sick of. If I was a boy my name would have been Benjamin. I was born the same year as TSA! =)

  9. OMG, I steal all the fries too. They usually give me a stomach ache but I can’t stop stealing them. I love them too much

  10. GIRLLLL girl girl girl girl! I have to warn you – the multiple dog thing is a NO. So I have my little poodle mix I rescued. We also fostered this beagle and one dog is fine. TWO?! Omg it was SO much work. I loved that beagle with all my heart, but I was so happy when he got adopted. Two dogs are too much!

    • Um, evidently I’m technologically challenged, maybe since my foot is soaking in a tub of ice water. Anyway. Love your honesty, and how much you love Lu (Mike, too, but you chose him on purpose). I hate talking on the phone, am horrible at first impressions, and I have been told everyone assumes I’m a b…. but I’m really not. I don’t always think before speaking (even at almost 49!) but I’m working on it. I want to quit my job (24 yrs in construction) and work for running race promoters or something. I volunteered last weekend at Ragnar and it was the best day ever. I sometimes exaggerate (I have 4 kids – those were incredible days!!!). I’m glad you’re not a sponsored as all the time girl – that’s shizzle gets old and I mark those blogs read even when I haven’t read them. I drive by Starbucks HQ daily and can imagine you wearing that crown!

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