The truth about blogging

This post has been in the making for a long time, but it can be a touchy subject so it’s taken me awhile to write in such a way that keeps it real but also to shows you sometimes there’s more to blogging than snapping a couple pictures and telling a story.


The blog life isn’t all rainbows, butterflies and unicorns, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that us bloggers don’t really talk about. Today I want to share a little about my experience with being a blogger. Keep in mind I am not an expert but it is something I genuinely enjoy 98% of the time.

I want to scratch the surface and in true SCB style, I’m keeping it real.

  • Sometimes I find myself living through my iPhone lens. Photography is a big passion of mine, but at times I don’t feel like I am living in the moment.

Just look 

    • Sometimes I wake up and think, crap I don’t have anything to blog about. I always come up with something but thankfully it’s not a feeling I have often.
    • I blog for you and myself. I love sharing bits and pieces of my life with you and at the same time, preserve some memories in a way that I will hopefully always have.
    • There has to be a balance between being positive and keeping it real. Nobody’s life is perfect and one of my biggest blogger pet peeves is reading drippy sweet, sugar coated blogs. Keep it classy, keep it real.
    • Trolls. I just don’t get how someone you don’t even know can dislike you so much. But then I remind myself that it’s not my problem if they hate me and then I go play on the beach.
    • Blogging has exposed me to some really cool opportunities. Working with brands I already use and love. And finding new products I didn’t even know about but have grown to love are just some of the many perks to being a blogger.
    • On the flip side, working with PR companies. Let’s be real here, I usually don’t like working with them but I will on very rare occasions.

I get PR pitches just about every day that want me to promote products + brands. Most of the time they do not naturally align with the blog. I consider SCB a running + life blog. So no, your deer antler extract or weight loss pills or new fangled energy drink are not going to make it on the blog.


The job of PR companies is to get their clients products + brands as much exposure for as little as possible. For example: I had one contact me to try out a new, cute fitness apparel line that piqued my interest. Until I read they wanted to send returnable samples.

So let me get this straight, you want me to promote your brand to my very loyal readership that took years to build and that I value way more than any brand, for free? Sure let me jump right on it. <-I hope you are sensing my sarcasm}. Oh yah, then I’m gonna box up the cute clothes and send them back too!?!

There are 2 types of bloggers I guess. Whores & Sluts. Before you get your thong in a wad, hear me out. Sluts give it up for free, and whores get paid. At least let me keep the outfit after I promote it.

Look, I don’t expect to make millions from blogging, but my hobby now has overhead. I look for ways to supplement that with my readership in mind, which is why you occasionally see a sponsored post and advertising on the sidebar. I don’t have any control over the ads, but I do for sponsored posts and I am very picky about which brands I choose to work with. But hat’s a whole other post in in itself.

Whew, I didn’t expect to ramble on about that but I get a little passionate about the blog and you guys.

Bloggers, what are your thoughts?

Non bloggers, what are your thoughts? Winking smile

It’s time to ask you, what you would like to see on SCB? More pictures of Bam?

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21 Comments on “The truth about blogging

  1. This is why I love SCB….your passion comes through no matter what the content. I get it..i really do. When I am in training it’s easy to blog err-day because you just spew out how your day training went. I never started a blog to be an everyday blogger. After talking to RER, SR and ZuchinniRunner, there was no way I had the time or the content to blog err-day. So, i just blog every other, or when I have something to say. Again, I think my situation is really rare the way things happened for me (really really fast). Some of it was luck and a lot of it was me just hustlin’. There was no intention to make money…but as you get a good following, YES you are absolutely right, people come out of the woodwork to have you try and pimp their stuff out. Deer antler extract…lol, how about reflective spray on paint for your shoes. Bloggers know how much effort and angst there is to ‘deliver’ sometimes. I know for me, I just need to take a step back sometimes and remember why I started a blog in the first place. Keep doin’ whatcha doing. I’m an SCB lifer! Stay blessed Stay fierce J!

  2. I like you just the way you are! <–picture me singing that to you. I would consider myself a non blogger (I forget I even have one half the time. Heh.) I think people are drawn to you because you are genuine and I picture you speaking the same way you write. Being real is appealing! I dislike bloggers who constantly push products in an annoying way and sponsored posts. They are neither fun nor interesting. I can also tell when bloggers try to fake being feels disingenuous.
    Anyhow, you're one of my faves, keep up the good work!!

  3. I’m kind of sad those are the PR pitches you’re getting. As a PR gal myself, I feel like misguided pitches make the rest of us look bad and don’t leave room for quality pitches to make it through to the reader. Super frustrating on both ends.

  4. I hate those random PR pitches. Especially ones where they want you to “just mention” their product, but will not be sending it to you to try. How on earth could I recommend something I have never tried? Crazy people.

  5. And here I was patiently waiting for your review of the deer antler extract… damn! 😉

  6. They wanted you to return the fitness outfit?

    Um sure, I’ll send that back soaked in my sweat from running in the summer. No problem. Hope the box smells reeeeeal good when you open it 😀

    Crazy people!

  7. amen. I’m a whore and proud of it.

    Thanks for always keeping it real Jac – SCB is always on my daily “must read” list

  8. While I have been blogging a year now I have only been contacted once and it was to review the new luna bar flavors. They were so laid back. Didn’t even require me to blog about it. I have a small but loyal readership and make zero bucks at it. But i love to blog. And I love when my readers reply. As an art director at an ad agency I am used to marketing strategy and “social influencers” aka: bloggers are a really great way for clients to reach their target audience. But that is the key. Deer antler extract doesn’t seem to be the right fit.

    And I often times find myself hoping for a good pic for my blog when sometimes it’s just easier to describe it after the fact.

  9. Hmm .. for what it’s worth I think that any blogger who is sponsored or an ambassador for any brand is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Chances are you went with that brand because you believed in them but because people will be jealous they will snark on you for it. Can’t win. I appreciate that you don’t do a gazillion “sponsored” posts. Some bloggers out there (I won’t name names) it seems like ALL they do are sponsored posts and it turns into hella boring!!! I say SCB, thus far you’ve got a good balance going on. People will always be mean because it makes them feel better about themselves.

  10. I want you to know that I read your blog because (a) we are long lost sisters and (b) you do keep it real…you let us readers know your true feelings and I appreciate that as a reader. Like you said…we all know that life is not rainbows and butterflies 100% of the time.

    I love reading how you keep positive through your injuries even when you feel like shooting someone! I also love pics of Bam and your natural surrounds #Calineedsnofilter. Oh…and I must say…I enjoy when Mike pipes up and gives his opinion as well…he’s kind of funny you know. 🙂

    K…that’s my 2 cents worth! Have a great week J!!!!

  11. I don’t know…from my perspective, making money from blogging sounds like a pretty sweet deal despite a few requests to promote deer scent.

  12. Yes, definitely more pictures of Bam, I can’t get enough of that cute face! And coming from a non-blogger, I don’t mind a sponsored post every now and then and if it’s not something I am interested in I will most likely just skip over it.

  13. You know I love this post! It’s crazy what companies think they can get away with. But I can only imagine that they continue to do it because some bloggers are agreeing to their terms. Maybe they think it makes them look good to do product reviews even if they are not getting anything for it? That’s all I can think of.

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  16. Love this! I agree…I try to keep it real and I also dance on the fine line btwn exposing TOO much of myself …I’ve only been blogging for a short period of time, but I love it already…..I’ve already made some blog friends that I adore (present company included)…

  17. I’ve been blogging for a few years now and I don’t do it to make money. Not saying I never will but my income is from my career and teaching a handful of spin classes on the side at the gym. For me it’s pretty simple, I enjoy the blogging community and sharing health and fitness information. Either way if you make money or not who cares you get something out of it. I think you are a smart lady and you work your hustle. I appreciate the diversity in blogging always and enjoy reading blogs that are smaller, different and not cookie cutter-ish.

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