Life tips {or not}

While we were on a drive, Mike said look behind us, that’s you and me in a few years. I sure hope that boy is right.

2014-07-24 11.01.29

Street tacos freaking rock my face off. They are even better when you pour every single type of salsa they have over the top. You should do it, all the cool kids are. And PS why do they put raw onions in everything? Don’t they know it’s gross?

2014-07-24 11.23.24

Gentlemen, I am going to give you great life tip: new running/cycling/fitness shoes sometimes go a lot further than diamonds. {Wedding rings are exempt from this statement, nice try though.}

2014-07-24 15.41.43

I love pool running so freaking much! Every time I get in the pool, I think man, it feels so good just to move around. I even sent my doctor an email thanking him for the encouragement to try it.

2014-07-24 18.11.32

These chile limon chips are in my top 4 favorite chips ever. Wanna start a pool on how long this bag will last?

2014-07-24 19.12.57

Whew, I had 12 minutes to write this post and I still have 2 minutes to spare. Now I know it is going to be a great day!

Chip lovers, what are your favorites?

Foods you don’t like?

Your best life tips {or not}?


6 Comments on “Life tips {or not}

  1. When I was in grade school, my mom packed me some Cool Ranch doritos when it first came out. It was a school yard hit. I made friends that year. For that I’m always in debt to cool ranch. Oh, and I’m also a funyons kind of guy.

    I’ll pass on British cuisine.

    Life tip…I should use this more often on “disappointing” race results…”Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”.

  2. I don’t know why I just read your disclosure on the right side of your blog….I laughed out loud…LOVE IT!

  3. If I try those chile lime those may become my new favorite – though currently I love all Jalapeño chips!

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