Street tacos at 10am, why not!?

2014-07-29 10.08.45

Fact: lunch is my favorite meal of the day. The rest of the day I’m more of a grazer. Dinner is my least favorite in case you are wondering.

We were out of the house a little earlier than usual on a mission to find wood {TWSS} for a project this weekend. Lets hope it turns out how we envision it.

2014-07-29 12.21.46

Then I went on a mission to find a salon. My hair is long overdo for a highlight/lowlight touch up and trim so I walked into a couple salons for a consultation. It was more like a personality interview because there are a lot of talented people, but I want someone who is also personable. It takes about 3 hours to do, which is a big reason why I waited 5 months for a touch up. I like to set new PR’s.

One chick wanted $185 to touch up the color and $90 for a trim. Ninety freaking dollars for a trim? Okay I get it, you’re in Monterey and you’re probably very talented and my hair is long, but that is crazy. I’m not a Kardashian. I don’t live in Beverly Hills. I’m not a Hilton. I’m not a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, yet. (fingers crossed)  I’m also NOT paying $90 for a trim until at least 1 of those things happens.

Luckily a friend referred me to a much more reasonable salon. Crisis averted. I’m excited about looking a little less homeless.

After that fiasco I hit up the gym for some pool running.

2014-07-29 15.34.47

Not sure if I like swimming by laps or time, but yesterdays swim was 30 minutes followed by some stretching which feels soooo good in the pool. I get out feeling relaxed + refreshed. #winning

What is your favorite meal of the day?

How much to you pay to get your fur did?

Swimmers, do you go by laps or time?


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  1. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Up so early, I actually eat breakfast 2 x (lucky me).

    Oh, wow, that is beyond crazy to pay that much for a highlight/cut. I pay $90 for both which I think it a lot considering I have to go every 6 weeks but a girl has to do what a girl has to do, right?!?

    When I pool run, I go by time.
    When I swim I go by time + distance –> I have a garmin swim!

    How is the foot feeling with your return to running?
    Do you have a “return to running plan” or just take each day and do what feels OK?

    Have a great day!

    • Wow $90 for both is a dream!
      The paw feels 100% which is why I’m able to run now I’m also following a loose plan which I’ll post about soon. I owe ya an email, which will happen soon. 🙂

      • I know..right?!? I guess one of the many benefits of living in Northern Colorado.

        Yes, yes, please post your “come back”. I have done a few short little segments of running in my walks but plan to “come back” next week after Vegas. I need to start super slow but would love to hear what your plan is, chica!!

        I do know this: Tuesday/Thursday will continue to be my swimming/pool running/weights days. The water has been my saving grace.

        Hope you keep up some pool time, too 🙂


  2. You always make me smile!! Feeling a little down lately and not very motivated to run? :(. Even got new shoes and they couldn’t even get me out for a run :(. Ok enough whining! Big girl panties on!

    I am a brunch girl! Need my coffee before I can even consider food! Food is not that important to me (my husband on the other hand lives for his next meal) that being said I eat much more in the afternoon and little at night 🙂

    Oh the hair!! Used to be a day when I actually did my hair everyday, applied make up, dressed well these days it’s hair on the top of my head, sunscreen and running clothes…..always! I have finally found someone I love to do my hair here after 5 years of living in. Los Angles (the city of blondes!)…thank you Yelp and Arlet! I actually look forward to catching up with her and don’t have anxiety sitting there forever getting my do did! Not to mention she is much more reasonable and better than anyone else I have found.

    Have a great day Chica! Thanks for cheering me up!

    • We all have those unmotivated, unhappy times but it’s always nice to feel normal again after allowing ourselves a break.
      PS I want to steal your hair lady. Seriously.

      • You’re so sweet! Lol…..my daughter lectured me the other day because my husband thought I got extensions!! (He just hadn’t seen it down and actually done in such a long time) lol!

        Ventura Half in September……always more motivated with a race in mind!

        Oh and….I pay 290.00 cut, color and tip! That’s a great deal around here :))

  3. I would never pay $90 for just a hair cut! Ridiculous. I pay $29 and I have long hair. I go about every three months just to get the dead ends off. It takes less than 1/2 hour. There is no real style to my hair, so even $29 is pushing it in my opinion. I think it takes the girl longer to comb it out than the actual cutting time!! I love breakfast. It was dinner last night!!

  4. I used to be a breakfast person but now I am dinner person. Probably because it’s when my husband and I can sit down together and really relax!

  5. I’m a bfast guy…pancakes all day err-day. Ummm, it takes me about 5 mins to whack my dew. I save a ton of money from not having to go to the barber. And Oh-em-gee! I’d be so distracted by the waterslide that I’d probably not get a full pool running sesh in. Video SCB on that ride please!

  6. Weekdays I’m a big lunch eater but graze for my other meals but on weekends I love a big breakfast! I’m embarrased to say I haven’t had a haircut since April 2013…yep. I used to get keratin treatments to loosen the curls and she’d come to my house and cut it too. It was $150 for everything. Then she had a baby and I never found a replacement stylist. My dog gets $75 hair cuts every 6 weeks!

  7. $90 for a trim?!?! I pay $100 for trim, color, and eyebrow wax. And my lady is amazing. If I had to pay that much for a trim, I would just have really long, stringy, mousy brown and gray hair.

  8. $90 dollars sounds absolutely crazy just to get your hair cut!!! I have no idea what prices are like because my mother-in-law has been doing my hair for 6 years (she’s a hairdresser) so I actually get everything done for free!! 🙂

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