A surprise running buddy + how to program the Garmin 220 for interval workouts

Happy August!! I hope you have some fun things planned for the month.

2014-07-31 10.25.32

Yesterday I was getting ready to ralk. {run/walk} and Mike mentioned he wanted to go with me. Is the world ending? This boy hates running. Despises it. You probably couldn’t tell from this pic though.

2014-07-31 10.51.41

We found a street that is closed off to cars and went at our own pace. It was really nice to hang with my boy and watch the sun burn off the fog. See that blue poking out in the sky?

Next time we’ll have to bring Bam and let him run free like a hippie.

I set my Garmin 220 to 15 X 1 minute intervals so every minute it beeped and vibrated. It’s one of those features I never thought I’d use, but ended up loving. Who wants to stare at their watch the entire time?

2014-07-31 11.07.09

In general, the Garmin is really easy to use. Here’s how to program an interval workout if you are interested: 

Menu –> Training –> Intervals –> Edit –> program your workout –> Do workout. Run!

If you wait too long, it will revert back to the home screen and the programed workout will not work. So when you’re ready to start, go to intervals again and press “do workout” then go!

The program starts with a run, then walk. Since it is not in me to follow rules, I start with a one minute walk then one minute run. Rebel, I am.

And to prove the struggle is real…

2014-07-31 21.20.26

How do you track your runs or rides? Garmin, app, maybe you don’t?

Do you workout with your significant other or do you guys do your own thing?

Any August Birthdays out there?

What are your August goals?


8 Comments on “A surprise running buddy + how to program the Garmin 220 for interval workouts

  1. Hahah don’t be stalker really made me laugh!! I have a Garmin but not the 220. Does it show your location or something??
    I use my Garmin and Electric Miles app to keep track of my mileage.
    I think I’d die of surprise if my husband ran with me! I’d love it but no, it’s not gonna happen.

  2. Can I just say how happy I am that you are running again? Obviously, this is your happy place. So glad your man joined in on it this time.

  3. That cookie quote is SO funny! Raisins in cookies are so wrong but when you actually think it’s a chocolate chip and find out differently, well, like it says “trust issues”.

    So awesome Mike ran with you! I would love to have a running buddy.

    Nice job on the run!

    I call my walk/runs “wruns”. That way it is still pronounced “run” and no one needs to know there was some “w” action happening. LOL.

    Not sure if I will be able to start “wrunning” next week.
    Right hip/hamstring attachment is just not happy.
    Maybe some Vegas time will magically heal the old body.

  4. Standing ovation for your running mate! I will watch for any other signs of the world ending…but no seriously, how cool is that! I’m kinda selfish and glad that my sig doesn’t run. Is that bad?! The thing is, she said its not her thing. We’ll walk together, but run…it’s a solo excursion for moi. Have a kick ass weekend J…you and the cowboy (into the sunset)!

  5. Yay for running!! I’m so glad you’re doing alright! 🙂 Also, I hate raisins in things. They look like bugs. Ew.

  6. Good morning!!

    Don’t run with the Man….don’t like to be told what to do! Plus he starts off sprinting like his life depends on it and then in hurt by mile 3 :(((

    Love my Garmin to track mileage/time/speed but use my Gymboss for intervals. Do Jeff Galloway method 5:1 for training. No matter how much/little/long I run the first 3 miles ate miserable for me I have no clue why I run and then all of a sudden after mile 3 I’m like oh yeah now I remember!!

    My sweet/fabulous/inspiring daughter turns dirty 30 on the 21st of august. How ia it possible I have a 30 year old child?!?

    August goals to train well for the Ventura half while dealing with pf and performis issue 🙁

    Peace out…..Happy Friday All!

  7. I’m glad yoy are running! :D.
    No, my hubby HATES running he thinks is the most boring exercise lol.
    I love your Garmin and I’m hoping I can get one soon hehe. Right now I’m using Run Keeper, map my run and my hubby’s Garmin for backpacking which is huge but it tells you exactly how many miles you have gone for sure lol.
    My daughter’s birthday is August 20th and yes I am planning on running a half in October :).

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