Banging wood, rusty screws, a sack full of nuts & bolts, & TWSS

This weekend…hummm there was no working out unless banging wood, making screws rusty, staining wood and making lot’s of highly inappropriate TWSS jokes counts.

2014-08-02 13.21.12-2

I lost count of how many trips we took to Home Depot. I think 6.  Even Bam was like, mom, again? When we pulled into the parking lot.

2014-08-02 16.36.05

2014-08-02 12.22.05

Y’all know how much I love my husband, but working with him on this project was a true test to how strong our marriage is. I may have yelled if you don’t stop being a dick, I’m going to lay out on the beach for the rest of the day. Twice.

Then he took me to Starbucks and all was right in the world. I have to show you what we saw as we walked out to the car with our coffee in hand….

2014-08-03 13.31.45

Then we got back to work, where I was trusted with power tools. What is going on in this world?

2014-08-02 17.30.00

But when the reclaimed wood wall and redneck chandler were finished, it was magical.


They turned out even better than we envisioned.


2014-08-03 20.01.49

I just confirmed with Mike, guest post will be Thursday. He will talk about banging wood, and his sack full of nuts along with a bunch more pictures.

For now, I am going to work on getting this house in order, grocery shop and go for a run. I went all Templeton status (aka eat all the food) which was awesome, but I am looking forward to getting back to normal. Whatever that is.

Fill me in, what did you do over the weekend?

Last home improvement project?

What are you looking forward to this week?


9 Comments on “Banging wood, rusty screws, a sack full of nuts & bolts, & TWSS

  1. Love that wall!! It reminds me of the Starbuck picture that you had as inspiration way back when. This weekend saw me run 2 races, a PB in both, and now I’m relaxing!

  2. You guys got some skillz! That looks amazing…like something you’d find in a romantic restaurant so that its dark enough to hide that your steak is more red than you ordered it =). Women in carpenters pants, overalls or can handle power tools are hot! Nice get cowboy! Props!

  3. Chris and I built 2 decks together – the first one was small and didn’t have stairs. The 2nd one took 3 weeks (weekends and after work) and I think we are lucky we make it through – I feel sure our neighbors were happy when we finished because I tend to yell (a lot) when I get frustrated (a lot)!!

  4. Home improvement projects are fun but can certainly test limits! A few weeks ago I went and got a ton of organizational things to make my (VERY) small apartment more organized. Lots of cleaning, throwing things away, putting things together, and also…lots of swearing. hahah!

  5. Looks great! It looks like you are buying regular wood and staining it to look like reclaimed, is that right? I have no idea where to get reclaimed wood, but I love the look!

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