Virtual coffee date

Good morning!! I hope your week is off to a great start.

I finally got a chance to catch up on things around the house. It feels so good slipping into clean sheets and waking up to a clean house with clean floors(!). OCD alert.

Anyway, if we were having coffee, here are some things I would tell you:

2014-06-16 14.36.21

  • I’m so so so excited this pretty little thing (on far right) is coming to visit today!! She’s going to be my pool running buddy which is awesome because at the beginning of summer we were both the walking {kinda} wounded. If you see two crazy blondes tearing up the streets of Monterey, you will know who they are.

2014-08-04 11.56.26

  • I would tell you how much running freaking hurts and I am humbled by slow progress. #turtlestatus #beatsagooseegg
  • I would ask you if there is such thing as too much reclaimed wood decor in the house and advise you to never go to Pinterest for ideas. It is the biggest, most awesome time suck in the history of ever.

2014-08-04 16.03.50

  • I would tell you how much I LOVE waking up to an email with the new Pro Compression sock of the month!! I think this design is a first for PC and I’m crossing my fingers it’s not the last. How cool would neon be in these socks!?

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2014-07-30 19.58.56

  • And this is a huge reason why I love promoting them so much.

2014-08-04 16.03.46

  • I would tell you about my lazy girls cold orzo pasta I made last night. It’s basically where I throw a bunch of stuff in a bowl, mix it up and call it a meal that lasts 3ish days.
  • And that I have waited over 5 months to get my hair done. I actually had to look back on my IG to see how long it’s been and yup, pretty sure this is a new PR for me. I just don’t have it in me to sit still for the 3 hours it takes but I dig long hair. #firstworldproblems

2014-07-29 19.43.36

Your turn! What would you tell me if we were having coffee?


9 Comments on “Virtual coffee date

  1. I would tell you that that last picture of you, Bam and the giant butterfly rock terrifies me…I hate butterflies haha.

    Also, your orzo looks delicious.

    Oh and I would tell you to go enter my Favorite Things Giveaway – some good stuff like PRO socks, Athleta, Newton Running and more!

  2. I’d remind you that it’s already friggen August which means the blazing heat can get da steppin’. Which also means school is around the corner. Which also means my youngest starts 8th grade. I’d also tell you that I’m making a 32 hour straight drive to Chitown where my oldest is moving to…Second career choice, biz law. The longest ever drive was 26 hours straight from AZ to MO. I’d tell you my wife is going nuts with him leaving. Next week I’m running in SD with StuftMama. So I’d tell you it will be another epic race weekend. But you already know she’s #bloggerRoyalty so cool times are a given. And speaking of racing, I’ve been totally abusing the pre and post carb loading part…I need to drop a couple of lbs before ventura. And by a couple I mean 10. Great work on the home project. Looooove!

  3. I would tell you that I, too, and obsessed with these new PC socks.

    I would tell you that I started marathon training yesterday and start to panick whenever I think about running that far in December!

  4. Oh_em_gee…..I clicked on the link to her Insta account and she went to the same high school as I did! PVPHS! Go Panthers!! I graduated a few years before her (1998). My Mom worked in the counseling office (Mrs. Vierzba). Small world! 🙂

    If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how embarassed I am that I scratched my forehead pretty bad yesterday…..putting on my sports bra. Like, I have a gash and it’s red…..and I had to hold a papertowel to it for 10 minutes for it to stop bleeding. My fingernails aren’t very long or anything. Only I can injure myself putting on clothes. #klutz

    • Hi Nicole! Small world! Do you still live down in the south bay? I try to get down there during summers since I’m a teacher and have the time off 🙂

      • Yep – I’m Pedro, but work in El Segundo and hang out everywhere in between! 🙂

  5. Glad you have a friend coming to visit, always good for something to look forward to. Progress is progress with running, I broke my foot a few years ago and it was a struggle bus back to normalcy but all worth it to be back healthy and running. You can do it! 🙂

    I’d tell you that I’m finally starting to feel like me again after a few ‘off’ weeks. I’d also tell you that I’m ready for fall. Some people love summer, I am so ready for all things pumpkin and some cooler nights and mornings for running!

  6. I’d tell you how excited I am that I’m making progress in my recovery from a very severly pulled groin. Slow and steady. And I whine about how the time I’ve spent in the gym has really cut into my time to keep my house straight. And that even when I have time to clean, I don’t. #lazygirlislazy

    But mostly I’d tell you about how my hubby is working so hard everyday (and by every day, I mean every day, even the weekends) It’s been a tough couple of years but he’s a champ. I’m super proud of him and am thankful for him every day. He’s a total keeper.

  7. I would tell you that I still read your blog everyday but it has been FOREVER that I left a comment. I’m sorry. I would tell you how excited I am we have a long family weekend this weekend at the lake. Head over heels excited to spend time with my boys. I’m starting to feel sad that summer is coming to a close. I don’t want school to start. 🙁 Perhaps I should home school my buddy???? Hang in there on the running. You are STRONG you got this!!!

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