Subliminal message

This girl!!

2014-08-05 14.12.44

You know the kind of people you meet, hang out a couple times and you already feel like they are family? Yes, that is Emily. She’s down to earth, uplifting and her happy place is the beach. I am convinced she is my long lost twin.

So I took her to all of the cool places around Pebble + Monterey in hopes she get’s my ‘move to Monterey’ subliminal messages. Not that I have ulterior motives or anything. Winking smile

Since Mike has great ideas, we went to Ikes for amazing sammiches. And a trip to Starbucks after. Duh!

Then we spent the afternoon climbing rocks and exploring tide pools. I was nice and didn’t poke that sea urchin with a stick.

2014-08-05 14.08.19

Then we sat on rocks, talked about life while taking in this view. We felt so thankful to be there.

2014-08-05 14.24.46

Then thought about how this bird doesn’t have a care in the world and the ability he has to poop on anyone he wants.

2014-08-05 14.05.25

Our last stop was pool running. Girlfriend is still nursing a stress fractured hip but is doing SO much better. I can’t wait to run on land with her when that day comes!

2014-08-05 15.57.13

Sadly she had to head home and I had to go to PT, but I have a feeling she’ll be back soon.

It was nice to chill with Bam after such a fun day. Dude made himself at home on my lap.

2014-08-05 20.00.31

I hope you are having a wonderful week as well!

Do you hang out with people around your age, or younger/older?

Emily + I both agree we gravitate to the older crowd. Thanks for making me feel normal girl.

Fill me in on the highlights of your summer.


15 Comments on “Subliminal message

  1. She is a cutie and definitely your long lost twin…which would make her my long lost sister. HEHE. I just love the views you have and the fact that you and Mike sit and take it all in together!

  2. J, you make my heart sing! It took me 6 years but I found my NorCal family 🙂 I can’t wait to come back and live at your house in a few weeks. I may never leave…

    Also, I have a broken hip…so obviously I roll with the older crowd. Just ask the adorable octogenarians at my aqua fitness class this summer. I fit right in 😉

    • So I’m thinking when you move here we can volunteer at the local retirement home & play bingo with our peeps. Then we can recruit them to go with us to the aqua class. #iamtotallyserious

  3. I think a lot of my friends are older than me, although some are around my age. I think mentally I was forced to ‘grow up’ a lot quicker due to life experiences than most people my age which is why I identify with a slightly older crowd more. I think it’s good to spend time with people older and younger… helps keep perspective on things.

  4. I don’t have friends, the last one my son called her daughter fat ( she was pulling his arm and didn’t want him in her swimming pool but still not a reason to be mean to a girl so he got punished) so she got very offended and she cut our friendship…oh well.
    My kids’ friends’ moms are mostly older and even though we are not friends we like to talk to each other and keep in contact since my kids like having play dates and stuff like that.
    So far my summer has been trying to keep up with my running since i am training for the Seattle Marathon and i have a Half in October, my kids have been going through summer camps which kind of makes it hard to run, drive kids, pick up kids and all that kind of thing.
    I did the Seattle 8k Torchlight and i beat my time from last year by 4 minutes 😀 so that really really made me happy hehe.

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