Why I can’t be a food blogger

Car Week, please never end!

Okay that’s a lie. I am really enjoying it, but also convinced it’s the busiest tourist week of the year. My usual less than 10 minute drive to Trader Joe’s is now at least double and I would pay a premium for a parking spot if someone leaving, were to sell theirs.

There are places to escape the madness and chill out. We took our usual post lunch drive to Laguna Seca Raceway where a lot of the transport trailers for the high end cars are being stored.

Fact: My dad owned and drove a sprint car back in the day. Which is probably where I get my love of fast cars from.

2014-08-13 13.05.12

Then Mike spied this.

2014-08-13 13.12.39

This reminds me of The Jetsons.

2014-08-13 15.08.25



This is Mike’s nightmare. That boy despises wicker. 

2014-08-13 15.11.34

Since I’ve been bumming around car shows all week, I finally decided to do something productive, so I went pool running. 30 minutes is my mental limit so I sat down and checked my phone while waiting to dry off a bit. Of course Mike + Heather randomly walked by and question my ‘workout’. Hah!

2014-08-13 18.02.59

On the way home, I saw black smoke coming from Fisherman’s Wharf. Being one who loves to be a looky loo, I stopped by and snapped a couple pics. Turns out the boats are jealous of car week.

All jokes aside, I hope everyone was okay.

2014-08-13 18.20.11

And this is why I can never be a food blogger. I called this dinner because I’m classy like that.

2014-08-13 18.37.07

Any fun plans for the weekend?

Tell me something random about your folks.

Any food bloggers out there? Clearly, I need your help.


6 Comments on “Why I can’t be a food blogger

  1. HA that looks like my dinner last night – turkey, cheese & pepperoni roll ups with a side of salt. I could never be a food blogger either. And I’m okay with that.

  2. I could never be a food blogger because I always forget to take pictures before I start eating. No plans at all for the weekend. I think I want to run in a trail 5k on Saturday, but just don’t know if it’s going to work out. Cool folk fact- my parents used to hang out with the band The Allman Brothers back in the 70s.

  3. I love car week in Monterey! My dad is a huge car guy and brought his car to the “Blessing of the Cars” at the Carmel Mission yesterday.

  4. Your reason for not being a food blogger is better than mine–the pictures I take are so bad that no one would want to eat anything I recommend! 😉

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