So…my yoga pants finally went to yoga

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Oh yes they did!

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I felt exhausted all day yesterday. Like I want to lay in bed, watch Home Alone and sleep all day. Pretty sure the weekend sucked all of the energy out of me, but it was a great one, so no complaints here. It just takes me a day or two to recoup.

I got the laundry done, hit up Target and was on my way to the grocery store, when Heather asked if I’d be interested in going to a yoga class. Still feeling tired and a little bummed about missing my run {the paws were sore from being on them all weekend} I said sure, why not!

The class started just as I walked in, so I quickly put out my mat and joined in. It has been years since my last yoga class and I am definitely out of shape-girlfriend almost did a face plant attempting airplane pose. Go ahead, laugh with me. Winking smile



But I discovered another lesson learned from that injury punk, and it’s to go at my own pace, and practice at my current fitness level. Being self competitive, this has always been rather difficult, but yesterday I let go of pushing myself too much, and focused on how happy I was to be there in that moment.


Even if I had to hang out in downward dog while the rest of the class completed the flow sequence. Is that even what it’s called? Ha.

The fog lingered around Monterey all day, which made for a relaxing yoga class. The windows were wide open, I felt the cool ocean air, listened to the world pass by and seagulls flying around. I thought to myself, this is all I’ve ever wanted. To be present. To give myself a break. To focus on living in the moment.

Going to the yoga class was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time and I owe it all to Heather for the invite-thanks girl!

Any yogi’s out there?

What is the most recent pose you have mastered?

Are you a competitive athlete?

Yes, but mostly with myself. Until around the last half mile-mile of a race then I go into beast mode and try to pass as many people as possible.


13 Comments on “So…my yoga pants finally went to yoga

  1. I am a yogi wanna be! I am going to a yoga retreat in Tulum in February so really need to get into some major yoga shape! I have not mastered any poses 🙂 And, yes, I constantly compare me to my younger self.

  2. Fact: yoga is the best when able to breathe in ocean air and hear waves crashing in the distance. I want your life, please.

  3. Sounds lovely! I took yoga throughout my first pregnancy, but hadn’t done it in years until last week at BlogFest/IDEAWorld. It was nice to do it again, but not quite as mindful with all the energy surrounding the event. I’d like to include it in the mix every now and then, but it’s hard to fit in with all the other workouts I focus on.

    • I completely agree. When practicing yoga, you definitely have to be in the mindset or I don’t feel like I reap the full benefits of it. Which makes it a mental workout for me. 😉

  4. ANY.TIME. I’ve dubbed you my official yoga-buddy. You’re welcome, pants! I need/want/love to go more often, and it helps to have someone up for the flow….. 😉 (yep – you right!)

  5. I’ve only done yoga with the P90x and I HATED it. I’ve been too scared to try it again in a class.

    I am very competitive but mostly with myself. I always want to do better than I did last time. I also try to pass as many people as possible toward the end of a race. I don’t like thinking they are going to be ahead of me on the results page.

  6. I just started getting back in to yoga and I’m loving it! I’m pretty flexible but still need some work and I love seeing the progress in poses. I don’t know any of those fancy yoga names. I used to only do the P90X yoga because it is a killer workout. It’s considered power yoga so it’s more of a workout (I think) than regular yoga. You hold the lunge positions longer so your legs really feel it!

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