Virtual coffee date: things we do to run aka self torture

Let’s do the Friday dance together, shall we! Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? We have a vacay planned, I’ll fill you in on the deets later. Until then, let’s have a virtual coffee date because in true SCB style, I have a bazillion things running through my head.

  • Speaking of that, does anyone else struggle to go to sleep because you just can’t make your mind stop thinking about stuff? If so, I’m all ears for your best advise.
  • I got another cortisone injection for the mortons neuroma punk yesterday morning. The last one lasted about a month, so I requested a little dosage increase this time. Let’s hope it lasts longer {or just completely disappears-now that’d be nice} this time.

2014-08-21 10.17.30

  • I have the best doctor in the world. He is so calm and for someone who is high strung, this is perfect. Plus he used a tiny Botox needle, and it took a little longer this time. {The longer it takes, the more it hurts.} I just sat there so quiet trying to think of coffee, the beach basically anything BUT the pain. He looked up to see if I was okay. Ha! Sheesh the things we do to be able to run. #worthit
  • As I type this I overheard Mike ask Google how to get rid of kidney stones. He has been in pain for 3 days now and apparently he has self diagnosed. I mean we have a fantastic doctor who happens to be our close friend, but noooooo. Dr. Google FTW.
  • I traded my beloved Starbucks Double Shot that I have been ordered nearly every day since 2008 for a grande iced coffee in a venti cup with extra ice. Sometimes I worry about me.

2014-08-21 12.02.35

  • And now the boy just took an apple cider vinegar, EVOO + lemon juice shot. Then chased it with water. #stufficantmakeup
  • I picked up a little decoration for our vacay. Not fancy pants because running gear/races > anythingelse

2014-08-21 16.01.59

  • This is soooo my life. Anyone else?

2014-08-20 21.41.58

Your turn! If we were having coffee what would you tell me?

Have you dealt with mortons neuroma? If so, what did you do and how did it go away?

What is your biggest, worst, most horrible, just thinking about it gives you anxiety fear ever?

Anything that has to do with puking will send me into an anxiety/full on panic attack. #anotherreasonicanthavekids


6 Comments on “Virtual coffee date: things we do to run aka self torture

  1. If we were having coffee i would tell you that my cat is finally doing better after almost being close to dyeing, we were all in tears and i felt like the world wasn’t worth living it, i have depression issues and running has helped me deal with it but 2 days ago i could have told you that running and life were not worth living, my kids were all in tears, the doctor didn’t know if Nick Furry was gonna make it due to bladder stones, it was a huge emotional roller coaster for all of us which i felt horrible for my daughter because it was her birthday 2 days ago too. Yesterday i finally got the news that he is gonna make it and that he was more alert, now today i gotta go pick my baby up from the hospital and from now on he’s gonna be in a special diet so this never happens again.
    Now we will have our baby back but we will just be broke due to this whole thing since it wasn’t cheap at all lol!
    My kids start school in 2 weeks and so we of course have to go shopping for school supplies, and clothes.
    My Plantar Fascittis is finally getting better after adding more miles since i’m still training for my marathon in November 🙂 .
    I have never dealt with Montons Neuroma but i hope your feet get better.
    My anxiety fear is not knowing where my kids are, that can easily sending me into big time anxiety to the point of puking.

  2. I’m waiting to get a pedicure right now it if we were having coffee in would tell you how annoying it is to make an appointment to get said pedicure and then still have to sit and wait 15 minutes. The thought of a tornado gives me such horrible anxiety! No idea why because I have never experienced one before. Maybe the movie Twister and Night of the Twisters scarred me whe I was little. I hope you have a great bacay and that your shot does the trick!

  3. That cartoon is so me!! I always end up with scrambled eggs!! Love the jewelry…so cute.

    I hate searching for a job…I hate all the interviews…answering the same questions over and over…and then waiting. That’s my random thought for the day!

    Tell Mike to stop being a big baby (sorry Mike) and just go to the doctor!!!

  4. Well, i’m glad it’s friday. This week has been a difficult one all around. Race debacle, effn pinky toe, found I made some stupid website where all they do is punk and talk mean about bloggers, and have not ran – with ventura coming up in 2 weeks. Until you brought it up, I didn’t know what mortons neuroma is. Every time i see it, I think about a new kind of salt. Ok, going into the dark side here…but when you think about death, do you think that you made enough of a mark in your life that you’d be remembered? In that regards, celebrities have it made.

  5. Hey Jacqueline! just about the “thinking too much so can’t sleep”-issue: I’m always doing this! It has really helped me to have a notebook by the bed where I write down anything that bothers me – also just random thoughts, and then taking 5 minutes to just breathe and think before sleeping 🙂
    Anyway, thanks for a great blog 🙂

  6. Sleeping trick: close your eyes and picture an empty blank white space. No floors, edges or ceilings. Something like in the matrix. Then focus on maintaining that image in your mind and start to slowly count until you fall asleep. You could also imagine sheep jumping and slowly count them. Doing this keeps your mind focused away from thoughts that keep you up and creates a soothing pattern that will allow you to drift off to sleep. Give it a try 🙂

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