How we do Vegas

Hello! It’s been awhile since I last checked in, but we have been playing tourist non-stop since we got here Sunday afternoon. I pretty much walk around the streets looking up with my jaw on the ground in amazement. Vegas is definitely the land of excess, opportunity and beauty.

So let’s back up to Sunday. I will be sure to recap each day…eventually.


I woke up one morning to an itinerary from the airline a couple weeks ago saying my flight was booked for Vegas. Mike said 34 years is long enough, your little butt is getting on a plane. Plus he scored a schweet deal, round trip flight for two and 4 nights in a hotel for about $500. So that was that.

We flew directly out of Monterey and in one hour we arrived in the beautifully hot dessert. I have totally adapted to the coastal weather, but will always love the hot, dry heat.


We rented a car for the week, which turned out to be a brilliant idea because we saw SO much more. First, we cruised down The Strip and checked into our hotel.


Then we drove around and hit up iconic places like the Little White Chapel.


And one of Mike’s favorite shows, Pawn Stars. Sadly, there were no Chumley sightings. He totally cracks me up.



After dinner, we walked The Strip. And holy smokes, my mind is blown.


I saw the fountains at the Bellagio for the first time and could not take my eyes off it. I loved it so much, it’s been a nightly staple. Like I can’t go to sleep without seeing it. Which probably explains why I’ve been dumping Visine into my eyeballs all day. #worthit


I took a video clip and will share it with you when we get home to Wi-Fi.



A couple random things I noticed about Vegas:

  • They play music everywhere. Even the parking garages to get you in the mood to shop, play at the casino, party, basically open your wallet.
  • Everything is over the top in the coolest, most detailed ways. Seriously, the mind is an amazing thing.
  • That saying “anything goes in Vegas” is 100% true.
  • Walking around everywhere is like living in a fairytale.

If you’ve gone to Vegas, what were your favorite things to see or do?

Any Pawn Star fans out there?

Random: when eating chips, do you look for the ones with the most seasoning and eat them first or just grab randomly?

Mike just gave me crap because I always look for the ones with the most seasoning and eat them first. I am sad for him because he doesn’t understand the science behind it.


7 Comments on “How we do Vegas

  1. My parents recently moved to Vegas to retire, so that’s where we will spend holidays now! I have been a couple of times before, and can’t wait to bring my husband this Christmas so he can experience everything. And ya know, see Mom and Dad 😉 Glad you are having a great time!

  2. Last time I was in Vegas was 4 years ago with my husband for our 4th anniversery. It was really fun to watch my husbands face while he tried to take it all in. I’d been several times for work conventions and such so it was a bit old hat for me but I loved sharing it with him.

    Glad you’re enjoying your trip!

  3. If you’re Beatles fans you absolutely MUST go see Love at The Mirage. It’s a completely different type of Cirque do Soleil show and beyond amazing.

  4. My sis lives in Vegas so we go at least once a year. I’m telling you that the R’nR half has got to be on your list of must do! Picture the strip closed to all traffic for 30,000 runners! The lights, music, energy are soooo fun!!
    I have really enjoyed hiking red rock and lots of shows.

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