I didn’t expect…

  • To see pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks already. Eventually fall and Christmas stuff will make their debut in May. Sheesh.
  • The Strip in Vegas to be so clean and *mostly* bum free.


  • This small town country girl/ chill beach bum didn’t expect to love Vegas. I thought I would like it, but not love it.  I was already scheming for a way to go back before we got off the plane.


  • To feel so small. Everything is larger than life and over the top amazing.
  • To walk half as much as we did. Seriously Vegas is an illusion-everything looks close by but would take forever to walk there. This turned out to be a good way to balance out the boneless buffalo wings I ate. Ha!


  • I didn’t expect to not run while on vacation. I took my fancy pants Mizunos (giveaway might be coming attcha soon. Maybe;). Turns out they were just along for the plane ride as they never came out of my suitcase.
  • I didn’t expect to not want to sleep. If you know me, then you know how much I love to sleep. Not this week. Our friend came over the evening we got home, looked at me and said man, you look tired. LMBO!
  • I don’t regret it one bit. Living life in the moment > anything else.


  • With that said, I can’t wait to really start training for the Mermaid duathlon next week. I have a solid month to prepare and this girl is stoked! Anyone want to run + ride it with me? The price increases on the first, so get on it. Also use coupon code SKINNYCHICK10 for 10% off registration. Let me know if you will be there so I can harass buy you coffee.
  • I didn’t expect dump Siri in Vegas. Apple does not allow bluetooth to sync with my new Galaxy Camera to send pictures over the air. I’ve been holding out for the iPhone 6, but I lost my s*** and I upgraded to the Galaxy S5. Now they talk to each other just fine and I haven’t looked back. #getittogetherapple

There is so much I still want to tell you, but we have friends coming over so I’ll share more with you later.

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Share some things you didn’t expect.

What are your plans for this extra long weekend?

Do you workout while on vacation?

Usually yes, but every morning I woke up ready to explore so I just rolled with it.


2 Comments on “I didn’t expect…

  1. That’s awesome girl, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun 😀 .
    I have only been to Vegas once but i had kids with me so i spent most of the time in a hotel room :/, someday we would like to go back there without kids and have a little fun.
    Plans for this extra long weekend: finish shopping for kids’ school supplies, going to get doughnuts from a place named Hot Pot doughnuts, walk the dogs, play with cats and kids and just relax.
    I’m a freak when it comes to working out so yes i do workout whenever i have gone on vacation or i would loose my marbles so i usually use hotel’s gym to run and stuff, sometimes it’s good sometimes the gyms are kind of crappy.

  2. -I didn’t expect guiding a blind runner to be as easy as it was.
    -I didn’t expect to become addicted to the show ‘Suits’. I literally sat in front of Netflix for 9 hours yesterday and binge watched!
    -I didn’t expect to like Chickpea Salad Sandwiches…but damn they are good!

    I’m waiting on pics of Bam…tell me he wasn’t excited when you guys got home from vaca!!!

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