Vegas babe: Bellagio fountain show

If you didn’t already know, the fountain show at the Bellagio Hotel was hands down my favorite part of our trip. I am easily entertained, so that might not be saying much, but in my mind, this was it!

Every 15 minutes I was so fascinated, Mike kept giggling at my expressions and snapped this shot. #iliveashelteredlife


Here are some of my favorite still shots and a couple videos at the end. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!




Here are a couple videos, you may see more here.

Fountain Show at the Bellagio, Las Vegas


Bellagio Fountain show, Las Vegas

This was the most memorable vacations I think I’ve ever had. Vegas, I will see you again SOON!


Please tell me all about your most memorable vacations!

Are you sheltered, well traveled or somewhere in between?

Sooooo sheltered.


4 Comments on “Vegas babe: Bellagio fountain show

  1. I’ve never been out of the US, but I have traveled a lot in it. I have been to/through most states (I love road trips!) and actually vacationed in probably half.

    We didn’t do much traveling when I was a child. I had only been to five different states by the time I was 18. I have tried to travel much more with my daughters. We are already planning next year’s trip! It is a new to all of us location. Can’t wait!

    My most memorable vacation was in Kauai, HI. So beautiful! I cannot wait to get back there someday.

  2. Seriously get yourself a fountain view room at the Bellagio the next time you go. They have a fountain music channel on the TV, and you can sit in your room and watch it as many times as you want. It’s awesome! We stop in Vegas once a year after a trip out West to hike various National Parks or forests.

  3. OMG! I just got back from Vegas on Tuesday!
    I feel that since I’ve been to Vegas so many times, I’m relatively well-traveled (they have Paris, Italy/Venetian, Egypt/Luxor, haha). Definitely traveled the West Coast a lot, but still have yet to spend much time in the Mid-West or East Coast!

  4. I love Vegas… i almost moved there before I got married… there is something fabulous about that city…

    my most memorable vaca was Jamaica… not only bc I got married but bc the vaca was actually amazing. The beaches, the food, the entertainment the location… ALL AMAZING

    I want to say I’m well traveled but I think i’m somewhere in btwn…;/

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