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I went to a work meeting yesterday and turns out it was twice as long as expected. Good news is the instructor made learning about how alcohol affects the body and how to tell if someone intoxicated and should be cut off. I had no idea body fat does not absorb alcohol and the liver can process 3/4 of an ounce of it per hour. You are welcome for this random information.

All I could think about after was lunch and a shot of wheatgrass. I am a weirdo, but since we got back from Vegas and being Templeton for a week, I have been making an effort to eat a little better and move more.

2014-09-04 14.42.25

Since I am a wussmeister, I get the 50/50 which is wheatgrass with a squeeze of fresh orange. It tastes exactly like it sounds; fresh cut grass with orange. I actually kinda like it. Told ya I’m a weirdo.

As I took that shot while sitting on a green chair outside, I was wishing Emily was with me like last weekend. Then I realized I didn’t share much of our weekend with you guys.

Saturday Mike had to suddenly leave for a family emergency and was gone until Tuesday, but the good thing is Emily was here to keep my mind off things and keep me busy. 

2014-08-31 09.09.20

I am convinced she is my long lost sister. We both like to be up with the birds and go to bed early.

So of course both mornings we were up early, hiking a nearby trail. She’s still healing a hip stress fracture so we didn’t push it too much, but it felt great to get out and move around.

It was foggy when we got there, but we caught the sun coming out on our way back, which just gave us even more energy. The world should really watch out for us crazy, solar powered chicks.

2014-08-31 09.08.50

On our Sunday morning hike, we heard the church bells at the Carmel Mission which was really cool.

2014-08-31 09.01.32

We had to refuel with coffee after and roam around Carmel. Duh.

PS how cute is her shirt!?

2014-08-31 09.36.46

There was a Greek Festival by Fisherman’s Wharf we parked far away on purpose and enjoyed a long walk there. We cruised through but decided to have lunch at a new to us restaurant. Pics are on my camera and I’m too lazy to pull them off, but it was crazy amazing and I’ll share it with you soon.

2014-08-31 10.15.50

Then we spent the afternoon sipping on green juice…laid back. And hitting up local surf shops.

2014-08-31 13.46.06

The evening was spent at a family friends house eating pizza to balance out all the good stuff we ate/did.

When we got home, she checked her fitbit and said we walked about 6 miles that day. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but I realized I totally underestimate my activity level so I can’t wait to compare it with my Garmin and another app on my S5. I shall report back.

Have you ever done a wheatgrass shot? 

How do you get in a little extra exercise?

It comes a little easy for me since I love to keep moving but some days it takes a little more effort by parking a little further or taking Bam for a walk.

What’s your favorite fresh pressed juice combo?


8 Comments on “We do life right

  1. Yay I love this post! Made my day to relive the super awesome weekend o’ coffee, hiking, green juice & pizza, and girl talk. P.S. Wore my new Carmel sweatshirt last night and got lots of compliments! xoxo

  2. I’ve been absent for a while dealing with my own ish… glad to see your upbeat self! on another note though, how is your duathlon training going?

  3. you always take beautiful pictures 🙂 .
    I have never had Wheat grass but i guess i should try it at some point lol .
    My favorite juice used to be fresh squished orange juice and carrots with a little bit of lemon juice.

  4. Yumzzz – a shot of wheatgrass sounds like exactly what I need to clean me out!

    As a side note, I love a glass of wine, but hearing and reading how alcohol is kind of like poison is scary! I think I will be cutting back shortly.

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