Giveaway & Review: Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2

Happy Tuesday!! I hope your week is off to a great start, if not maybe a giveaway for a pair of running shoes will help.

Last year Mizuno launched the Wave Sayonara. These kicks were such a hit, they made a couple subtle tweeks and launched the Wave Sayonara 2 this summer. I really like running in these!


The Sayonara is a neutral running shoe, and in my opinion a very stable ride. They have the U4ic technology which delivers an optimal ride by reducing shock, increasing cushion AND are 30% lighter so you can fly!

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A couple upgrades:

  • Slightly wider toe box.
  • Softer upper mesh which makes these a little more flexible and breathable.

I love that Mizuno takes what we, as consumers have to say about their shoes, and make improvements. I also appreciate they didn’t make extreme changes with an already awesome product. I think the small changes, are positive improvements and would not be a deal breaker for those who are so in love with the Sayonara 1’s they want to marry them.


Since I am a long time Wave Rider fan, I thing it would be helpful to point out a couple differences I noticed between the two.

  • The Sayonara’s are more on the firm side, The WR have a bit more cushion.
  • I feel both shoes are very stable and offer the perfect amount of support without feeling heavy.
  • However the WR feel slightly more bulky as they weigh a tiny bit more.
  • The toe box on is a little wider on the Sayonara. I know this was a big thing when the Wave Rider’s came out, so if that was a deal breaker for you, I would recommend giving the Sayonara 2 a try.

My only complaint:

I wear custom orthotics, which require a bit more room on the upper and laces. This might be a tough request to find a happy medium, but it would be great if there was a little more room on top to accommodate them. This goes for both styles.


Wanna win a pair? Yah, that was a dumb question.

Here’s how:

Giveaway is open to US only and will end Friday, September 12. I will announce the winner in Saturday’s post.


100 Comments on “Giveaway & Review: Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2

  1. I have been trying to find a new running shoe after been diagnosed with rheautoid arthritis in my knees and lower back …..I would love to give these a try

  2. i follow on twitter! and i need to replace my running shoes and have been looking for a good neutral shoe – so these would be perfect!

  3. I already follow Mizuno on twitter. I need a pair of Sayanora 2 shoes because mine are completely worn out! I usually wear Wave Riders but is like to add the sayanoras into my rotation.

  4. I’m starting to train for another mini and would love a new pair of shoes to keep my motivated!

  5. Following! And I am getting ready to start training for my fourth half. New shoes would be super helpful!!

  6. Oh I am Mizuno follower for sure!! I would love these and so glad they came out with v2 with the wider toe box! Me and my bubble toes need that extra space 😉 lol. Also, I would love these for my tempo training runs!! I have my first full marathon soon! 🙂 🙂

  7. I already follow them! I am in love with the first version of the Wave Sayonara’s, 2’s would be the perfect start to a new training cycle!

  8. Following on twitter (my twitter account is @beingyourchange) — I have been thinking of giving Mizuno a try for a few months now, as my Brooks are on their last legs and I’m ready for a change. Would love to try these out!

  9. Already following Mizuno running on Twitter (of course!!). I would of course like to win these super fly kicks because I am a running shoe JUNKY and a girl can NEVER have enough running shoes 🙂

  10. I think I deserve to win because this is the second time I had to type all this. The first time did not post for some reason 🙂 – LOL.

    What I had stated is….I am not on twitter however I am definitely FB friends! I have been wanting to try a pair of Mizunos for awhile b/c I generally go with Brooks!

  11. i have been wanting to try mizunos for a while now – i’ve only heard great reviews!

  12. I have tried the mizuno inspire’s and really like them but need a wider toe box!

  13. I followed two because I couldn’t get the link going. I’m pretty sure at least one of them is the right one!!! Oh, I’m @lilbrowngirl16 on twitter.

    My asics GT2000 are getting a little sad and I could really really use a free pair of running shoes! Fingers crossed!!! Plus I love that they’re pink. They’d be perfect for my half in October.

    Besos, Monica

  14. Following on the Tweeter!

    I should totally win the new kicks because I would love to show off to my running gal pals that I actually have new fancy running shoes! Being new to the running world I have yet to make the investment in “real” kicks and continue to tape my old Adidas back together. It would shock our little running group if I growed up and had a real pair of shoes! What better place to debut then the girlfriends half in October! Cause running with girlfriends is so much better! Cheers!
    Kimberly Schmett!

  15. I am following on twitter and I’d like to win because, duh I LOVE Mizunos, my all time fave running shoes 🙂

  16. Following them on Twitter! And I would absolutely LOVE to win the Sayonara 2 kicks because they check everything on my list that I need in a running shoe: good stability and support, wider toe box, and LIGHT! Oh and I’m running the Big Sur Half Marathon this November and need to replace my old kicks soon 🙂

  17. Following on twitter 🙂
    Ooh how fun to be a winner! It sounds like a great shoe…would love to give them a try 🙂 Tina

  18. Not sure if guys can win, but I’d love to be able to try this model out – am a long time Inspire user and these sound great!

  19. I am a big fan of mizunos and have not tried the sayonara. Would love a chance to give them a go!

  20. Following on twitter! I need a new pair of shoes to start training for my first full, but have been trying to save money for my wedding in May. I love Mizunos!

  21. I follow them! And I want to win them because I am training for my first half marathon and just applied to be part of a charity running team for the 2015 Boston Marathon and they would be a welcomed addition to my training sneaks!

  22. I love, love, love Mizuno! Following on twitter, Facebook, and everywhere else!

  23. I follow Mizuno on Twitter. I would love to win these shoes because I have worn my Wave Rider’s down. It’s time for a new pair of running shoes and I love your review on these!

  24. For a pair of Mizunos i just signed up for a twitter account for the first time ever lol ( i’m probably the only person that didn’t have a Twitter account all this time :() . I just started following them and why do i want to win them?? because they are awesome shoes and i got a Marathon to run in November so i could definitely use them since my running shoes right now are breaking down on me after all this time 🙁

  25. I follow Mizuno on Twitter and Facebook and love them. I won’t run in any other shoe. I am a Wave Rider fan and would love to try the sayonara!

  26. I follow Mizuno Running on Twitter – my handle is @erikampesky. I’ve been dying to try Mizuno’s for running distance. I’ve been a loyal Nike runner, but I’m thinking Mizuno may have a better design for a more neutral ride.

  27. Already following mizuno running on twitter. I love mizuno sneakers for running and for work! I’m always in need of a new pair of sneaks to rock, and these look extra adorable!

  28. I am following Mizuno! I have never tried Mizunos before and I would love the opportunity to try them out!

  29. I followed Mizuno on Twitter!

    I’d love to win a pair because I’ve been slightly unhappy with my current running shoes, despite wearing the same brand and model for years. I’d love to be able to try out a new pair, and Mizunos always look soooo awesome!

  30. I follow on twitter! @eatteachrun

    I’d love to win these– I’m running in the old Wave Rider 16s, and need a new style of Mizuno to get excited about running again. Took a few months off this summer with moving and a new job, and new shoes would be a great motivation!

  31. Oh Mizuno, how I love you! I have the first version which I only wear for special occasions (yes I’m a nerd like that!) so I’d love to have another pair so I can wear them more often 😉

  32. I’ve been a Mizuno girl for a long time now and have a couple of pairs of the Sayonaras, and would LOVE to try the second generation!

  33. I already follow on Twitter. I want to win, because one can never have enough running shoes.

  34. Following on twitter! My running shoes currently are just blah… I don’t have a running store anywhere nearby to get awesome shoes, and buying online seems crazy for some reason! Plus, I love the look of them. (Not too shallow, I hope!)

  35. I was already following on Twitter. I’d been running in the Wave Elixirs and switched to the Sayonaras when the Elixirs were discontinued. I would love to try the 2s!

  36. Already following them but have never tried a pair of Mizunos. I’ve been so sad since Brookes changed by beloved Ghosts and have been desperatly trying to find a pair to replace them. I would love to give these a try! Training for my first half marathon!

  37. I’m following mizuno! I’d love to win the shoes! My current kicks will get me thru my half marathon in early Oct, but then it’ll be time for new ones!!

  38. I’m following on Twitter. (@gavinaduvall) 🙂 I’ve been training in the Wave Rider 16 since last December (and I loooove them), and this review of the WS2 makes me really want to try them out. The varsity high school cross-country team I’m incredibly lucky to be a part of is currently ranked first in the state and it’d be awesome to put some serious miles onto a pair of Wave Sayonara 2s and have them along for the exciting months ahead leading up to our “road to state”! 🙂

  39. Already following on Twitter! And would LOVE to win a pair of these beauties, because I still have yet to even run in a pair of Mizunos. And you know what? When I had my foot evaluation, Mizunos are what they told me I should be wearing…

  40. I am now following mizuno running on twitter. I would love love love to win these shoes. I used to run exclusively in WR 16. When I bought the 17, the toe box was just slightly too narrow and I got blisters :(. I stocked up on all the 16s I could find…but I’m down to my last pair. Yay for the wider toe box in the sayonara 2!! (Plus they look pretty…which is important to me, no matter what other people say.)

  41. Hello SC, I am following Mizuno on Twitter.
    I would like to win these super fly kicks mainly because you suggest that they are a great shoe. I had a fractured foot similar situation to you and have not yet been walking much since. It has been over a year and I am in need of a good pair of shoes to replace the ones I injured myself wearing.

  42. I follow on Twitter! I love these shoes, I did a test run in them at my local running store and fell in l.o.v.e. and would run in them all the time! They are great shoes!

  43. Following Mizuno on Twitter 🙂 I would like these shoes as my inspiration to sign up for a half marathon. They seem like the perfect shoe for training not to mention they’re CUTE 😉

  44. As a long time Mizuno fan, I would love to rock these! I love the Wave Elixirs and Precisions, but they’ve both been retired and I’ve yet to find a good replacement.

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  46. Following Mizuno on twitter. I have been trying to find the right pair of running shoes and am getting desparate. My last pair finally got a hole in the toe but it is so hard to part with them because they felt so right! I’ve never tried Mizuno but would love to get them a chance! Thank you for the opportunity!

  47. I follow Mizuno on Twitter. I just love running shoes and would like to try something new 🙂

  48. I follow Mizuno. It is time for some new running shoes and I would love to try them!

  49. I want to win them so that I can look like one of the cool kids! and because I love mizuno.

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  51. I do indeed follow Mizuno on the Twitter! I’m @Jillyruns. I run in neutral shoes and have never worn Mizuno before. I’d love to try these out!

  52. I would love to try these!!! I have been a long time wave rider fan, would love to try something else from Mizuno 🙂

  53. I follow Mizuno on Twitter! I am a Mizuno lover 🙂 I have been trying to find a new Mizuno shoe to run in since they discontinued the Wave Elixir and the Sayonaras are supposed to be similar. I would love to give them a try. Plus, they are super cute which never hurts 😉

  54. I follow on Mizuno on Twitter! I would like to win these shoes because I have a pair of the original Mizuno Wave Sayonara shoes, and they are wearing out!

  55. I enjoy running in the wave riders and would love to try out the sayanaras! They sound fantastic!!

  56. I’d love to give the Sayonara 2 a try. I’ve worn the Wave Elixir for many years and now that they cut them from production I was told the Sayonara would make a good replacement and the transition would be almost seamless. I can’t fathom ditching Mizuno for another brand and hope there is a shoe in the lineup that will suit my needs. Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. I need a new pair of running sneakers, and I’ve heard nothing but great reviews of Mizuno as a brand. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Hi Jackie! I already follow Mizuno Running on twitter:) it would be great to win the running shoes

  59. I’ve been wearing the same brand/style running shoes for years, but lately they haven’t felt as comfortable. I’m looking to try a new brand – would love to win these!

  60. Already follow on twitter! I’ve been a Brooks girl forever, I’d love to give these Mizunos a whirl!

  61. I already follow them on twitter and Mizunos are the best!! I have been a Nike girl since I started running in 2007 but I tried on my first pair of Mizunos about 2 years ago and now I am on pair number 3. Mizunos for life.

  62. I have been a Brooks girl for years! Always wanted to try Mizunos but I was/am scarred….of change in ANYTHING! Would be a great way to bring me to the other side:)

  63. Already follow them on twitter! I need some super FUN shoes to run my dogs in agility! Everyone knows, awesome shoes give you a leg up on the competition!

  64. Follow on Twitter @1chynna
    I need these babies I run 3 to 4 days a week.
    These great looking shoes are very light. Plus my old shoes are ripped from the bottom

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