Sambalatte aka the best coffee in Vegas

On the first day we got to Vegas and walked the strip, I saw Sambalette coffee lounge + espresso bar and made a mental note to go check it out.


I walked in and asked Dan what their most popular drink was. He said they are known for a fantastic cappuccino. So that’s what I ordered with soy milk. Mike had a latte in case you are wondering.

Turns out sometimes I make really good life decisions.


And turns out Dan has a strong passion for coffee like I do, so it was a lot of fun picking his brain about the more technical side of coffee. He was kind enough to give me a tour of their roasting room.


Not even gonna lie, I wanted to swim in this bucket of freshly roasted coffee beans like Richie Rich.


Fun stuff I learned:

  • It takes 15-20 minutes to roast coffee beans. The longer the roast, the darker the beans.
  • Unroasted coffee beans are green and smell like grass or hay.
  • The roaster can hold up to 30 pounds at a time.
  • The ideal coffee beans are dry, not oily.
  • The location on The Strip is their main hub. It’s where all of the roasting + packaging take place.
  • Roasting coffee is a science. No joke. The machine that looks kinda like a microwave on the 2nd shelf measures density of the bean and a bunch of other high tech stuff.
  • Most of their coffee beans are from Brazil.


The next time we go to Vegas, I hope they are roasting coffee. I will probably never want to leave.


Our view from our table while enjoying a fantastic cup o’ Joe and taking in the experience. We tend to get our coffee on the go, but there’s something about having it in a real mug, sipping it in the lounge while taking our time. I’ll never forget living in that moment.


In true Vegas fashion, they think of everything.


Tell me about your most memorable coffee experience.

What do you totally geek out over?

Anything running or coffee related. Especially gadgets and shoes.

This was not a sponsored post, I am just a coffee nerd and really love their coffee. Dan, thank you for showing me around and sharing my passion for liquid gold. Now, please bring Sambalatte to Monterey. Mmmkay?


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  1. My most memorable coffee experience was in this little coffee shop in Cape Town, South Africa. The guy that opened the place did so only because he LOVES coffee and wanted to be able to have the best cup of coffee when he came to town for business. He was some crazy rich guy so he wasn’t concerned about making a profit on the place. The coffee cups they had were all really fancy and each cup was served with a macaroon! SOO good!

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