Tips for making health and fitness a lifestyle

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A couple years ago I took the ‘all or nothing’ approach towards healthy living. It’s frustrating living that way. I mean who doesn’t want a couple slices of pizza every now and then, right?

I am far from a food blogger, but I do my best to find a happy medium living a healthy lifestyle. I’m in for the long haul, so I need to find a nice balance between pizza and green juice. Here are a few of my tips, please feel free to add yours in the comments section.

  • Make one small change at a time.

It took some time to let the ‘all or nothing’ attitude go and turn my focus to making small changes. Y’all know I love my coffee, but I recently finally looked my beloved coffee creamer ingredients list. It was scary. So recently I switched it up with Silk French Vanilla creamer. It’s soy based, which of course doesn’t taste the same as the chemical creamer but I feel better about my choice since it’s something I put into my body every day.

  • Shop at your local farmers market.

Choose what is in season and don’t be afraid to change up recipes. We usually sauté potatoes and veggies on the stove, but this time we chopped them up, drizzled a little balsamic vinegar, S+P and wrapped them in foil. Mike grilled them along with some boneless, skinless chicken and dinner was served in about 20 minutes.

  • Surround yourself with health & fitness minded friends.

You are inspired by those around you. I feel I am my healthiest and happiest when hanging out with friends who share the same passion for health + fitness. Plus they probably won’t give you the side eye when you order a grilled chicken salad when everyone else is ordering a burger. I love me a nice, juicy burger, but you know what I mean. 🙂

  • When dining out, don’t be afraid to ask for alternatives.

A couple weekends ago Emily ordered an iced coffee at a local coffee shop and asked if they offered almond milk. Turns out they did and handed her this Silk Almond Milk. Let me tell you, us girls get really excited over the simple things.

Try something new. For me, I have always wanted to try a wheatgrass shot, but I was afraid of what it might taste like. But my eat more rabbit food friend, Em encouraged me to try it and turns out it wasn’t so bad after all. I even went back a couple days later for another one. My best advise, have a squeeze of orange with it. Then send me love notes thanking me for giving such awesome life advice.

Finding the right balance that works for you isn’t always easy, but I think it’s worth the time and effort. For me, quality of life is worth the effort.

Share you best tips for making healthy and fitness a lifestyle.

What small, yet healthy changes have you made recently?

What will be the next small change you make?

I’m working on being more consistent with workouts and cross train.

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This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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