The good stuff

Welcome to a brand new week! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I worked all weekend but don’t feel sorry for me, I scored this schweet sunrise.

2014-09-14 07.08.07

It actually took me by surprise because it was foggy the entire drive to work. But when I got there it cleared up and the sun put on a little show. Wish I could have sat there with a cup of coffee and watched it, but I quickly snapped this and got to work. Funny thing is the fog came back shortly after. Welcome to the beach at summertime.

Then a pod of whales came close to shore and put on a show all day. At one time I looked up and must have seen 15 spouts at the same time. It is an honor to be with folks seeing it for the first time in their lives. Their excitement is crazy awesome.


I am digging the fitbit. It’s so fun to see how active I really am. One thing I noticed is how much I underestimated my activity level. While I don’t think it’s 100% accurate, it has been consistent since I got it and I can totally deal with that.

Yesterday was my most active day so far and I didn’t even run. PS the calories burned are not correct. I can’t figure out how to take it off completely because I really don’t care about that feature anyway.

I had a few of you ask about becoming fitbit friends, heck yes! Go here to stalk me.

2014-09-15 03.03.45



The other day I was getting my hip adjusted at PT after having some pain while running. On my way out I noticed an elderly double amputee waiting for treatment. As I walked to the car all fixed up, planning my next run, I couldn’t help but stand there in the parking lot sad, yet thankful. I wish things were different for that person and I hope I never get so wrapped up in meaningless crap I fail to be thankful for the good stuff. The simple stuff, ya know.

I encourage you to do the same. Sometimes we find ourselves consumed with meaningless stuff, heck I find myself doing it quite often. We have projects that are due, schedules to keep, errands to run, jobs to be at or just going through the motions of life. I encourage you to pause and look around. You might be surprised with what is going on around you.

That old saying that goes something like things you take for granted, someone is praying for is so true.

I hope you have a beautiful week!

Please share your latest reality check.

How do you measure your daily activity?

Tell me all about your weekend!


7 Comments on “The good stuff

  1. …word! I get so wrapped up in running, blogging and social media that recently I had to stop down and just unplug to spend time with the fam. My wife, youngest and I went to sedona this weekend to see god’s country…and to get away from the heat. so beautiful!

  2. I love this! I love to travel and my husband always asks what my rush is to see everything! I tell him that one day, I may not be able to walk and the majority of things I’ve done while traveling are NOT wheelchair friendly. You aren’t promised anything in life. Enjoy it.

  3. My husband had a FitBit for a week until he fixed his Nike Fuelband and started using it again. I have no opinion on them, as I never track my daily activity. Maybe one day I will be dedicated enough to try one out!

  4. Yup, while I am sitting bemoaning how bad my life is, there is someone praying for just another day to live anyway they can.

  5. This weekend I had a girls’ night out with a new running friend. We went out for dinner and got pedicures! I also spent some time with family, at spin and watching some reality tv! Fun!

  6. My weekend involved running a 5k race Friday night and guiding a visually impaired runner Saturday in her fastest 10k time. We crossed in 1:01…she is speedy!

    I don’t really have a way to track my daily activity….I’m scared that I’d become obsessed with it being a numbers gal!

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