Wednesday favorites and 1 not so fav

This post was actually supposed to be Tuesday favorites, but I took an early morning shift at work at the last minute. As much as I love being up with the birds, I have no desire to beat them to blog. #sorrynotsorry

Speaking of early bird, I caught one of the most gorgeous sunrises I have ever seen while walking to work.

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I hope this doesn’t come out the wrong way, but I am so thankful for where we live and my job. Every day I think, I can’t believe they actually pay me to come here. mind.blown.

2014-09-16 06.22.28

No filter on either pic. There’s no way I could alter God’s beauty.

I saw these boots at REI last weekend and could not stop staring. The North Face nailed it with the touch of blue.

2014-09-13 13.51.06

A couple weekends ago I was shopping in Carmel with my friend Melissa and she pointed out these Starbucks-esque nesting measuring cups. They begged me to take them home to live with us so I did. M picked up a set as well so we are twinners.


This peach balsamic vinegar from Whole Foods rocks my face off. Especially drizzled over fresh strawberries and watermelon salad.


A couple weeks ago we were shopping and Mike met the manager who brought the balsamic line in. He convinced us to try it. We were shocked at how incredible this stuff is. So we bought a half bottle (it’s sold by weight) and turns out we have made some solid friendships with it.

I’m not afraid of spiders, I feel like this with snakes, but I know some of you can relate to it. No doubt this girl does. Winking smile


Last weekend Mike put the John Mayer station on Pandora and Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran came on. I pointed at it and demanded Mike download it now. Lucky for me he loved it just as much and we had it on our phones within minutes.

It makes me want to fling my hair and dance around the house in an Etta James Sunday Kinda Love way.

This super loud sound bar thingy the husband randomly threw in the shopping cart is definitely not an SCB fav. I even protested like the man does when I say I need more running gear.


I am laughing because I was trying to convince Mike that he is deaf and I really like to sleep in peace and quiet. Oh and that he should have planned ahead and brought the SUV. He said something like shut up and drink your coffee. Can’t argue with that. Winking smile

It’s cool, I figured out how to sync the sound bar via Bluetooth on my S5 so I can remotely mute it when I’m in the bedroom while he is watching tv just to mess with him. There is no way he thinks I’m that smart. Even I surprised myself.

The end.

What are your current favs?

Share the last thing your significant other got that you don’t approve of.


7 Comments on “Wednesday favorites and 1 not so fav

  1. I am laughing at the “shut up and drink your coffee” comment;) Evil revenge when you mute hahaha love it! I want those nesting cups. And I am loving KIND maple quinoa granola.

  2. We recently got a new TV carrier and we can control it via our phones. Changing channels from another room is the best 🙂

  3. That’s hilarious! Nice work with the iphone muting thing! I would love to see his face when that happens!

    As for my favorites, currently Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Jenna Marbles drunk art school balloon art video on YouTube are my faves! Hilarious!

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