Bam is training for his first 5K

Yesterday I set out to take Bam for a long walk. He LOVES being active and outside so we are quite the pair.

2014-09-26 12.42.45

Bam was full of energy and not interested in walking {that’s a JRT for ya}, so we ran like somebody left the gate open.

He doesn’t know it, but he is training for his first 5K. Dude is more of a sprinter so I am working with him on slowing down a little and building endurance. I don’t have any experience training with a dog, so we are taking it easy.

Now I just have to find a dog friendly race.

2014-09-26 13.07.05

In other news, Mike and I went to brunch and it had to be the most simplistic meal I’ve had in years. No fancy pants ingredients or spices or ketchup or hot sauce {though I LOVE sauces}, just sea salt and coarse cracked pepper. It was so perfect. Real food is so good.

2014-09-26 10.44.49

Late afternoon I met with Michele for 40 minutes of pool running which made for a very active day around here. I am loving my fitbit so much I kinda want to marry it. Not really, but I get really excited when it buzzes when I hit 10,000 steps. I am constantly amazed at how much I underestimated my activity level before. Nerd alert.

2014-09-27 02.48.54

{calories burned are not accurate}

Better get ready, Mike and I have a super fun weekend planned.

Do you run with your furry friend?

If so, what’s your best advise?

Do you like simplistic meals or prefer lots of flavor + sauce?

Both, but I really love sauces.


3 Comments on “Bam is training for his first 5K

  1. I tried to run with Indy…but he gets to about 2k and is like ‘nope…I’ve had enough mom’! I love simple meals…I’m a country girl at heart so the easier (not fancy) the better!

  2. Go, Bam, Go! Chopper is more of a sprint – stop and sniff – sprint – stop and sniff dog, which makes running hard!

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