The 10% rule & the worst day ever according to Bam

Happy Thursday friends!! I hope October is off to a great start. I am still enjoying this gorgeous weather. This no fog thing rocks. Here is last nights sunset from my backyard.

2014-10-01 18.39.58

I usually throw out that whole ‘increase your running mileage by 10% a week’ rule, but since I am soooo sick of being on the broken runner list, I decided to actually follow it for like the first time ever.

I know there is some controversy about this golden running rule, but I feel comfortable training by it for now. We’ll see how it goes.

Since I am comfortable running a 5K, earlier this week I did 3.5 miles. I know it’s not exactly 10% but it made the Type A in me happy.

2014-09-30 10.42.50

It wasn’t easy, but now I know I can do it.

I had another follow up with my PT ninja yesterday for a hip adjustment. Turns out these things take time to work out, but today I’m feeling great. As I was leaving, he said I want to see more miles out of you.

Best day ever!

The other day Heather invited me to the gym for a round of strength training. I am pretty sure she was trying to kill me. In the best way possible of course. I mean, who really needs to lift their arms to do their hair anyway, right?

That girl can plank for 10 solid minutes. I swear she is super human.

In other news, Bam had a bath the other night and thinks it is the worst day ever. I mean, why would his humans not know he would rather roll in the mud? So rude.

2014-09-30 19.25.33

Don’t worry, I made up for it.

2014-10-01 17.29.58

And this should be Mike’s new shirt!

2014-10-01 19.45.16

What running rule{s} do you follow?

Have you set some October goals?


4 Comments on “The 10% rule & the worst day ever according to Bam

  1. The only running rules I follow is to not run a bunch of days in a row, don’t run when something hurts and run when I want and not when I don’t want to. I spent too long trying to follow a strict training plan and that just wasn’t the way to go for me. I like to enjoy runner, not stress about it!

  2. LOVE that shirt! I stuck to the 10% mileage thing and it has always worked for me. So glad you are out there running again!!

  3. Poor Bam!!!!!!! But he sure does look dapper -bet he smells good too!!!!!!

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