Running + coffee with friends and a Pro Compression coupon code

A couple days ago I went to work. The day started out beautiful, sunny + calm. Then out of nowhere the wind kicked up and I was being pelted by pine needles. After it showed no sign of calming down, I sent Mike an SOS text for warm clothes and he responded faster than the CDC with an Ebola crisis.

2014-10-14 11.26.50

After a quick costume change, I ventured out into the elements. I don’t think I have ever been in wind that strong in my whole little life. It was actually kinda fun. Ha!

Yesterday I met Kelly for a run. I may have uttered the words ‘why did I agree to this’ as I was chugging coffee and lacing up my Mizunos. But I knew once I got out the door, there was no way I would regret running, especially with Kelly!

2014-10-15 09.41.37

She even promised coffee after. Girlfriend already knows the way to my heart.


We did 4.5 miles which flew by, it didn’t feel like we ran that far. I guess chatting about work, vacations, celeb sightings, people who unfollow folks on social media who post about living a life they love, ha! She had me laughing so hard several times I had a hard time catching my breath.

I have determined she and her hubby needs to move her STAT so we can do this every day. She is doing a running streak and is over 60 days now. How solid is that?

After our run Kelly even bought me coffee! Talk about a hawt date yo. Then Sharon and Mike joined the endorphin fueled party.


It was a much needed break away from my crazy busy life these days.


Pro Compression is donating a portion of each sale from this entire page to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Which includes the socks I’m rocking below and their compression tights!

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2014-10-12 09.56.22

Do you prefer to run with friends or alone?

What is your favorite thing to do post run?

Be real, have you ever regretted a workout?


5 Comments on “Running + coffee with friends and a Pro Compression coupon code

  1. I usually prefer running alone but sometimes it’s nice to run with others and have company! post- run roakill position is the best. I.e. laying on the ground forever.

  2. I love to run alone for short runs but in a group for longer ones. I regret my run on Tuesday was having some hip pain the last few weeks but it got worse and my knee. My physio says I can’t run for at least a week!!!!

  3. I like running alone, i don’t like running with people just because i’m worried that i won’t be able to keep up. Post run i LOVE LOVE LOVE drinking a huge bottle of soda, any soda is fine but my favorite is Mexican Coca Cola and have i ever regreted a workout? honestly only once and it was my first 18 mile run, I have Plantar Fasitis and the next day was just hurting really bad, I was in so much pain.

  4. I’ve never regretted a workout, except for the one time I went to bootcamp right before I came down with the flu! I had to leave in the middle of push-ups and threw up right away!

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