I’m going to hold her hostage and I went back to the darkside

I have the best friends and family. Emily came for a weekend of fun, running, sipping green juice and exploring. Well, it rained and I had that son of a nutcracker migraine I’ve been fighting all week stayed with me though Saturday.

2014 10 25 13 53 07

But we managed to make coffee out of lemons by hitting up Starbucks (thanks Em!) showing both her and Mike around my stomping grounds at Pebble Beach. Followed by the BEST pizza ever at La Bicyclette, a stroll down Cannery Row & Whole Foods then dinner while watching the game (go Royals) at our close friends house.

I reeeeealy hope that made up for her having to be my support staff while being a human pin cushion as my doc to tried to get this pain under control. Last time I checked, we’re at 6 injections this week. Ugh.

But gosh, she’s the best!! I kinda love these two.

2014 10 25 13 40 48

In other news my laptop has been on it’s last leg for awhile now. God forbid I unplug it for more than 12 seconds before it dies or I ask Mike for more electrical tape for the janky cord that tries to shock me.

It was slim pickings for this simple chick. I tried Windows 8 about a year ago and thought it was the most horrible program ever invented. Sorry Mike. So I went back to the darkside and made the switch to Mac. Though my only experience with Apple products was the iPhone 5 so I’m sure that’s not saying too much.

I totally had a fit in Vegas where I dumped Siri because she wouldn’t allow the bluetooth to connect to my Galaxy camera, but the Mac will allow it which makes for transferring pics from all of my devices a snap. This learning curve so far has been a lot easier than the Windows 8 nightmare, so let’s cross our fingers it all works out. And I don’t have a fit and dump Mac. Then I’ll really be screwed. 

So when I figure out how to watermark pics, create new folders on my desktop and  find a blogging platform, (Windows Live Writer is the bomb) I promise to  share our weekend adventures with you guys.

In the meantime Mac users, I am all ears for your best advise.

Share your weekend adventures!

6 Comments on “I’m going to hold her hostage and I went back to the darkside

  1. I wish I could help with the Mac but I barely have my head wrapped around the dreaded Windows 8 (I have to use it for work) 🙁 . This weekend was so low key which I will not complain about because our weekends are about to get crazy! I went to a yoga class and got a run in finally! I hope that pesky migraine kicks the curb!!

  2. Great times with y’all this weekend!! The fact that you managed to explore cannery row, eat pizza, and walk 3 miles around a golf course with a migraine makes you quite the trooper. Can’t wait to come back! 🙂

  3. Good luck with your new computer! You’re brave switching to a Mac but learning Windows 8 is pretty much like a new computer anyways so might as well get something fun out of it. You can set up Windows 8 to run like the old version of Windows without the tiles though to make it easier and more familiar to use. That’s what I ended up having to do to my computer so I didn’t throw it out of a window!

  4. Ok you really need to cheer LOUDER the Royals need some help tomorrow night. Thankfully they are headed back to KC for tomorrow nights game. 🙂
    I’ve never had a MAC so I’m CLUELESS in that area.
    We had a great weekend of baseball, running, coffee, wine and grilling out. Sounds pretty 5 star to me. Happy Monday sweet friend 🙂

  5. Is all the pain you mention still from migraines? My dad is a migraine specialist, and our family suffers from cluster migraines, which I have, meaning I get very few (or none) for a month, then have one that lasts for 3-4 days. I love Sumavil shots; they cause a lot of weird pressure feelings for about 20-30 minutes after you take them, then boom, glory, at least compared to what it was. I also drink a lot of caffeine when I get them since that helps – it’s pretty much the main ingredient in Excedrin Migraine. Good luck!

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